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  1. Monst3ro

    PMDG 777 is out for P3D!

    hello guys , i just need to know what about us who owns an fsx version of pmdg 777 ? can we upgrade it to p3d v2 version with lower price or we have to buy a new one for p3d v2 ? Thanks
  2. Monst3ro

    Need some help (Prepar3d v2.4)

    Ok guys i din't sleep all night i found what was wrong the biggest FPS killer was ORBX im sad to say that but it's true The biggest problem was ORBX Europe OpenLC i removed it and i unchecked ORBX trees , My settings inside Prepar3d are now maxed im getting 50-60 frame rates in smaller cities and around 30-40 at Bigger cities. Im Now so happy finaly i'm done Many thanks to my friend SteveW and thank you all who helped me . I will Upload later my all settings and what i done exactly maybe some one will find it Help-full . Thanks again guys ! See you all later <3 <3 <3
  3. Monst3ro

    Need some help (Prepar3d v2.4)

    SolRayz Ty man i will try tomorrow all these settings to see what is best if i don't find something helpfull i will just delete wholo Prepar3d im tired from it :(((
  4. Monst3ro

    Need some help (Prepar3d v2.4)

    ok guys i get it , so i deleted now my Prepar3D.cfg and i forced simulator to make a fresh and clean one . so is there any tweaks that i should put in Prepar3D.cfg like AM , BUFFERPOOLS , Fiber frame time , swap wait timeout . Witch one of these should i put in my cfg . and what settings are the best for water and shadows ? and what about Nvidia Inspector does it helps in Prepar3D v2 ? Last question What about FXAA , MSAA and Texture Filtering ? And if you have time check this guy look at his settings how he get 40 - 42 fps with lower PC Hardware'> I know i'm boring with all this questions but Prepar 3d is confusing Ty all for helping i appreciate all helps <3
  5. Monst3ro

    Need some help (Prepar3d v2.4)

    Ty mate . I tried to set all to ultra high but it was suicide anyway i will try now to put similar settings like yours and i will check if there is any increase in FPS . But i saw allot of people with lower hardware than mine and they are running on ultra high its confusing .
  6. Hello guys ) I just upgraded my PC and i was expecting a huge difference in performance but i'm a little bit disappointed . My PC : Processor : Intel i7 4790k 4.0 ghz turbo boost 4.4 ghz Graphic card : Nvidia GTX MSI 970 Twin frozer v Ram Memory : Kingston hyper X 16 Gb 1333 mhz SSD : 2x Intel SSD 160 Gb Mother Board : MSI Z87-G45 Gaming Water cooling : Cooler Master Seidon v120 My Software : Prepar3D v2.4 Rex essentials Rex 4 Direct texture GSX Orbx Global , Vector , OpenLC Fly Tampa Vienna , Dubai , Copenhagen , Athens CS 777 p3d Pmdg 737 installed with Estonia Migration tool So the problem is when i start Prepar3d v2.4 with high settings not Maxed im getting low fps between 12-22 maximum with heavy aircraft and on payware airport and my terrain is not loading that good i got allot of delay in terrain load i don't know what should i do is there any tweaks for hardware or software i tried Bojote's and allot of another tweaks but nothing helps i'm so disappointed . Please i need some serius help . Thanks and sorry for my bad English .
  7. i will try to find answers , yes you are right it's a opened request , but you know when you are a noob is something aahahha you wan't to know every thing and to get most of that thing from first day but anyway ty so much i will give a try on avsim to get answers .
  8. Hello guys , first i'm sorry for may bad English , second i'm sorry if i'm posting at the wrong place I just received today my X Plane 10 . I'm FSX user and i bought X Plane 10 because i read allot about it ( better FPS , better Graphics , better and more realistic flaying ... ) i just installed it and it's look horrible :( i set all to max but still nothing my PC configurations ( i7 920 ( 3.2 mhz ) , Nvidia gtx 560 ti/oc twin froze II , 16 gb ram memory ( 1600 mhz) , 1.5 HDD , windows 7 ultimate 64 bit ) im telling you my PC configurations because i need help to make my X plane 10 look good like in allot of youtube videos . i freaked out when i saw some videos about X plane please help Thanks
  9. Hello , i need to know can i run FTX Globa; + FTX Global Vectors and FTX Terrain regions together ? I have FTX Global and FTX Global Vectors and i want to buy Australia SP4 region if they can work together .? sorry for my bad English Ty so much .
  10. Hello guys . First thing sorry for my bad English . What you think about Intel Core i7 960 Socket LGA1366 3.2Ghz ? thanks ...
  11. Monst3ro

    Need help with navigraph

    Guys thank you so much for help , the problem was simple but i lost allot of time to figure out that silly prob. The fix was in windows date "Like you said" . You have to set date to US or UK , after that you have to change short day to (MM/dd/yyyy) and long day to (dd,MMMM,dd,yy) and last you have to go to (Location tab ) in (Region and Language ) option in Control panel . Then install Navigraph FMS Data manager again and update your Add one . That's worked for me
  12. Monst3ro

    Need help with navigraph

    Nothing helps guys . Maybe the prob is in my PC or i'm noob anyway ty so much for your time
  13. Monst3ro

    Need help with navigraph

    i'm done , but when i enter my FMC in PMDG 777/737ngx i can see nav data is Airac 1404 but im still getting ( Nav data out of date ) ? :S
  14. Monst3ro

    Need help with navigraph

    no i din't , i'm new for AIRAC . Can you explain to me how to do that correctly if you have time ? ty
  15. Monst3ro

    Need help with navigraph

    Hello guys . First sorry for my bad English i will be quick . i just need someone to explain to me how to install navigraph for pmdg correctly . I downloaded yesterday navigraph 1404. and i purchased single cycle and updated all my PMDG amd Airbus X but when i launch Pmdg 777 or 737 ngx i'm getting same message (nav data is out of date ) .