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  1. I've been testing PMDG's Auto Cruise for some time. Set to 4x, its 100% stable, turns a 2 hour flight into a 30 min one and and allowed me to test many medium to long range flights that I'd never have time to sit thru at 1x. Invaluable for the beta test team. (we do long flights at 1x as well, but not nearly as many, as you can imagine....time is time in the real world, hehe...no compressing it) For those unfamiliar with the feature (that has been on all PMDG since before I can remember), its on the FMC FS ACTIONS page. When engaged, it will speed up the flight 4x (recommended setting) on straight legs of several miles or more. Once it gets to a waypoint, it drops out of 4x to 1x to make the turn, then resumes 4x once its flying level again. I usually engage it when I leave the last waypoint of the departure, and for the flight I just completed KDFW>KTPA, it took about 30 mins and I got to test/validate many phases of the flight plan in that quick 30. She hit vertical limits and nailed turns as if glued to the magenta line, even for a very heavy 737. 🙂 All the fuel calculations, weather, time, etc all all preserved as in normal flight, whereas a "jump ahead" feature would typically break one or all of these time-sensitive parameters. All those who want to do a 4 hour flight but only have an hour's worth of free time in this hectic world, should really check out and use this handy feature. I think the coolest part is that if you're sitting there and cooking along at 4x, and see an interesting sight below, you can just come out of Auto Cruise, back to 1x, and admire the scenery....then when you're past it, re-engage it. 😉 You can also set up the chrono button to turn the Auto Cruise on and off. Page 5 on the Simulation Menu on the FMC. 😉
  2. LOL...the innuendos were thick in that post Scott! And trust me...I got "YA" when the PMDG 748 graces the MSFS skies. 😉 I just saw the your former airline is taking the 737 to the "MAX" with another huge order...and I'm sure I'll be painting a Delta Max when she comes out....possibly in both P3D AND MSFS. 🤐🤐🤐🤐 Never been a better time to be a simmer (and a painter as it turns out, LOL)
  3. I'm doing it with a sextant....at night. Navigate by stars. 🙂 (JK.....I don't have the time sadly to circumnavigate the earth, too many planes to test and paint)
  4. Yeah I'm very busy with another project at the moment...and may still have a 600 or 2 in the hangar (way in the back now), but sadly can't take another request at the moment. What I'd do is request it here: https://flightsim.to/requests/liveries This part of flightsim.to lets painters get reputation points for painting requests, and keeps them organized, so with the dozen's of painter's out there all wanting to grab "rep points", you get enough friends to say "I want this too" and I bet some great painter picks up your request.
  5. Its actually been a user-defined option to disable since day-one: If The common temp work-around until Asobo fixes the dumbest pause behavior ever created in a sim (IMO), is if you know you're going to be away hours past when your flight hits TOD, pause it before you leave and open the settings and get to the load scenario screen where the Window's modal dialog box is open. This will actually pause the whole sim, fuel flow, weather and all....in the sim. When you return, your aircraft will be fine, full of fuel, and not aerodynamically imbalanced because Asobo thought it would be a great idea to pause the position of the plane, but leave every other parameter around it running in real time. Perhaps they never considered the true value of pause at TOD because they never really researched how long-haul simmers typically fly in the sim, they only envisioned x-boxer's taking the 747 or 787 and seeing if they could fly it inverted under the Golden Gate Bridge, not a simmer actually simulating a 14 hour flight in them? 🤔
  6. If the achievements actually had rewards attached to them, real ones like "50% off your next marketplace purchase when achieving XXX", or something like that, then I bet they'd garner more interest from the crowd. As they are now, and as others mentioned the metrics on some of them are totally bogus, they were cute and interesting for the 1st few times I launched the sim, then after that...well.
