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  1. I saw this trailer and I doubt it will be a sim of realistic flight simulation. It will be on PC but they will be putting it out on xbox on a later date which suggests that the planes may be rather simplified in terms of their controls. Will have to wait and see but I dont think microsoft is looking to make something for the flight sim community vs something that looks pretty for the general masses to hop right in and fly around without any real effort.
  2. I currently have a desktop PC windows 10 with a Nvidia GTX970 graphics card. Via my credit card I get a $100 credit from dell. I was thinking about picking up an alienware monitor. The monitor comes with either freesync or for $120 more gsync. My understanding is that the gtx970 wouldn't be able to utlize either of these. I hear talk about 4k monitors and that they are fairly expensive (again I am limited to buying from dell to be able to use my credit and 10% discount). Are 4k monitors the wave of the future? Will their prices drop down quite a bit in the next year or two? I don't see the point in a high end monitor yet until I have the money to upgrade to a higher end graphics card. What I am really wondering is 1. Should I just get a monitor with freesync at this point and then in a year or two when I upgrade my card buy a new high end monitor or 2. is it worthwhile to to pay the extra $120 for a gsync enabled monitor now in anticipation of a new nvidia graphics card being purchases at sometime in the next year or two? The price difference is basically $380 for a freesync monitor vs $500+tax for a gsync version.
  3. I have stepped away from flight sim for quite awhile. I have FSX steam. I also have a bunch of addons that go with it, but I am thinking about going back to flight sim and maybe starting over from scratch. What is the current state of P3d? Are there still VAS issues? Should I just go ahead and make the jump over tp P3d? I was also looking at xplane. I fly mostly jets and like PMDG/FSLabs planes which is why I was thinking P3d. I'm thinking about the future and which sim is worth the investment.
  4. Which developers are saying we need to buy planes again?
  5. Sure if you don't mind constantly shelling out money for different products. My big issues with switching sims is addons. I can't bring my favorite planes into xplane and while I don't want to buy pmdg planes twice I am not sure I should move from fsx:se to p3d and purchase new weather engines etc if LM is on the verge of releasing an updated sim. Seems better to hold out and wait so I'm only paying LM once.
  6. When they have these upgrade do they charge current users full price to upgrade or do current users have a smaller upgrade price they pay compared to someone who is not a prior customer?
  7. I was about to purchase P3d and make the switch from fsx-se. With this release possibly coming up in the near future I'm wondering if I should just pass and wait. I would hate to shell out money for a license only to have to reach back into my pocket again later this year.
  8. I'm currently in FSX-SE and I am wondering if it makes sense to make the switch to p3d for this plane or just stick with the FSX version. Anyone tried both simulators? Chris H
  9. The 747 and 777 I very different in both real life and in the sim. The 777 is very automated and while that may be nice in real life it can be a bit dull in a sim. I believe the 747 will be a nice compliment to the pmdg lineup. You have the 737 with limited range but lots of things to do during the flight where you feel much more hands on for one side and the 777 which has all these advanced features for long haul flights but lacks much to do once everything is programed in on the other side. The 747 slots right in between the two to give the best of both worlds and I think that is why you are seeing more hype. In addition, people have already been flying the old pmdg 747 so they are familiar with the aircraft and have developed an affection for it.
  10. I thought it would be 2/7. 4/2=2 then 7+7=14 14/2=7 Hence the release date is 2/7.
  11. If it isn't releasing today then they should have just said that in the message. Otherwise they will have people pinging their website over and over to see what happens after the update. Then again maybe it is releasing today and they just don't want to cause a stampede.
  12. Depends on what you want out of flying. If you want to just fly then simbrief. If you want to take your simulation to the next level then pfpx. I use pfpx for all my flight planning and love it. It does take some fine tuning though, because of the complexity you want to put in the right information so the calculations all come back correct.
  13. I haven't pushed it with the full scenery yet, so I don't know. I'm sure its heavier than the 737ngx, but I am not sure how it will stack up against the 777. Be that as it may I would not be surprised because of the additional features that it would likely be harder on the system.
  14. It feels a bit sharper graphics wise. More moving parts, cabin effects, engine blades rotate when they are off if the wind is blowing, the external cargo doors open slowly if you manually open them, but if you have the hydraulics on they open much quicker, etc. Its just a lot of attention to the small details. Keep in mind the pmdg planes have been around for awhile, and looking at the footage it looks like the new pmdg 747 will likely have improvements over past pmdg products. Bottom line though is they are different planes so if someone is more of a Boeing person they are going to prefer pmdg and if someone likes airbus more they will prefer fslabs.
  15. I'm running it in FSX-SE and using AS-2016 with ASCA and FTX global & rex 4 textures. I use default airports so far and have had zero VAS issues with this plane. Now what will happen when I start adding in payware airports is a different story. The way I feel is with an airliner like this I spend very little time looking at the ground, so such things aren't as high as a priority vs if I was flying low and slow the entire time (I'm more concerned about how the weather and clouds look than anything else because that is most of what I see. I am toying with the idea of adding orbx NA LC and vector. .
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