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  1. Yea, I deleted the terrain folder, re-downloaded orbx FTX global, and now its all good, thanks!
  2. If I delete my textures.cfg, will it rebuild, I've seen many suggestions to do so.
  3. I've had FTX global for over a year, first time this happened...any Ideas?
  4. I have orbx FTX global, but my orbx libraries won't update, is that maybe why?
  5. Yep, deleted the Scenery.cfg file and that managed to solve it, however, another problem has occurred where the ocean is covered with land, any ideas? Thanks, Abdulla
  6. Hello everyone, Recently, I haven't been able to fly, due to multiple reasons. Firstly, whenever I open P3D (version I seem to be only getting 4-5 airports plus 'ignore' which is strange. I have been told to attempt to spawn and then try and access the add-on library to find out the cause, but have been greeted with multiple CTDs, coming from atc.dll errors as well as terrain.dll and api.dll errors, as well as fsuipc5.dll_unloaded errors. Below is a screenshot of what airports I get, even though I cannot access any of them, bear in mind the airports that are there are payware but do not include all my payware sceneries... https://i.imgur.com/pSobuVp.png
  7. Hello all, I decreased scenery complexity to dense and disabled both dynamic lighting and dynamic reflections, that seemed to help me a little with the FPS, eliminating EHAM and YSSY from the list completely, as for CYYZ, i get 15-20 frames which is better than before. Thank you for all your help, Abdulla
  8. Hi Alex, Will take a closer look and notify you of the results. Thank you
  9. No I do not have traffic enabled for that specific reason, still no help :(
  10. Hello, i will move the scenery complexity to dense and will see if my dynamic lighting is enabled, and notify you of the results. Thank you
  11. Hello everyone, For some reason, in these airports im receiving 10fps max, whereas in other payware sceneries i am receiving around 50 FPS. They all are from FlyTampa, i have already listed a concern although didn't receive anything back as of yet. my PC specs are: Intel (R) Core (TM) i7-7700HQ @ 2.80GHz 2808 MHz 4 Cores 8 logical processors 16 GB RAM If by any chance, you can give me an idea of the best P3D settings to use, it will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  12. Abood07017


    I just have one question: what is the maximum distance/time for ETOPS for the 777?
  13. I think the 77W should be out today or tomorrow as it says early during this week on the forum... am i right? Abdulla AlAnsari
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