  7. Hehe....as much as I love Dallas, we already own a home in Florida that we've been planning to retire to for a long while. The weather there (hot as well, but with a bit more humidity) is better medically-speaking for us. That is a major reason you see a lot of old fogies retire there, hehe. Not that I don't love 100+ rainless days for weeks on-end, the fact I have to leave my garage door open in the mid-afternoon (it gets direct sun) so the items in it don't burst into flames (132F was the highest I logged in the garage with the door closed...that metal door acts like a heating element! You can't touch it when the sun is directly on it). And who could forget the winter storm that almost destroyed the Texas power grid because they allowed ERCOT to be in charge (with no state oversite) of their winterization program. What a brilliant idea! Let a for-profit company be responsible for a critical maintenance project for a one-in-a-million weather event that would cost a lot of share-holder money, but had a small chance of ever being needed. 🙄 We saw how they handled that, and now the state will make sure they are keeping the winterization efforts up to par. Anyway, don't get me started on that....and at least I'll be further from the southern border in Florida. 😉
  8. Or.....Oh.....I don't know...maybe their namesake airport? 🤬🤣 I'm a little biased since that is where I'll be retiring in a few years, and have been thru that airport many, many times. Plus who doesn't love flying in Florida in general? 🙂 C'mon flyTampa... Please give us the airport that put you one the map! 🙂
  9. Love the Sentiment! If you have the financial capability, this is surely one way to support our Devs, and you get a nifty little -600 in return. 🙂 I bought the DC-6 for MSFS when it was released to show my support for the team. I think it's such an excellent product, and it caught me completely by surprise on how much I enjoyed it, as its completely not my style of flying (but it quickly became a favorite style once I learned to fly her). I'll probably do the same when the 777 releases, even though I will have been flying (and painting) her in the beta program for xxx days before she was released. 😉
  10. With the way MSFS builds their folder structure (and the use of json files that are very touchy about pathing and such), there would be a great risk of messing something up royally if you tried to meld all the flight plan and WX folders into one unified place for all the independent 737 models. Its not impossible (I think), but risky when new updates are issued by PMDG. Its very easy to update the Simbrief downloader to accommodate new PMDG 737 models, and the base folder structure is identical, so all you have to do is copy/paste the 737 listing, create a new one, paste in the path and change the 7 to a 6. 🙂 I do agree that one, unified place would be the best option, but knowing what I know about how easily things can go awry when you try to get fancy ("you" meaning PMDG if they tried to make that happen), it will very likely come back to bite you (it already has in the past, but the keen-eyed beta testers discovered it and squashed it before the public ever knew, hehe. Not specifically related to flight plan paths, but a similar issue regarding ...well...can't really say. 🤐)
  11. Thanks for the tag @Cpt_Piett! Sadly I probably won't be doing any more -600s as I'm now concentrating on paints for the "the Big Guy". 🤣 @regis9 Thanks for flying my LH -600. 🙂 I just updated her to 2.0 after being made aware that I forgot to add the Star Alliance logo. While I had the textures up in Photoshop, I tweaked her a bit more and added the following:
  12. Thanks @bernd1151, @P_7878, @Todd2, @Alaska738, @johnbow72 She is available from PMDG now if you were not aware. I should be testing the -800...."soon". 🙂
  13. I also released my Lufthansa and KLM paints for her. They are at flightsim.to and you can get them by just clicking the link in my sig. I put them in the -700 category as flightsim.to did not create a category for the 600 (I asked them to create just a PMDG 737 category and the painters differentiate the model in the intro text, lest we want a separate category for the -700, -600, -800, 900, 900ER and go hunting for each, hehe).
  14. Thanks. In fact....PMDG is only going to charge $34.99. How do I know? Not because I'm part of the beta team....but because they just released it! My Lufthansa and KLM -600 paints were uploaded to flightsim.to in anticipation of the release...but even I was surprised it was released....just now. I hid the paints from public view until the release....well, its out now, and so are my paints. Get them from the link to flightsim.to in my sig.
  15. I'll be offering these 2 additional liveries on the release of the -600, available by clicking the link to flightsim.to in my sig. They are fictional (LH and KLM never flew them, but LH did fly the -500 which is very similar in appearance), but I painted them by request. Emi wanted the Lufthansa and another team member wanted the KLM
  16. We've just been released to start showing the stubby little Boeing.... I'll be releasing this paint when the -600 releases. Fictional yes, but Lufthansa did fly the -500. 🙂 And who doesn't love LH? I was also asked by a team member for KLM on the -600. Who also doesn't love KLM? hehe. I'm pretty sure the PMDG painters painted every airline she fly with....which was not many. When we ramp up for the -800 though....completely different story!
