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  1. Fantastic product. Really helps fill the void in good X-Plane IFR avionics - Thank you!!!!!!!!! Hoping it will move forward into XP 11 when the time is right for that to happen.
  2. crii

    Gyro Compass and VOR Indicator

    Update - I think this is related to a scenery file issue. With no add-on scenery I can not duplicate the problem. Also with a newly downloaded copy of the add-on scenery I was using the problem seems to be gone. We'll see. I was having no other problems with the original scenery file and it was throwing no error messages in log.txt but apparently something in there was corrupted and messing with the "cold & dark" state button of the DC-6?? If your pilot side compasses freeze perhaps try not loading any add-on scenery.
  3. crii

    Gyro Compass and VOR Indicator

    I also believe there may be a bug here. I have flown the aircraft without problem for about ten hours. No AFE, using checklists - all well. Now when I try to fly today using cold/dark (as all flights before) and with same flows, checklists & switch positions as before the pilot's dg/compass system freezes after the airplane is turned about 30 degrees in taxi. I don't have infinite time to debug it but I spent about a hour trying CB's, inverter, gen switch positions - reloads - plugin removals etc. and it keeps recurring. The slave/unslave switch has no effect. The copilot's DG and the whiskey compass operate properly. All failure screens in XP are green and turned off. Will keep trying to figure out what's going on. Again everything was working fine and I've changed nothing ????? Using XP-10.45 WIN7 64 NVIDIA drivers Best all, Charles Rizzi
  4. Thanks Why didn't I think of that? - duuuh Still might be a thought for those that have run out of hardware axes no? Crizzi
  5. Magnificently done as always! Any way to map the gyropilot turn knob to keys or joystick buttons? I'm not seeing anything in custom cmnds? Maybe carb air too? Charles Rizzi