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  1. Gents, What is not modelled please.... Is it possible for PMDG to let us know what is is NOT modelled in this Sim? It is by far the most in-depth acft so far for XPlane and has raised the bar significantly. My aim is to operate this acft without the aid of the AFE. But it seems a little pointless to go through the (excellent) included checklist if a number of items are not actually modelled. I refer to your Introduction doc.... "In some cases we have removed information that does not apply to the simulation, and in other cases we have left information that doesn’t directly apply to the simulation in order to provide completeness of information on operating procedures and environment." This is fine, but I'd like to know which items in the checklist I can safely ignore... waste of my time in other words. Clicking on buttons or switches that have no effect on the Sim is simply eye candy. Adds nothing to the actual operation of the aircraft, apart from those people that like clicking switches! Specific areas that interest me are the Heater controls and Pressurisation. Which bits of these are actually modelled? Also.......... Checklist item "Cabin pressure change limit control…...set to 600 feet UP, 300 feet DOWN" Sorry, but what does that actually mean? Doesn't make sense to me. I have more issues, but will leave those for a later post...... Don't take this the wrong way, I'm loving this aircraft.... ... just want to come to terms with it......... Just want to fly it with max reality............ which I'm sure is your objective as well... cheers chris from oz
  2. Aramis

    Can't find a couple of items

    Rob, I too am having trouble locating the auxiliary hydraulic pump. Despite your "I have found the auxiliary hydraulic pump - in the manual it is written "hyd." and not "hydraulic", which is why I completely missed it." I still can't find it I have searched the manual using "hyd.", but no luck. The nearest I could find is EMG HYD PUMP? Any more help appreciated... cheers chris
  3. Gents, Enjoying the challenge of this immensely, I’m a big fan of the “old iron”. As such I endeavor to follow procedures as closely as possible. There are a few checklist items that I cannot correlate to the actual aircraft. i.e. I can’t find ‘em! From the checklist….. “Heater fuel switch……………………………..NORMAL (down)” “Heater, fuel, and ignition selector switches…..SYSTEM NO. 1 (down)” “Heater backfire warning lights………….OFF (Push to test)” I assume these refer to POH page 31, items 206 - 209 . Is that correct? (If so, I understand they are INOP as stated.) (I’m also unclear on what “SYSTEM NO. 1 (down)” refers to.) POH page 108 refers to Heater Backfire Warning Lights viz. “9.11.13. Heater Backfire Warning Lights — Three amber warning lights, mounted over the fuel control selector switches on the heater control panel, for the three airfoil anti-icing heaters illuminate when the respective heater backfires severely. The light(s) will remain on until the switch is reset on the ground.” POH page 31 picture.... can't see the amber warning lights.... Not modelled? Also from the checklist.... “Auxiliary hydraulic pump selector valve control lever…… BRAKE SYSTEM (forward)” Can I assume this refers to the Emergency Hydraulic controls located on the rear of the centre pedestal (below the Flap lever) ? Not complaining mind, but if all the above is the case then I can safely delete the heater references from my checklist. Thanks for a brilliant aircraft. cheers chris from oz
  4. Aramis

    JF Fokker F27 released

    Re my above on the HSI From/To flag.... Test flights done.... It is definitely NOT the small white arrow on the outer circle of the HSI, not sure what that does, but it is related to NAV2/ADF2.... Found a few videos, and although blurry indicate the F27 does have the traditional From/To indicatior on the HSI, in the form of a solid white triangle in the centre, either just above or just below. This is not present on this aircraft. Is this a bug or intentional? As a work-around I can use the green needle (set to NAV 1) on the RMI. chris from oz
  5. Aramis

    JF Fokker F27 released

    Thanks Tony...... Not the usual To/From indication I'm used to..... not quite how that works..... A few test flights are in order to sort it out methinks... chris
  6. Aramis

    JF Fokker F27 released

    Enjoying the challenge of old school nav in a classic aircraft I remember well.. Couple of questions..... On the HSI there does not appear to be a From/To indicator. Also there is a random white arrow head on the HSI outer ring.... I cannot work out the function of this, it does not seem to correspond to either course or heading, nor any nav function I can think of.. Any ideas? The From/To indication is a vital function for VOR nav..... chris from oz
  7. Completely agree with WR269 (last post). Summed it up nicely IMHO. And before you ask..... I have 35+ years as an ATC. chris from oz
  8. hopskip/Trent... Sorry, I think you've completely missed the whole point of this thread. You point out.... "Apart from this stilly (sic) little incident where it was "A joke" It appals me that you see that placing an aircraft and pax in a potentially (note.. potentially) dangerous situation is no more than a "silly little incident" FYI, real world go-rounds are considerably more involved than flying from your desk with a few mouse clicks. Moreover, to compare a PA28 go round with that of a 777 is nonsense, and not helped by your egoistic "selfie " video.... As a 35+ year ATC, I can't believe a controller could be that stupid and irresponsible. There are more facts in Real Life than you can find on Google..... chris from oz
  9. Aramis


    @Charles, where can I find this new installer of which you speak? Can't wait to have this prog in P3D v2.... chris from oz
  10. Aramis


    Thanks Daniel...Excellent. Will put it up when I get home from work!!(I was serious actually)
  11. Aramis


    Pfffft..This is damn near as funny as the Ferd Berful thread, and that's saying a lot! Love it!and seriously, yes I mean seriously, how about a "Proud Pogo'er" (or similar) signature banner? Seriously.
  12. Hawkman,Quite the vicious little rascal ain't ya....As you said this Forum is not the place to debate why post it?Nasty, nasty....PS... Moderator?
  13. Eric,Thanks for that. And all your other brilliant stuff.Have a cold beer on me. ....err make that a Lite ;-)
  14. When It's Ready would be a good guess...When I'm Ready...When It's Released....
  15. Sorry for the late post, but only just stumbled on this thread.D/L the video...... very nice.BUT, please tell me I'm wrong... quite clearly the Speed Brake lever appears to labelled "SPEED BREAK" ....????