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  1. The question is clear: Can you notice Frame generation is on when using TAA? How does it look? Are any screen areas looking worse despite the double frame rate? Speaking about 1440p here, not 4K. And what about in case of low fps? Let's say you go from 30 fps without FG to 60 fps... Some reviews suggest it works well only in the 100+ fps range. Thank you.
  2. Thank you. I have to agree with many of your observations. (Although my experience is it is tied just to a specific geographic area, but who knows...) I noticed it also only since SU12. The whole thing is strange: I was experiencing it every day in that specific area this week. BUT: Not yesterday! And the only thing I did was switching from Dx12 to Dx11 and later back to Dx12. Everytime restarting the application and clearing the shader cache... A server issue? It could be... And what about influence of weather? E.g. temperature? Why does the application know on one day what imagery to use and the next day it is hesitating between two or multiple texture sets? Why oh why? 🙂
  3. I did. Thank you l for sharing the link. Their description of the issue is spot on. And btw it is interesting to see that our discussion here is developing along the same lines as the discussion on flighsimulator.com. Multiple people are experiencing this as you write...
  4. Is anybody else, who experiences this, also a former user of the Google texture replacement mod, please?
  5. Initial altitude in World Map: Closer... Even closer... Even closer 2... The closest...
  6. This is exactly my conclusion. Just check my 2nd screenshot on pg. 1 of this thread, if you wish. They are obviously tiles of the same place, but taken at totally different times. The main tiles, on the top of it, are processed the usual way before loading to MSFS. They have this yellowish, sunny, positive feel to them. The other set looks much colder and there's no postprocessing applied on it. {They look exactly as the Google replacement tiles, to be honest. They seem to have higher res. as well. That's why my constant suspicion they are remains of my experimenting with the Google replacement... I guess we all played with it in the past, didn't we?) I was able to reproduce the same effect in the World Map. Seeing from high altitude, I get the std. yellowish tiles.. Then, just before getting almost as low as possible, suddenly the much colder looking tile(s) appear, but when zooming maximum in (the lowest altitude) the usual std. tiles are back again. As if the two sets of tiles were fighting which one shall be displayed. BUT: It happens only locally (I am aware of one region so far), I can fly on other myriad places without this disturbance in this amazing software Asobo/MS gave us. Being professionally involved in software development myself, albeit totally different industry, I can't stop myself from being constantly amazed by how much effort Asobo still puts into something which has been released already 2.5 years ago...
  7. I have seen it for the first time ever this week as well. Never before. I do not use time acceleration.
  8. I am getting the same since SU12. Exactly as you write, it pops up right in front of the plane's nose. But up till now just in one area (east of LOWI Innsbruck). My connection speed is 70 Mbps, should be enough. I immediately deleted rolling cache, switched it off and restarted, but the popping is still there. But to be fair, this is exactly the same area where I was testing the Google maps texture replacement mod many moths ago. Perhaps it is connected, despite not using it anymore and deleting the cache....(???) (BTW I am still planning to test the new version of Google texture replacement, but I was hoping both system would be separated from each other.)
  9. Yes, the Bing maps in MSFS are old AND locally patched by generic textures. I have seen some areas not only in Central Europe but in Caribbean as well. Thank you very much for your help with tracking this down. It helps to know that other users see what I see. And after seeing your screenshot...I guess I will give it one more try, we are one year further after all 🙂!
  10. Oh, I'm sorry! Now I can understand. If I run the BIng Maps in a web browser the areas display properly, nothing is blocked. This means no military installations, just normal villages full of peaceful people. BTW, I have high admiration for your FSX optimization guides, sir (if I recall the name correctly). I used them back then a lot, together with the excellent work of Mr Andrew Heard. They were the only way how to make FSX run on normal hardware.
  11. Thank you very much for thinking along, I am aware of the Google replacement. I tried it 1.5 years ago, but as you say, it has some drawbacks. Especially the border between land and water (e.g. at St. Barths) and water representation was weird. Anyway, I would prefer to discuss the default MSFS maps in this thread, if possible. Thank you.
