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  1. What? You all are not experiencing it?? Because I am. I have exactly the same issue as Captain747. Only since SU9 I am experiencing sudden turbulence jolts in all GA aircraft. It happens even when using "Clear weather" and after erasing ALL wind layers.... I fly mostly JPL C152 and occasionally default aircrafts. I fly in the Caribbean or central Europe. I use Thrustmaster T.1600 joystick. I also had the pleasure to pilot C172 in real life in the UK once and haven't experienced anything even remotely as violent as after SU9.
  2. A New week, a new check.... Have you please heard anything from the developers concerning setting the external camera distance? Is there any way how to bring our already posted question to their attention? Thank you very much in advance.
  3. Thank you for the tip, Carlos. Finally I had some time to give it a try. Just reporting it didn't help in my case, I am afraid. The stutters are nothing major as mentioned above. But since SU9 they are there and the latest patch didn't have any positive effect.
  4. I know this has been asked already before but I don't remember the answwer: Is the effect of uninstalling PG cities the same as turning PG off? Or does uninstalling cure the stutters and PG off doesn't?
  5. Last Sunday i tried for the first time to switch on HAGS (Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling) in Win10. I started to get sudden CTDs in flight. Never had them before. I switched HAGS off and the crashes were gone....
  6. Now this is interesting, thank you very much for the tip! My setting was prior to SU9 and after SU9 equal to Ultra (unchanged). BUT: Out of curiosity I just tried various values of "Off Screen Terrain Precaching". And my panning stutters were almost totally eliminated when going from Ultra to Medium (!) How is that possible, you ask? I observed the following on the fps counter: When using Ultra, the fps is constantly pegged at 60 fps during panning but sooner or later it drops to to a massive sudden dip showing as a visible stutter. Then it jumps immediately back to 60 fps. When using Medium, the fps drops during panning to 59 or 58 fps right at the beginning and stays there during the whole time of panning. But there is not a sudden drop. Hence the panning feels and actually is smooth. This also means that the optimum level of pre-cache will be different for every system depending on its CPU/GPU/MSFS settings balance. Oh well, this testing and tuning will never stop.... :)
  7. Haha, that's exactly what I tried to express with my previous long post. I totally agree.
  8. What a coincidence! I spent several hours during the last Sunday (5 or 6?) trying to fix exactly the same issue. I had no stutters after the last few SUs prior to SU9. Also I didn't change any of my settings when applying SU9. Now the flying is still smooth but when panning in external view I get occasional (micro-)stutters. It is the most obvious when I pause the game in the external view and then just keep panning using the hat switch 360 degrees around again and again. The panning is smooth (capped to 60 fps in NCP + vsync on in game + real Gsync monitor with hw module - 1440p, mostly high/some ultra, TLOD=200), but always during the 360 degrees pan there are one or two hiccups. The DevMode fps counter shows, surprisingly enough, during the hiccup solid green for Main thread, solid green for GPU, but the top summary bar displays several yellow or even red vertical lines during the stutters. Further it is remarkable that it seems to me the stutters happen always at the given location always in the given direction (azimuth or bearing) when circling around the plane. The severity of stutters and the direction from which they come change when moving to a different location, but when panning they are always there. As I said, I tried everything during the last days to pinpoint the source of the panning stutter: tried all possible settings in NCP (incl. vsync on or fast + off in MSFS), tried all possible settings in MSFS (e.g. to switch off PG or live traffic or to change traffic density) tried different locations in the sim (dense cities or remote plains) and different weather (e.g. clear weather with no clouds). Nothing helped. The micro-stutter while panning is still there. My conclusion therefore is that the stutters are caused by some coding errors introduced in SU9. Similarly to what we had at the beginning of MSFS until some of the SUs suddenly massively improved fps and removed stutters for the majority of users. I hope together with CarlosF that the issue has been recognized and will be fixed sooner (hot fix) or later (SU). David i7-10700K (stock) / RTX 3070 (OC) / 32 GB DDR4 3200 / G-Sync 1440p
  9. Oh, great! Thank you very much!! This topic nicely illustrates the power of synergy of the fightsim community. Some people raised the issue, some people investigated, some prepared the images and now finally someone (Simbol) was able to ask the question directly to developers! Amazing. We just have to hope now that they will answer and that the external camera distance modification as mentioned in the SU9 release notes will be accessible also to end users and not only to developers.
