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  1. Yea you can automate the announcements and communications with the crew or you can micromanage. I basically use SLC to create immersion and keep me company during longer flights
  2. Thanks. Yea I don't count frame rates so as long as it is smooth I am fine. I am disappointed that there is not a more optimized EGLL or KJFK. I'll just stick with the default hand crafted ones, which aren't that bad in the grand scheme of things.
  3. I'm thinking about picking up a few more airports in Europe. Specifically Aerosoft's Brussels, is this well optimized? It seems like it has a ton going on and I don't want to turn my sim into a slide show so I try to focus on great quality airports that are well optimize. Also looking at flytampa's Amsterdam and Corfu. I have same questions about these. I fly mainly airliners. Lot of flying with Fenix a320 and I just picked up the pmdg 737-800 so I will be doing some flights with that. In Europe I currently have Belfast and Athens so I am just looking to fill in some flight routes since Belfast to Athens is a bit of a hike.
  4. This is pretty basic but for whatever reason I can't figure out how to use an unlocked camera when on the ground in external view. I go to external view and I am very limited in how much I can move. Basically circling the plane. I want to be able to move around the airport or zoom in close on certain parts of the plane. I'm really not sure what i am doing wrong. I can't move around the cabin internally very well either (other than jumping to preset views) although I am able to move around the flight deck. Primarily I am focused on wanting to be able to move around externally when on ground.
  5. In what way? I suspect with A2A you are referring to wear and tear/need for external inspections, but do you mean its like A2A in that its both external and internal systems being fully fleshed out?
  6. How does this airliner compare to pmdg and fenix products? Is it the same level in terms of system design? For those who are flying it how is it running? Is it well optimized? I looked at some videos and the flight deck looks great at night. Also has anyone flown it using the thrustmaster airbus stick and throttle? Wondering how those will work with this.
  7. So with the sales I am going to pick up some additional airports. Thinking about picking up kmsp, kbos and belfast. Already have klas and kden. Wondering what other quality/decently performing european airports I should look at that would work well with belfast
  8. I ended up getting KLAS and KDEN. The rest I will pick up when there is a sale. Going to get KBOS/Belfast in the future although I think that is really pushing it for a320-200 range
  9. thanks maybe I will just stick with the default jfk. and pickup klas, kbos and kden or kmsp. Will give me some flight path options I can mix or match. Sometimes I do kdfw to kden.
  10. Running 1920 x 1080 resolution at moment. GTX 4070 card. i7-13700KF 3.40 GHz 32 RAM
  11. I tend to fly a lot from JFK is the inibuilds worth it or is the hit on performance too much? Also looking at orbx CYUL. On the west coast I am looking at flytampa klas and potentially KSFO and KLAX. Maybe Vancouver. Out of these airports are any to be avoided? Are they well optimized? Primarily flying the fenix.
  12. Anyone have ideas as to why the default atc doesn't make any sound? My sound settings seem to be on. I see the atc text but can't hear anything. Using the Fenix. Radios are on.
  13. I heard the default ATC has been improved. I never tried using the default ATC. How do I do so with simbrief? I have to download the brief somewhere? If I'm using the a320 fenix does that impact the process at all?
  14. I looked at both products and went with SLC. SLC just had the GSX update released in the last few days. There needs to be a little polishing but I'm enjoying SLC and am hesitant about Passengers 2 since it is new and untested by the community. Also, passengers 2 seems to go a lot more heavy into the business side of the airline and I was mainly looking for something to increase my immersion. Maybe down the line I will be interested in a deeper experience but for now SLC is covering the bases and their future development goals look interesting.
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