  12. I get generic textures replacing the real satellite ones locally in Bing maps. I can see them already in the World map when zooming sufficiently in and then of course when flying (e.g. on several locations in the Czech republic, e.g. close to LKVR). It doesn't happen at many locations, just rarely, but when it does...it is pretty disturbing. It has nothing to do with my rolling cache settings. It's there with the cache on, cache reset or cache completely off. I am convinced it is done either by hand or by AI already during pre-processing the maps for use by MSFS. But what could be the reason? I can only think of: 1. The texture is of such poor quality, that it cannot be used (but why? The rest is very good). 2. The texture is blocked by a cloud, 3. The texture is blocked on purpose, e.g. to hide military installations. Do you get this as well? And why does this happen in your opinion? Thank you.
  13. Thank you all for your inspirational replies. There are certainly several ideas among them which I tried or will try. Having the need not only to read easily e.g. the altitude tape in FBW A320 but also to access any instrument view at any moment I guess I will go in the direction of setting up custom views and combine this with getting the Streamdeck. Thank you again!
  14. I have perhaps a very basic question: Are you using the default cockpit view when flying airliners? And can you read the PFD? I fly in 1440p on a 32 inch panel. I I have always used predominantly the default cockpit view for flying. In the old days of DF737 and LVD767 I could easily read all instruments incl. PFD. They were artificially made bigger due to low res. These days all is realistic. That means that when sitting in default view the PFD is relatively small and the speed tape or the altitude tape are sometimes difficult to read. Yes, I do have hotas with various views mapped on various buttons. I have also keyboard hotkeys to move the eyepoint and to zoom in and out. (I do not use a mouse for looking inside the cockpit and zooming as panning is done via joystick hat switch.) But I miss the ease of just sitting in the cockpit and seeing all primary info and a bit of outside world at once. How do YOU do it? What view do you use to fly heavies? And what do you do to read the glass cockpit?
  15. Any ideas how to get to instructions on using this feature from SU9, please?
  16. This feature would be very useful. There's a group of users who would very much appreciate it. It has been added in SU9, see the release notes. But: 1. Nobody knows how to use it here. The description mentioned camera(s).cfg, but didn't say how. 2. It is also not clear whether the feature is for all users or just for developers. See also:
  17. This sounds like a beginner's question but it is not. Many people here use the FPS display but I wonder how many of them (including me) really understand it fully... For example I understand individual bars but don't know why the background of the complete display sometimes turns green and sometimes red. Is anyone of you please aware of any detailed description of the dev mode FPS counter? Thank you.
  18. What is it, please? I noticed a similar thread here but many of the great planes recommend, even GA, have glass cockpits. I somehow prefer to look at steam dials. I fly almost exclusively now the JP Logistics C152. The added autopilot is a great benefit. I love the looks of cockpits of the current BAe 146 or MD 80 for MSFS (and miss the good old 737-400 or B767), but both 146 and MD80 deserve quite some study time and time is short now (job, family). Any tips, please?
  19. Just a technical remark to this discussion: Some of the users here are stating they are limiting the FPS to 30 or even 20 and that they are super happy with the fluidity. Other users (like me) can't understand, because anything under 40 fps is in their eyes unbearable. The first group of course refers to limiting FPS in the sim and not in NCP or RTSS. But they often do not mention the refresh rate of their panels. We all know MSFS limit of 30 FPS on 120 Hz panel or 144 Hz panel means they effectively attempt to run with 60 or even 77 fps. No wonder it's fluid in a sparse scenery. All this is very well known to most, I am just saying FPS limit in MSFS shall be mentioned with the monitor refresh rate to avoid further confusion...
  20. Good day, Any news concerning the original question please? It is interesting to see that the developers added this feature to SU9 likely based on wishes from the community. But once added (without any instructions unfortunately) almost nobody from the community inquires on how to use it.... Surprising.... Ok, let's be patient and hope the solution will pop up one day!
  21. Good day, Is anyone aware of any news on answering this question please? I am checking various channels online regularly but haven't come with any single instruction so far on how to use this new feature. Thank you.
  22. Exactly my experience. Seeing complex clouds from a distance doesn't cost me any fps, but flying through foggy clouds costs me dropping from 60 fps to 50 or 45 fps. Does anyone know why is that? I thought our modern cards are able to handle such basic effect as fog easily... I am on i7 10700K and RTX3070 in 1440p, ultra.
  23. Oh, sorry, I know now. It's the MSFS Toolbar AI Autopilot. Coming from FSX I dd not know the AI AP is able not only to fly to a certain point, but is able also to take off and land... I have just tried it and the whole benchmarking routine works flawlessly. Please forget the question.
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