  10. There's obviously a parallel discussion about this topic at forums.flightsimulator.com: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/can-i-get-rid-of-the-wide-view-fisheye-external-view/250983/186 The gentlemen over there are struggling with the same issue. And also they do not know how exactly to modify the cameras.cfg. The discussion contains a good example of the "distorted" view we are trying to fix:
  11. Thank you very much for keeping the discussion clean and goal oriented. I appreciate it. I have read many useful tips on the forum over the years. It is my first time trying to really find out a solution to an issue using my open question here and it proves to be surprisingly difficult.
  12. Perhaps we can ask the question to Beta testers: Haven't you received any information on how to set the camera distance in external view in SU9 in order to be able to test this new officially announced feature? Thank you very much in advance.
  13. Dear Steve, Thank also to you for your comment and the absolutely fabulous screenshots. They are simply breathtaking! I see what you mean with your recommendation to use the drone camera. I am definitely determined to give it a deeper try one day. But as you said, it needs some preparation and setting up. Many of us fly just a couple of hours per week when jobs and family life allow...:-). Also novice users shall be able to fly and look around effortlessly. Further, it shall still be possible to fly and enjoy an occasional peak on the plane from the outside without the need to have HOTAS. I myself do have the Thm. T.16000M FCS Hotas, but very often for a quick hop between the Caribbean islands I grab just the joystick with integrated throttle, not both parts (I am not leaving the throttle on the desk - afraid to collect dust and debris in the mechanism + it takes up space). But once again, the screenshots and the 737 paintwork are gorgeous! Thank you!! Kind regards, David
  14. Gentlemen, Thank you all for your valuable input. I would dare to summarize that none of us knows how to use this improved feature (change camera distance for external view). I agree that a statement in the Official Forum would be one of the possible ways how to inform users. I am now asking myself how this new feature was beta tested, when none of us has the faintest idea how to set it up... Still, I love the Sim and the work by Asobo. As has been said here before: Step by step we are getting somewhere...
  15. Thank you, but I am afraid it's not so simple. The variable "chasedistance" is not used in any of the new MSFS2020 cameras.cfg files. It is used just in: "c:\Users\David\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Cameras.CFG" "c:\Users\David\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\Official\Steam\fs-base\cameras.cfg" And these files seem to be used only for legacy aircraft from FSX.... The files are using terms like "spot" and "locked spot" which are valid for FSX.
  16. That's the question here... My favourite candidates are (using C172 with steam gauges as an example): "c:\Users\David\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Cameras.CFG" "c:\Users\David\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\SimObjects\Airplanes\Asobo_C172sp_classic\cameras.CFG" "c:\Users\David\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\Official\Steam\fs-base\cameras.cfg" "c:\Users\David\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\Official\Steam\asobo-aircraft-c172sp-classic\SimObjects\Airplanes\Asobo_C172sp_classic\cameras.cfg" I am assuming the distance shall be in a file dedicated to one plane and not to in a general file. The reason is you wish to set a different initial distance for C172 and for a 747...
  17. Yes, I agree. The control in game can come later. I would be more than happy for now to adjust the value in camera.cfg or cameras.cfg. Only I don't know HOW...
  18. Does it mean you are referring to FSX when writing about Ctrl + and -, please? What is then the syntax for changing the camera distance in camera.cfg in MSFS 2020?
  19. Oh, but that's exactly what we are looking for! Thank you very much for the explanation!! I will try when at home. How do you know it's Ctrl + and -? The goal is exactly to change the initial distance from plane when in external view. The desired zoom factor then needs to be set manually. Zoom values around 1 or 100% are not distorting the view. If the user till SU9 wanted to see the complete 747 in external view, the only solution (apart from the drone camera) was to ZOOM OUT to some crazy values. The plane then has for instance a massively big rudder when viewed from the rear and funny tiny, tiny thin and pointy wings.... Because the camera is too close and couldn't be moved! So the wish is or was to change the camera-plane distance. D.