  17. Doing some intense testing for the 737, getting things ready for updates hopefully "soon". 🙂 (Sorry, can't say what I do, or don't know, but we're testing hard is all I can say with conviction) 😉 I made a quick hop in the -700 with my Navy paint and captured this very nice morning pic over the Gulf of Mexico on my way from NAS Key West to Tampa Intl. Wish I could show you the earlier flight testing the -600 in my Lufthansa paint, but we haven't been released to do that, yet.
  18. That shot is.....Electrifying! Someone had to say it. 🙂
  19. I'd be interested in seeing if this is a cockpit mod for the 737 in general (so impacts all liveries) or a paint with an included cockpit mod. @SquadronLeader, can you let us know if you know for a fact if you have a general 737 cockpit mod installed and this happens on all liveries, or just one and that one had a cockpit mod included in the livery? If you have a link to the mod on flightsim.to if you got it there...it would be helpful. I see the reg is OE-LOE or LQE based on the screenshot, but I could not find that repaint at flightsim.to. Best idea is to open a ticket with PMDG support and get the info to the team so it can be analyzed and possibly rolled out to the community as a NOTAM to mod'ers to adjust a setting in some .cfg file to fix their existing mods.
  20. Who needs to test the scenery? You put out an hour-long video showing the product. All someone has to do is watch it and make their opinion. No need to pay for it to see what it is, enough to have on opinion on it right? I can understand your frustration when people share negative opinions on your work, but you, as a Dev, have to be above the name-calling and adversarial tone, regardless of how much you want to lash out (trust me...it won't increase sales). Well....you've used many trigger phrases in a few posts ("Let me remind you" is certainly one of them, as is "with all respect") that will instantly turn any any further comments defensive and argumentative as clearly demonstrated in this and the other post you dipped into....so... let me remind YOU; You're the Dev, you take our money...We're the customers giving you that money. (or not giving in many cases quickly building as you continue your crusade to defend your "with all respect", completely sub-par products). Look in the mirror and see someone who also fits this description. You seem to have no clue that the simmers that you are railing against actually do have a clue, and in some cases been in flight simming for decades, have seen good and bad products over that time, and certainly know your company's history with the many products you sell. You don't (and certainly as a Dev) accuse people of having no clue (HINT: yet another trigger phrase) when you are trying to sell them something. You can use many other, more non-adversarial phrases to get your point across, favorably with specific examples vs a blanket statement that inflames everyone and encourages them to lash right back at you....again.....let me remind you...YOU are the person selling this stuff. 🙂 True...nobody should make an assumption about a particular product based solely on a company's past products or history, but again, your 1 hour video should be watched by all wanting to comment here on the product. Since I've watched it, I know that I will not buy this particular product, but encourage others who are considering it, to watch the video and make your own choice. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4W4mGEq0pSM&t=4s I hope you create better packages in the future, especially scenery which is much more intriguing to me. Your comments in the San Francisco post regarding PBR and other details left me doubtful I'd ever purchase your products since I know I'd like more realism vs just content in my sim. I watched the video of that package as well....as soon as you switched to night, I made my decision instantly as the day-glow, low-rez, FS2004ish buildings mixed in with the properly lit default buildings completely destroyed the immersion. As a positive, the day textures did not look that bad IMO, but I just don't fly in the daytime.
  21. Since I have to be in her all the time anyway, I'd say the PMDG 737. Sadly I have just about every other plane listed in this post, but not enough time to fly them between testing the 737 and painting in between. Can't think of a much better plane to be "stuck" in though. 🙂 You'd think I'd be bored by now...but since I'm testing more than just the -700, and more upcoming options you guys may (or may not, LOL) know about, it keeps life interesting every time I jump in the plane for a test flight.
  22. I still have P3d Installed.....I will keep it on as long as I'm involved with the iFly project. I suspect that I'll be getting back into painting 737s for them...this time....taking it to the MAX. 😉
  23. Great shots of the straight-line livery! I was hoping you'd be flying her....one of my favorite paints. 🙂 She'll make an appearance on the -800 too when she's released. 😉
  24. Why FSDT has not made this their #1 priority is beyond me. By far one of the most sought after super-major airports out there (along with EHAM), and proclaimed to be an insta-buy by many (including me). We just have to wait to see what dev wants to get rich on this one. I bet FeelThere made some nice cash from this one. I have it...its just OK as others have mentioned....missing many things and I have not really looked at the new default since the last US update...maybe it got some updates but the earlier version was bad IMO.
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