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  1. twinding

    ISSUE with 737 livery and frozen cockpit - P3D v4

    I have the same problem. Any solution to this issue?
  2. twinding

    Wrong aircraft weight

    Hi Fritz You are completely right. What a big "word not allowed" I am :-) Thanks for the help. It was nice with another pair of eyes Thomas
  3. twinding

    Wrong aircraft weight

    Hi I am having trouble with the aircraft weight. Earlier is was in the vicinity 50.0-60.0. It looks like it has doubled the weight for some reason. My startup state is cold and dark and wait for the initialization to complete. Then I turn on the battery power, then goto the fmc and connect the ground power unit, going back to the overhead and connecting the ground power, the I go to the fuel page on the FO FMC and the I get the following, The aircraft: B737-800 Scandinavian Airlines winglet livery, Version 1.20.8413. I have seen it with other liveries too. P3D v4, with hotfix 1 Windows 10 Best regards, Thoms
  4. twinding

    [23JUL] What to Expect This Week

    Hello Mr. Randazzo This is very good news. I have version 1.10.8395 installed of the base T7 and version 1.10.8386 installed of the ext. Do I need to update to include the RAAS or is that included in those versions? If I need newer version do I need to do a complete reinstallation or can I use the center to do so. The versions mentioned above have been installed as a complete new reinstall. Can I somewhere in the installed folder find a version change log? Lastly but not least: I am an embedded software developer my self, so I know how much work you guys put into it and appreciate it very very much, thank you for your effort. (If you need help please let me know ;-) ) Br Thomas
  5. Hi, I have bought a new computer and want to move my planes ( the PMDG 777 and the 737) to that computer. When I try to active the planes I get a "unable to reach the server" message. What Do I need to do to sove this problem? I have already uninstalled the planes and PMDG from the old computer. BR Thomas Winding
  6. Does anybody know the size of a primary flight display on a boeing 777-200. Width and height, please :-). Thank you for your help. best
  7. twinding

    SDK for PMDG

    Thank you for your answer. The C++ is no problem for me. I have been an embedded software developer for more than 10 years :-) And then I better write my name... Br Thomas Winding
  8. twinding

    SDK for PMDG

    Hi, I consider to buy the PMDG and then make my own PFD on an external device (a Raspberry). Is there any SDK coming together with the PMDG when buying? I need to extract information that is specifically related to the PMDG displays.