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  1. I appreciate the helpful and elaborate answers. regards
  2. Hello I was wondering at which point prior to pushback you guys request your IFR departure clearance for flying on vatsim. would you do it just before or after inserting your FMC data and flight plan, or would you do it immediately after startup? just hearing out people’s preferences and reasons as to why. regards
  3. Thanks for the explanation and compass tool. I guess this is what i needed to get back on track. thank you to everyone who responded. regards,
  4. What my problem is, is that i don’t know which Way i’m facing to begik with, and i haven’t had Luck finding out using charts. And AS i have Said multiple times, i cannot read the compass. I’m at a wrong angle, and its Blurry. (I an talking about the compass just below the FWD overhead panel). regards,
  5. I have tried looking at multiple airport charts, and i Cannot find a label that indicates north, east, South Or West. (Just eg. West apron, which is not to any use in my case). i cannot find a display that shows either north, east, South Or West Or a compass that i Can read OFF in the NGX cockpit. If anywhere Else than previously suggested, please let me know. This is a good suggestion, however in some airports there are Two says out of the ramp, so i sadly cannot rely on this method. i’m nor sure if i’m not looking in the Right places Or if the NGX aircraft simply does not show Tour compass direction (north, east, South, West) reagrds,
  6. I’ll try looking at some charts when I get home to familiarize myself with this - thank you. As I said, i’m Referring to the Compass direction (I believe that’s called magnetic heading - please correct me if i’m Wrong) (north, south, east, west) Where can I see that on the ND?
  7. Hello, I wanna start off by noting that i know to push the aircraft back in the opposite direction of the “facing ....” instruction, so i of course would be facing that direction. I fly the PMDG 737-800 in FSX:SE, and up until now when commencing I’ve only heard ATC instruct either “pushback approved facing east” or “pushback approved facing west”, so since I’ve only heard those two I thought it just meant pushback facing your right or your left, but I’m beginning to have second thought. So, does it work as how my theory was explained, or can ATC instruct facing all directions? If my theory was wrong, how would I know which current compass direction I’m facing in the NGX? I see that little compass pointer beneath the FWD overhead panel, but I can’t see anything on it, it’s too blurry. How do you guys know? Is there a right and wrong way of doing it? Regards and thanks in advance.
  8. I was able to de the rollback, atleast that’s what the PC indocated, but it did not fix the Issue. i ended up reinstalling steam and FSX, which seems to have worked.
  9. I tried to do the mentioned rollback, which unfortunately didn't work. I'll be trying a couple of methods out later today and report back.
  10. Hello, I recently tried to lighten the load on my CPU by following this video: And after i restarted my PC, my FSX desktop icon was turned into "Microsoft flight simulator.url" instead of FSX.exe. Along with this, when i try to open fsx from the root folder, it says that steam initialisation failed.So know i have to manually boot steam and then start fsx manually every time. also, when i try to make a new desktop icon of fsx from steam, it still places the .url. I have undone all the videos steps and i can't get it to work. Any suggestions? Edit: I have now found that all my steam games that i had installed before doing this are replaced by the "game name.url"
  11. Don’t know how that slipped past me. Well, i made it work now - thanks to everyone for the support 🙂 regards,
  12. I set up a quick approach, and tried to place fixes for the KAS DME on the fix page by entering the radial and distance. I believe that my ND just received the fixes from the CDU and displayed the circular distance fixes from the original point and not necessarily the DME for the runway/airport. Did i get this wrong, or is there any other way to get the DME points to show, either as big circular fixes or as the smaller usual fix points? (I was referring to the ND in my previous post). As seen in the pictures linked below, the DME information did not show - what might be the cause of this? The airport does have a LOC/DME available. (Don't worry about other stuff in these pictures, it was a quick approach to test if the DME info would show). https://gyazo.com/b29ecd1fbe41f894262f2ab68d6e210a https://gyazo.com/a428e6af0c4a2f2f27a8485a326e700b
  13. I really appreciate all the elaborative answers. Is there a Way for me to have the DME’s Shown on the FMC map, Or would i just have to look at my charts and guess where e.g 4DME is located on the approach path in the sim? Regards,
  14. Hello, I've been flying some flights on VATSIM lately, and i remembered that i saw pilots executing an orbit procedure in a youtube video in the past. So, the thought of being instructed to do an orbit procedure came to me, but i don't know how to execute it. It's not the same procedure as a standard hold, and i'm aniticpating that ATC would tell me "(Callsign) do a right/left hand orbit to (heading)", but how do i perform this procedure in the NGX? Can i do it in the FMC, or would i have to constantly turn the heading bug whil in HDG Select? Also, does anyone know when it would be wise to start decelerating towards flaps and final landing speed when on approach? If ATC were to tell me "(callsign) cleared ils approach rwy 22L, maintain 180KTS, and does not state further speeds. As i obviously would not be able to land the NGX with 180KTS IAS, would i just decel at my own discretion at some point, or do i constantly have to ask for a new speed clearances, i don't see anyone else doing this? Regards
  15. Ok - i’ll Try it when I get home
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