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  1. Rob1594

    B777 Activation Library Fail

    So update, this is also happenening with my 747 QOTS II and 748, do i need to reinstall all of them?
  2. Rob1594

    B777 Activation Library Fail

    @ph-cxzI have the file
  3. Rob1594

    B777 Activation Library Fail

    Hi folks, today I was about to start a flight from CYUL-KEWR in the 777 just for fun. I selected the airport, airframe and AS16 in P3D and when i went to start the flight, I was asked to input the activation key for my 777X. I found this odd as I had done a flight a couple weeks back. I found my key, copied and pasted it and when I pressed the 'Activate' key, I got this Error: ERROR: Activation library handle failed - (50003, 71000, 10104) Any thoughts on what this could be? I havent done anything differently recently. I haven't even flown in the last 4 weeks, and the last time I did, it went uneventfully. Thanks, Robert Diaz
  4. Not yet, but I just enabled them recently Robert Diaz
  5. Rob1594

    EFB Send Output

    So, just to clarify, in the 787, the EFB can send the output to the FMS, but not in the 748?
  6. Rob1594

    PMDG 747-8 Engine

    I was sitting at my gate yesterday in the new 748 and all 4 of my engines were shaking violently also
  7. Rob1594

    Logging into ACARS

    I had a similar problem, but mine was resolved really easily. I entered the Departing and Arriving airport ICAOs, but not the Flight No. Make sure you enter a Flight No., otherwise it will not work. Once you do, back out of the pre flight screen and enter it again and it should work. I hope that's the issue you're having