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  1. AFL581

    P3D 4.2

    Hi guys, I was wondering what is the issue with P3D 4.2 , I get " This device cannot be used on current aircraft " with VAinterface 2.25 and the PMDG NGX. Thanks !
  2. Hifi keeps the program curent and TBH it fits my P3D very well, does the job without the feeling of it being a nuclear powerplant operation. If I recall correctly they updated it for P3DV4. What would you like to see/have that you do not have now ? Cheers
  3. Hi guys, Does anybody else have some elevation issues again with Vector ? Did a quick flight arounf KTNP , 29 Palms , and I have the " Ilsland effect " or " Platform effect " again ... With or Withoutr the Airport Elevation correction. All the best
  4. You are right, it's not an easy region to fly in ( Got RW King Air time there ... ) however, the 738 doesn't have the TRUE north option , the BBJ has ... I updated the to the latest data from Mr Sors and it solved many issues.
  5. I know , default P3D Airport ... Not much I can do about it, I was thinking that the proximity to the magnetic North pole might have something to do with it. Anyway, I'll just live with it , no big deal ;)
  6. I guys, I have used this before and it did correct a lot but apparently not everything, I guess it is just a PC sim after all ;) so , let's live with it .
  7. I flew the ILS34 into CYFB. On the approach chart, waypoints " BILKU " " TIBEG " and " ONGAT " should all be alligned with the LOC, However in the sim , I encounter a fw degrees off.
  8. I do have them all. I would not recommend you moving anything over from V3.4. Did you un-install all your previous products before installing the new ones ?
  9. Good evening , Just installed the latest installers on a vanilla P3DV4. I flew a " delivery " flight from KBFI to CYFB and noticed both times that the waypoints that should be on the RWY extended centerline do NOT line up with the latest but are a few degrees off. I checked before flight , the database was Navigraph 1707. Is there some file I should update ? Is it a known issue within the Sim and should I just ignore it ? Thanks for your feedbacks .
  10. AFL581

    Cloud Color

    Looks good , almost photo real ;)
  11. AFL581

    P3D V4 Nvidia Inspector Settings

    Hi Dane, TBH, I used it for all the previous versions but once I installed the V4, I just forgot about it and never realised that it was missing ... I think V4 looks great with the right settings applied in the user interface. Just my input ;) I'm sure others will differ but ... so far , so good :) Cheers
  12. AFL581

    TAXI2GATE KSEA and P3D v4

    Did you guys get access to their website, it seems to me like the bandwith they have is very limited. It is " official " that they simply say to point the installer to P3DV4 ? Does anyone know if they will really port their products with the P3DV4 SDK and recompile at all ? Thx
  13. AFL581

    Will not take off

    Do you have a joystick/yoke and is it properly calibrated ? I have had the issue when on my CH Yoke , there were 2 yoke axis programmed for the rudder and they canceled each other out.
  14. AFL581

    Will not take off

    I assume that during the before taxiing checklist, your flight control check is OK and everything moves as it is supposed to be ?
  15. AFL581

    Ops Centre won't Update

    Try re-running the T7 installer with the " repair " option , otherwise loose the few minutes needed to completely reinstall ... it is usually more efficient than trying to fix a single corrupted file. Good luck