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  1. Hey all, I was just wondering if anyone else has noticed that the clouds cast shadows on the airplane, even when the airplane is above them. I have cloud shadows on obviously, and they look great on the ground. But after climbing up over the clouds I wouldn't expect to still see them on the plane. Is this a REX issue possibly or just the way the cloud shadows are rendered? I can post a short video if needed to show what I'm seeing. Thanks.
  2. Tiger6k

    Issue with P3D v4 ORBX Central

    Hello, I have FTX Central v3.2.3.0 and I'm still getting this same error. "No installed simulator was found on your system! FTX VECTOR Configurator will now exit!" Should I try re-installing the software? Thanks.
  3. Tiger6k

    Unwanted OM/MM Audio

    Has anyone found a way around this yet? Or should I just make a new cold and dark state that has the door closed instead of open? It's nothing big, just kind of annoying.
  4. Not sure why you think he would lie. What's the point of that? He didn't have to give any answer at all but he chose to give us some inside information as to why the 747 at least isn't being made for X-Plane. He could have just said it wasn't worth it, or it was too difficult, or we hate Austin. lol.
  5. I completely understand if some features in the 747 v3 can't be ported over to X-plane in it's current state, but I'm still SOOOO curious about something like the 737NGX as it's over 5 years old now? I suppose though, if they end up making a 737v3, they would most likely include a lot of the features of the 777 and 747v3, which would then make porting the 737 to X-Plane unlikely at that point also. =( Honestly, I love flying the 737 in P3D, I just wish I could take advantage of my hardware and not get OOMs when I crank up the detail. Give me that, and you can keep PMDG in P3D as long as you'd like!
  6. Tiger6k

    NGX VC Cockpit texture issue

    Anyone know if there is a mod / texture replacement to make this lighting issue a little less... obvious?
  7. I was messing around with the ambient light gradient in the skycolor png, and even making it completely black doesn't darken the shadows much. I wonder if there is some other dataref for ambient light. I also know xp11 disabled any access to gamma settings. Although I do like how bright the lit areas are, I'd just love for the areas in shadow to be a bit darker, especially around sunset/sunrise.
  8. Hey Murmer, I've used these two data ref lines, “skyc/max_shadow_angle” and “skyc/min_shadow_angle”. I really like the shadows in the cockpit at sunrise/sunset now, burn my one other question is the overall brightness of the cockpit, even parts that are in shadow. Is there a way to darken the overall cockpit? Does your modified skycolor pngs posted earlier address that at all? Thanks!
  9. Amazing. Great update, and I can now fly out of Las Vegas in 110 degree heat without the engines frying before I start them. THIS is why I love PMDG.
  10. Tiger6k

    Poor sounds?

    We all care about the product you delivered. If we didn't, I don't think we'd be here. This is the most active I've ever been on this forum, and it's strictly because I love PMDG, and X-Plane. I think why some people are disappointed about the sound is this: If you're in the cockpit with the windows closed, everything is AMAZING. But when you open the window, or go to an exterior fly-by view, the amazingness (is that a word?) of the sounds end there. That's all it is, and that breaks immersion for some people. Other aircraft do directional sounds, and raise and lower the volume/wind noise depending on the windows that are open (Dreamfoil's Bell 407), so the bar has already been set, this is one bar PMDG didn't reach. I'm not "ravenous" about it, in fact, I just won't open the window or use fly-by view in this plane. But it's an observation that I made.
  11. Hm, so I just tried closing the cowl flaps fully while idling on the ground @ 39 degrees Celsius. No temperature issues at all after 15+ minutes. Turning the carb heat on obviously gets the carb air all the way back up to almost 40 degrees Celsius. But should the engines stay that cool with the cowl flaps closed? Fair enough. So should I report the bug about the engines frying while they're off then at least?
  12. What's interesting also is after the engines are started, the carburetor air drops to around 12 degrees Celsius. (as you can see in the picture) How is that possible? Wouldn't the carb air still be fairly hot? Or at least not almost 30 degrees cooler than outside air temp? I would think idling on the ground for an extended amount of time in this heat could damage the engines, but not when the engines are off. Seems a little backwards to me.
  13. I just started a flight in Las Vegas where I live IRL. Temp outside is 39 degrees Celsius. I loaded the plane in a cold and dark state, and immediately I get a message saying "Warning! Carb temp causing engine damage!" After a minute or two (in cold & dark) the engines go black in the maintenance window. If I reset the damage, I can start them and the carb temperate goes down and the engines don't die, but... is this working properly? Thanks, Kris As you can see above, engine 1 & 2 were never started, and you can see the carb heat way up. I reset 3 & 4 engines and started them immediately, and the damage was minimized. You can see the carb heat cooled down after start.
  14. Tiger6k

    Engine Starting Question

    I hope the few gripes I (we) have with this aircraft don't overshadow the aircraft as a whole. So far I think it's a blast to fly. I'm not going to create a post about every feature I love, and trust me, they would outweigh the criticisms. Instead I post about the things I would like to see improved. The fact that I purchased a $70 prop aircraft should attest to the fact that I love PMDG's work. So I apologize to all the devs if it comes across as me being disappointed with the product as a whole. Having said that. I think Don Quixote's suggestion could work. Have a few switches "stick" in position, almost like they do now, but separately. This would allow the sequence of events to more closely follow the operation manual. Instead of looking out the window and watching the props spin, we could use sound, or just a general amount of time after the start is engaged before engaging the ignition. P.S. Thanks for your patience Kyle.