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  1. Just a heads-up that the DC-6 seems to be working in XP11 public beta 1 with only 1 bigger caveat: pressurization state and cabin altitude and rate of change are not picked up by the XP11 systems, leading to oxygen starvation and blackouts above 12000ft or so. In the following screenshot, taken in cruise at 15000ft the gauges display the a/c pressurization system set to the cruise altitude (15000) and the cabin altitude set and indicated to around 5000ft with zero rate of change, however the XP11 datarefs, displayed at the top right corner, bottom section, display a cabin altitude of 15000 with fluctuating vertical rate of change: Also as expected there are some minor graphical issues with reflections on the fuselage and gauges, due to the new PBR rendering system. Finally as XP11 is 64-bit only, I had to delete the 32-bit plugins from the "plugin" folder, as they caused random crashes. The 64-bit versions load and work fine. I know the devs are probably not soliciting feedback at this early beta stage, but just wanted to give some info to other users who might be wandering: the compatibility prospects for our favourite aircraft look quite good, hopefully it wouldn't be too much work to produce an update when the simulator is finally released. Here's another XP11 external shot: P.S. To preempt any criticism: I intentionally didn't switch the superchargers on this flight as it had a very short planned cruise at only 15000 and then descent
  2. Hi guys, Really enjoying the DC-6 and new 1.10 update, thank you for the quick turnaround! I noticed (since initial release) that manipulating the audio selector panel and toggling between COM1 and COM2 radio does not affect/change X-Plane's internal dataref for selected transmission radio; i.e. COM1 is always selected for transmission regardless of the position and manipulation of the selectors on the audio panel. It remains possible to toggle between COM1 <-> COM2 by using a custom assigned X-Plane shortcut or joystick button, it's just not tied to the plane gauges. Can you please have a look at this, it's quite useful when flying online in a controlled environment Cheers and keep up the good work!
  3. It's doable with FlyWithLua and a custom lua script that will intercept the throttle axis raw position and amend it with an offset. I'm using a similar approach to smoothen the values of my rather noisy throttle quadrants.
  4. I'm not on my sim PC so don't remember all positions from memory, but this one for certain is on the left bottom side of the co-pilot's seat, at the floor level; it's a 3 position handle / slider with detents. All 3 detents are labeled.
  5. Have you tried running one inverter on ON, and the other on the alternate position (as suggested in the POH). Does it make a difference?
  6. Thank you for the article, Cpt. Randazzo! Incidentally, some "simmarisms" appear to be platform specific, i.e. the inherited notion among some X-Plane users that all prop planes have inherent lateral instability and those that are stable and can be hand-flown without dropping a wing and constantly juggling the aileron and rudder trim are "unrealistic": a notion that historically follows from the not entirely accurate roll dynamics and torque in earlier versions of X-Plane: a deficiency, that has been since overcome both by the internal development of X-Plane and the efforts of 3rd party addon developers that worked around it in their models. Hope you address that as well. Thanks for an awesome plane!
  7. + 1 for assignable datarefs on the AP turn wheel
  8. The thing is in my observation: the X-Palne dataref only changes when both the left and the right (captain and FO side) transponder modes in the DC-6 are set to at least SBY mode: thereafter manipulating the left transponder mode selector will succefully change the dataref to ON/ALT. When starting from cold and dark and rotating only the left transponder selector manipulator, the dataref is stuck to "off".
  9. I had the same thing happen to me also in Vegas today. The outside air temperature at the time was 37C. It happened with the aircraft powered off after landing, and after a replay so I initially attributed it to some systems not re-initializing correctly after the replay. The cowl flaps were fully open at the time
  10. I can confirm all the artifacts have disappeared after the re-install. Thank you!
  11. On behalf of all affected: thank you very much for identifying and fixing this so quickly! And thank you for this wonderful plane, I'm having a blast learning it!
  12. I have a similar issue, although less pronounced. It's most obvious on the RPM, Man Presure and Water Pressure gauges, although visible on the OBS too. It's also visible on the panel surface just left of the RPM gauges, It's unaffected by shadow quality: looks the same with shadows all the way up to global (high). It's also more evident on higher cockpit light intensities: almost disappears with cockpit lighting set to "off" or "low". Here's a video: Specs: Windows 10, 64-bit Nvidia GTX 970, 4 GB VRAM Intel Core I7 6700K 16 GB RAM The rendering settings on the video are like this: http://i.imgur.com/ABCqLtq.png (deliberately upped the shadows to global high to test, normally I run with 3D on aircraft)
  13. Let's hope for no rejected takeoff
  14. For the ruby crowd (only pulls once per 2 minutes, don't want to hammer the servers too hard). Waits for the price to drop below $120 (presumptions, presumptions....): Source: https://gist.github.com/tarakanbg/3831a7cad97fb622f8c6447226e6c9ff
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