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  1. I'm finding this confusing now Chris now we have thrown FTX lighting into the mix. They have put lighting into global and lighting into regional products. I'm making you my lighting expert Chris. What do I do now to get my lights the way you intended them to look even if I sacrifice this so called 3d lighting. Can I switch it off. Can you recommend settings for an FTX based sim Thanks Graham
  2. Im not sure where they are from Chris. I have FTX software that has a light configurations and also REX texture direct which can alter airport lighting. To be absolutely honest. Heaven knows where the shape of the light bawl is coming from then. I thought it was now Night Environment. Graham
  3. Heres what I mean Chris. I think the brightness is too intense. It not how many lights there are but more like how bright they are. This is low level around EGBB Birmingham airport UK. Especially where larger roads seem to have 2 lights bawls close together as seen in this picture. This is Default preset with yellow slid back to 50% Will V1.8 be another large download ? or will this be a completely new product or interface upgrade. Its still much much better flying at night nowadays with N.E. I don't want to put anyone off buying it with my comments. I would still buy recommend it to everyone and still plan to roll out my coverage as new areas are released. I own everything you have done in European scenery areas. Graham EDIT------------------EDIT-------------------EDIT I think I may have discovered something for you. I have set my orbx FTX central to Europe and not global now . I think this was giving me the double BAWL things because they seem better now. Maybe a landclass thing ? I hope this was the case. Ill have to continue tomorrow. Regards Graham
  4. Im making progress finally. For other readers dont forget to re-run dx10 fixer. I think thats the reason they looked like dots instead of lights and slide those yellows back. Much more testing to do. Maybe Im expecting to much after France but as I say the rustic setting seem to make things seem less perfect which is actually better if you know what i mean. Graham
  5. Chris, There is something about the night view of British Isles after the update that make its seem less real than before. :-( The streetlights now look like yellow dots instead of lights and because of the ground splash it almost makes the picture look blurred. Thats the only way I can describe it. In the original release i used base , level 0 and level 2 to build my lighting. With V1.7 im using the preset default. This is my setting for France which seems fine. Can you suggest anything I can try. Also I was hoping to find the rustic option which I particularly liked in France but Im now thinking that was available because France is V2.0 Seems a step back just at the moment but lets see what we can do Graham EDIT After much tinkering Ive tried everything but i just cant get it to look as good as v1.1 im not sure what the answer is. You'll have to list everything you've changed so I can help you find out what is spoiling the effect at least for me. Maybe its because the ground splash is as bright as the lights themselves which makes me think I have double vision when flying at night. At this moment though the wow factor has gone. Sorry I know that's not what you wanted to hear. Graham
  6. No deal Jim, Thats flightsim store way of getting you to buy it I guess. I got one yesterday about a new ORBX product release Graham Chris, Re-installed Germany and it returned to the configuration program. FSS assure me new British Isles files are there now so ill download em Graham
  7. MMM dont do it from flightsimstore. Its still the old file and after waiting too long for the Germany update. Heres my email to them :- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Adrian,I couldnt believe my eyes when I read about the update for Night Environment British Isles you emailed out the day yesterday. Yes I thought ! that's real service for you. I thought you'd mended your system after not informing us about the Germany update. Even better, you'd actually informed us before Aerosoft had on their update forum. Brilliant ! So I uninstalled and downloaded . . . . . . it hasnt been updated at all has it ?!? That another 3.0Gb bandwidth down the dunny! I think that email should have been informing us about Germany don't you ?. Believe me my grandfather who fought in the second world war would not agree that Germany is part of the British Isles cos we actually won the war. Perhaps if we hadn't then we would be included in the German update ;-( Please try to iron out whats going on here. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All written in a light hearted manner of course if any of our German friends are reading Chris on a more serious note. Now I uninstalled British Isles 1.1 waiting for the 1.7 version, I note Germany 1.7 disappeared from the configuration program leaving me with just France/Paris configurable. Hopefully it will return when I get the new British Isles update. Graham
  8. Chris can you start a locked thread to announce individual updates etc. I know you mentioned a number of releases are due when aerosoft complete the wrapper process but I'm not sure where we can see when it's actually publicly released. Thanks Graham. Ps I know you have an announcement thread already but it appears unused and possibly unlocked for others to post to which will cloud proper announcements.
  9. Well done Chris that is indeed great news. Just hope the file distributors can keep up with you lol I couldnt help noticing that your configurator is back to 1.0. Mine was updated to 1.1 when you issued a fix a while ago. Is the new installer corrected or should we apply your fix again Regards Graham
  10. Thanks Chris, I eagerly wait their reply but im not expecting any good outcome. It would cost them dearly on bandwidth perhaps. Graham
  11. but as he wrote in a later post, only for boxed products :-( Graham
  12. I have logged in to aerosoft. but this registration option is well hidden. How do I do it. Thanks Graham
  13. Done, Thanks Chris Graham
  14. Thats good to know but will Aerosoft let me download the file from them ? Where ? I cant find any links. Don't think there will be any until you purchase. Thanks Graham
  15. Nice plug for this website there Oliver Märtens (Maertens). Not sure that is going to help me update the stuff I already bought from them. Should I be worried aabout this ( hoping some one from aerosoft chirps in ) Graham