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  1. Clayton Kibler


    I realize that there was a thread a few years back about a PMDG 737-900ER, but it has not been updated. Has PMDG stated anything since then about a possible 900ER? Merely curious. - Clayton Kibler
  2. Clayton Kibler

    737 NGX RNP Issue

    I've noticed that in the PMDG 737 that on RNP approaches it does not draw the arc on some of the RNPs. Here are some examples of what the PMDG does. It makes performing RNPs difficult and irregular. It completely skips the arc and goes direct to the waypoints included. I have no idea if the 777 or 747 does it, but the NGX does.
  3. Hello all, Would anyone consider creating a livery for the PMDG 737-700? The new Alaska Air Cargo livery specifically. 737-700BSDF. Thank you! Clayton Kibler
  4. I have a 1060, and I'm pulling 12-30 depending on where I'm flying. Default, 30, Taxi2Gate KSEA, 12-18. (PMDG737)
  5. Clayton Kibler

    Salmon-Thirty-Salmon Returns this fall

    N559AS* Otherwise, this livery is fantastic!