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  1. should be before autumn 😄
  2. hkhoanguyen

    High oil temp occurs many times

    Hi, For the first time, the Service Based Failures triggered for me, on the approach to KSFO the High Oil temp is triggered, and then I had to switch off the ENG 2, however after that the other day, I also fly another 77W with different liveries, on the approach, again, I had the same failure, could you please explain me how that works and how to really fix the High Oil Temp on the ground, is that a line REFILL OIL TEMP in FMC ? Thanks
  3. hkhoanguyen

    PMDG Announced Global Flight Operations at FSE 2018

    Customers are customers, not a big one or small one, since we pay for the products.
  4. hkhoanguyen

    PMDG Announced Global Flight Operations at FSE 2018

    True, just say it at the beginning that it is not a plane, then everything would be normal, no one is so excited before that and / or disappointed after the event. This new product line should not have to be kept like a big secret from the beginning in the forum
  5. Less likely that PMDG does an Airbus, although I really hope for one
  6. He wanted to build FlightRadar 24 in Sim
  7. @rsrandazzo : do you guys develop a moving map of the actual position of the plane in the EFB ? If yes, that would be great !! Thanks
  8. Hi, Amazing work from PMDG, thank you!! Just my own idea (ignore it if it is not helpful) : Rather than using Navigraph Subscription charting service, why don't you guys just create a folder name "Charts" then the user just have to prepare their departure and destination airports (or emergency airports as well) PDF Charts and put them into that folder, the mission of the EFB is just to display them on the screen? then it can be called a "FREE" option for those who don't want to pay for the subscription.
  9. hkhoanguyen

    Anyone want to try your PMDG skills in 777 simulator

    For those who are living in EU, I'm planning to try the Lufthansa Flight Training (ProFlight) on these aircrafts : Long haul aircrafts (Airbus A350, Boeing 747-400, 747-800, 777) This is Advanced Team Package of 799 €*. Please anyone interested, contact me via PM. Thanks More Info:
  10. hkhoanguyen

    ENVTEX vs REX4 Texture Direct+Soft Clouds, with PTA

    Hi, Last time, I bought Rex Texture Direct (Just Flight) and Rex Soft Clouds (Rex Studios) separately, Now I dont know if I install Rex Texture Direct Enhanced Version, should I install again Rex Soft Clouds ? and is Rex Soft Clouds (standalone version) compatible with p3D V4? Thanks
  11. hkhoanguyen

    atc.dll and Traffic-Addon

    I have no traffic and still gets atc.dll error :(
  12. hkhoanguyen

    Ops center won't install new liveries

    Hi, today I download a livery from AVSim, but I couldn't install it in Ops Center, I click button Add, choose livery file and nothing happens, mine is latest update. Could you please verify this problem ? Thanks.
  13. hkhoanguyen

    PTA Presets Megathread

    I don't know if you guys feel the same, all the presets to me look so "blue", and the contrast is a bit high that makes the VC darker, I tried New THOPAT Preset yesterday
  14. I confirm having a same issue, the sky is grey even with clear weather. I dont know if you guys are having the same problem or not, or anyone has a solution for this ? Thanks
  15. hkhoanguyen

    Cabin layout in 64 bit

    Hi, as we now have 64 bit platform, would it be possible if someday we have a nice cabin design for the 777 please ? (Like the one from CaptainSim) I know we all sit in the cockpit but it is nicer if we have a cabin to enter and rest for long haul flight Thanks