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  1. Hi event though I save the config files and it tells me they are saved, the save button stays red. Obviously theres something wrong but how bac I find out what it is. Graham
  2. Thanks for your time :-) I shall try that in the morning Graham
  3. Very clear English instructions about how to donate I must say 😞
  4. Ive tried doing that but nothing seems to mean anything or let me get further Graham
  5. Can someone help me get file access to simmerhome. Ive registered .....I think but I cant understand enough to get my profile recognised. Its almost as if they don't want new members Graham
  6. I think I've sorted it now. Its just the case that there is not much autogen included in the product especially houses. Quite disappointing. Thanks for your reply though Keep well Graham
  7. Hi, Is anyone using this scenery. I can't find which layer to move the scenery to so it plays nicely with my other addons. The files are merged into megascenery earth Italy as instructed. Take for example LIEO by ORBX. If I am here and I move it to a low layer I get no autogen. If I move it to the top I get autogen mixed in with the airport. Can anyone help Graham
  8. Hi I've actually been back to base scenery. At the moment I'm thinking hardware and a recently installed Lan card. Thankyou 🤔 Graham
  9. No that's off too 😢 Thankyou Graham
  10. I've just installed a new network card so maybe that's something to check. It's happening in other places too sadly. At first I thought just UK. After 2 days of flying the same scenario looking for what's causing my issues I'm not going near it today 😢. Thanks for your input 👍 Graham
  11. Im actually getting long pauses just now. I wonder if we have the same issue.
  12. Ok it seems this is happening elsewhere now. What can be causing these lockups? Graham
  13. I've disabled the whole lot ☹️. I've cut right back to base scenery and disabled all weather addons. I'm going to try disabling aerosofts display engine next but I'm not confident that's the culprit 🧐 Graham
  14. Thanks I've now found that. It worries me when I use that utility it will not let me deactivate or unregister it. Which makes me think sode is not working as it should but I'm now not sure what to do about this or if even this is my main problem. Graham
  15. Sadly it still happens but thanks for your input. I just can't understand why it only happens in the UK I'm trying to narrow it down what it might be. Graham
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