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  1. same issue happened to me, i contacted the developer for help, will let u know
  2. Hello, Do you know why I have this issue ? when I look up to where I stand in the sim the cloud is like this : https://ibb.co/g7GRWSG Thanks
  3. Hi Nuno, I have just purchased the Ryzen 3700x and RTX 2070S Ram 3200mhz DDR4 16GB running at 2133Mhz (not oc), but my fps is always below 30 fps when lift up off the ground. I have SMT enabled / High Perf power plan / maximum GPU set in NCP My settings are not high, as autogen draw distance is Medium and the rest is also medium, you have any reason why ? and with your 3700X how many fps you have ?
  4. Hi, As the title states, should I buy a Gsync Monitor and does it help to gain some fps ? Thanks
  5. Hi When switching between views in ChasePlane, the fps is dropped for a few seconds, then back to normal, it also happens when we fast switching a view to another, do you have any idea that causes this drop of fps ? I didn't have this problem before. Thanks
  6. Thanks Simbol for your help, I will try tonight.
  7. Hi Christoph, Thanks a lot for your reply, it happened to me when I arrive at ZSPD Airport. About that controller file, could I add that file manually if missing (what do we have in that controller file ?) In case I manually create a .fx file myself to create a dynamic lighting. Thanks,
  8. it happened to all airports that have dynamic lighiting enabled
  9. Hi, I have one strange problem (seen other discussion about this on avsim but still no clear solution), when I arrive at the airport (that has dynamic lighting), the dynamic lighting does not work, and my plane is completely dark, however when I load P3D to start from that airport the lighting works fine. Might have some problems about using shaders tool like tomato ? or other reasons ? any exp the same problem ? Thanks guys
  10. Anyone can help me how to make Logitech 3D works with Linda ? default a/c and defaut keys work, i also tried FSLabs with default key but still does not work Thanks
  11. Hi for default aircraft and default functions => OK But then I tried to set the FSX Default functions for Fslabs like (Flap up for example) but it still does not work Thanks
  12. Hi I have logitech pro 3D and i set the button 12 to be a Take off config button, but it does not work, could you please explain me why and what am i doing wrong ? Thanks here is the screenshot of Linda : https://ibb.co/WBGTp5M Thanks
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