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  1. I upgraded my hardware and re-installed most of my add-ons and I have applied Word Not Allowed'S TWEAKS. I am using Windows 7, 8 cores, NVIDIA 1060, 16 GB RAM, and SSD. FSX Acceleration. I use to use NIVIDIA Inspector and so I downloaded the latest version and the drop down box for games only show FS 2000. I can't find the old NVIDIA Inspector. Anyone know what happened or how I can get the inspector for FSX?
  2. Many Thanks to all who took the time to give me recommendations. I have a lot of add-ons such as ORBX, and U.S. Mesh, scenery, many REX, QW 757, etc... that were intended for FSX, Alabeo Chieftan, Just Flight Arrow and Warrior, and I don't think they will transfer to the Steam edition. The outside of my FSX set says Gold edition but it came with three CDs. The third one says Acceleration so I guess I have Acceleration. I have spent a month trying to get everything back to where it was and was hoping for a great improvement with the hardware updates but it didn't happen. My suspicion is that it is related to some unwanted Windows updates or something I did with the FSX Config. File. I made the basic adds such as HighMemFix=1 kind of stuff, but I need to take a harder look at that. All future suggestions are welcome, I will let everyone know if I figure out what went wrong. Thanks again!
  3. I assigned the number pad Enter for my brakes to set on all aircraft. I am using the box edition of FSX Gold. Windows 7, and everything has always worked. Now I press the button and no brakes. I tried to reassign it to various other keys and nothing happens. I can manually click on the aircraft brakes and they apply and turn off. Also, I no longer hear my GSX ground sounds. I can hear all FSX sounds such as engines, ATC, etc but GSX no longer makes sounds. I upgraded my system from 4 cores to 8, I changed my NVIDIA 750 to an NVIDIA 1060, and I changed my standard Hard Drive to a SSD. Don't know why that would affect anything. I did monkey around with the config. file a little but nothing on brakes or sound.