  20. I found something: https://docs.flightsimulator.com/html/Content_Configuration/Cameras/Cameras_CFG/Camera_Definition_Properties.htm "The cameras configuration file is an optional file that may be included along with other files for a SimObject and is called camera.cfg. Below you can find information on the different sections used in the camera.cfg file as well as what parameters and values are expected within them." ChaseDistanceAdjustRate This controls the rate at which chase distance changes when incremented or decremented using key events. The default value is 5.0. Float 1.0 - 250.0 ChaseDistance The initial distance (in meters) of the camera from the target object in external views. The default value is 0.0. Float 0.0 - 3000.0 But it is mystery to me how to use it properly... Any assistance would be appreciated.
  21. That's exactly also my question... The cameras.cfg file basically doesn't contain any section on external cameras because the user cannot save his/her own external camera view and then modify (as we do it with cockpit views).
  22. Good morning, The following is mentioned in the release notes: * Added an optional settings to camera.cfg files allowing to change the distance between the external camera and the plane Does anyone know how to use this, please? What is the syntax? And in which portion of cameras.cfg to place it? This is a highly anticipated option which allows to change the distance and resume normal zoom levels when viewing the plane and world from a larger distance avoiding the distorted view with high zoom out factor. E.g. like this: Or this... Thank you, David
  23. For me it's still the same, even after SU8: V-sync 20 or 30... Gsync gets disabled as monitor confirms. V-sync 60... Gsync stays on. That's what I use. I have a full gsync monitor and am limiting max. fps in NVCP (coincidentally to 60 fps). Overall a very smooth experience, rare stutters only on sudden scene change in a heavy scenery with clouds (fps and refresh rate dropping to 38 or 50s) and no judder or tearing. I7-10700K/RTX3070
  24. I have high admiration for the knowledge of Ianrivaldosmith and I used this gentleman's advice on many occassions. But this time I have to partly disagree. In my case the V-Sync option within MSFS does disable G-Sync, BUT only in the 1/2 refresh rate ("30 fps") or 1/3 refresh rate ("20 fps") options. If I run the V-Sync within MSFS combined with the full monitor refresh rate ("60 fps") option, then g-sync stays enabled and works as expected. When the framerate hits the NVCP ceiling (coincidentally 60 fps in my case), the monitor refresh rate stays equal - 60 Hz, although the monitor's max. refresh is 144 Hz. If I am just under or just in the clouds (on ultra) and the framerate drops to 40-60 fps, the monitor refresh rate follows and uses exactly the same numbers for refresh rate. I verified this by: a) switching on the green g-sync indicator in NVCP - it is on for "60 fps" and off for "20 fps" and "30 fps". b) using the monitor's OSD, which at the moment of activating shows the actual refresh rate - it showed the actual values of Hz equal to the actual fps for "60 fps" and it showed 144 Hz for "20 fps" and "30 fps". My NVCP settinngs are: G-SYNC enabled for full screen mode Max. frame rate 60 fps Vertical sync Use the 3D application setting My MSFS settings are: V-Sync On Frame rate "60 Fps" Off-screen terrain pre-caching Ultra --- Render scale 100 Terrain LOD 200 Clouds Ultra Other graphics settings High --- This combination of settings in NVCP and MSFS gives me the smoothest experience with no judder and only very, very rare stutter while fast panning or rotating the view. No tearing. I tested also all other combinations but this turned out the best for my hardware. I also tried the Blurbusters' recommended settings from their 101 for g-sync. Their advice to use an external frame limiter (NVCP in my case) with g-sync was worth gold! I also tried to use the NVCP V-Sync as they recommend instead of the MSFS V-Sync but it feels to me that V-Sync within MSFS works smoother with g-sync. My hardware is: LG 32GK850G (monitor with in-built g-sync module) in 1440p RTX 3070 on 511.79 driver i7-10700K, 32GB RAM Have a good day to you all and thanks in advance for any potential feedback, David
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