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  1. hkhoanguyen


    Are you sure that was PMDG 737 ? 😄
  2. I dont have a monitor with 30hz, could you suggest me one ?
  3. It is the latest one v3.00.9194
  4. Thanks, one more question, I updated to the latest version but still no rain effects in the VC for the -400 any idea ? thanks neruda famous poems
  5. Add to this, the zoom + / - buttons are now Page Up and Down Hope to have a quick fix.
  6. The only button clickable is ENTER (which brings me back to the Main Menu)
  7. [HELP] EFB on the F/O side : the buttons (MENU, back, PG UP/Down...) are not clickable. No hand cursor when I hover.
  8. Thanks you guys for the EFB Perf D-TO 😍😍 Great job!
  9. I personally prefer EFB Performance Page with D-TO 1 and 2 added in this update rather than visual effect
  10. Guys, I think you guys "deviated" too much about this and that 😖 i'm just here to check this topic for any update as stated Robert between Xmas and New Year 😄
  11. EFB for 777 is great!! can't wait
  12. hkhoanguyen

    Yoke Nightlighting too bright on 747

    By checking Use Dynamic Reflections in VC Editor for the yoke handle only of Tomato fixed this problem at night, however the yoke is very dark during day light😞 Any idea ?
  13. Yes!!! change log please!!
  14. hkhoanguyen

    Engines Off during taxiing

    Hi, For the 747-8, which number of engines should be turned off during taxiing to save fuel (inner or outer ones?) ? I saw one clip when the Capt, just switch on #2 and #4 during pushback and taxiing. And if with only two engines running, should the APU on too ? Thanks
  15. works perfectly fine for me 😁😁