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  1. Same here! I'm using it for IFR in Europe, for which it's not yet really designed for, but already now after the demo I couldn't go to back to default ATC anymore. There are obviously things that are not yet working and the risk of errors is high, but so far the magical moments of realistic-feeling ATC interaction make up for that. As long as I have a valid Simbrief flight plan and know what to do. The software seems to be developing faster than I can track so very optimistic about the future. I've also been following BATC with keen interest. My main worry is they are trying to build the perfect product with convincing ATC interaction and new traffic injection with realistic procedures for all planes in the sky. That's an incredibly complex output to deliver and could take a while.
  2. This is an interesting topic as it again touches on what people want to see in their simulator! Hardcore real-world aviation examples My grandfather stopped flying a few years ago. With Air Force background and then CPL, he spent his last flying years with an amphibian plane to visit as many lakes as possible, with a fishing rod stowed in the back. He was banned from one lake due to noise complaints. For him, flying was the key thing, but it was also about getting to the nature, relax and recreation. He would probably appreciate thousands of pebbles in the simulator to replicate that feel. Now if someone made a fishing add-on to MSFS, he would be hooked for sure. My flight instructor once told me that flying airliners in a simulator is not very realistic because you don’t have to deal with your airline’s layover policies, or when the refueling truck complains they have no deal with your company, but Mastercard works. A local retired F-18 pilot wrote this year he got a complaint for killing a horse for flying too low too fast. Now there would be an interesting add-on… …etc.. Sure, flying is flying and stories are stories, but I don’t wonder why it's not just flight model improvements, but also many graphical improvements and other “weird” add-ons that are made for MSFS, and why for many they increase realism while making it more memorable, and I just love that.
  3. A lot of suggestions around the Alps, which makes sense! I'll add one that is all about the mountains. LSGG to LOWI, Geneva to Innsbruck. Depart RWY4, MOLU4A and the first thing you'll see after takeoff is Mont Blanc. Then the route follows the Alps West-East, finally dives into the Alps for a challenging approach to Innsbruck. The default scenery in Innsbruck works well. Default LSGG not so much, but there is the Redwing version. Edit: This will take just under an hour. For even shorter flights, LIPZ-LOWI, LIMC-LOWI would work too.
  4. Same problem here. I vaguely think ever since Navigraph Center was updated to Navigraph "hub" and asked to link my account with the "hub".
  5. Out of curiosity, is there a reason for the lights to specifically follow sim time? E.g. today 5pm in Helsinki vs. 5pm in Lisbon would have completely different lighting conditions. I also use Philips Hue for lights to create ambient lighting based on sim lighting conditions (basically screen colours), and have been very happy with it!
  6. Happened to me once or twice with the Vertigo. But a few times out of over a hundred flights so a very rare issue.
  7. My goodness I've been following this thread with some interest. It seems that we all have an amazing hobby and a favourite sim that we are passionate about - no matter which one. Both in need of improvements, apparently. That's more we have in common rather than not, so I hope everyone has a potentially great weekend of flying !
  8. Noticed the same thing today over the Alps in FBW A320 latest Dev version. Haven't tested with other planes. Nothing new installed, no add-on mesh or Pushback tool. Thought I was only imagining, but perhaps not 🤔
  9. This sim is really bringing out some strong feelings! I hope it means people have love for aviation and not just a need to one-up with their fellow simmers. I'm afraid there is no dramatically better approach to the updates, unless unlimited resources were available. If it was easy and profitable, more developers would be trying and heads would be rolling more often. I guess the right update frequency and balance between bug fixing and introducing new content is matter for debate, but our sim does need a certain amount of hype, visible progress and new content to bring in new simmers, casual or serious. If a developer is not keeping noise these days, they lose interest from partners, owners, customers and even employees. By making waves now, MSFS is building the critical mass to secure its future. And no matter how the forums look, this seems to be working. Just by focusing on bug fixes this sim would already have started its decline. So frequent updates matter. And in my experience, there is no perfect way to update software. No matter how long updates are polished and tested, they always create surprising problems for x amount of users when rolled out. It is more effective to keep releasing frequent updates, move things forward, and fix the most pressing problems as they arise, rather than try to figure out everything in advance. It is frustrating for users, but imagine the disappointment if they took 12 months to build the “perfect update”, and it would still cause problems. Maybe even more so, because in those 12 months all our mods would have continued on their own trajectory and be even harder to bring back to functionality. I do think many basic things (like mouse not working in world map) should see a more thorough testing, but some of the fixes asked from the community are far from basic. Change is painful but usually leads to better results in long-term. Let's hope we all get what we want, one way or the other!
  10. So far, after an hour of playing around with the Hornet I'm having plenty of fun, although the bird is very rudimentary system-wise. METAR at KTEX was accurate. Some issues: Assists & HUDs in chase cams etc. had to be turned off again. Mouse pan in World Map is not working as reported elsewhere, and most notably I was not yet able to buy the Reno expansion as the purchase wouldn't go through. But so far nothing major that can't/won't be fixed. Next I'll get back to WT and FBW. ' - Tuomas
  11. Good demonstration and would help with many airports where local procedures are not well known by infrequent visitors! External view is probably chosen for its larger field of view, which results in better situational awareness and helps with general orientation of the area.
  12. A few days ago I stumbled upon a month-old thread in FS Forums where someone solved their VCRUNTIME-CTDs by switching V-Sync ON and setting a frame rate limit (from FS settings). Thread: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/recent-ctds-solved-by-locking-fps-in-msfs/348207. My V-Sync was turned Off, so I put it ON and set the Frame Rate Limit to 60. AMD FreeSync has been enabled the entire time. And so, after that 9 hours of continuous flying without CTDs, whereas the precededing 9 hours had 6 CTDs. It might be a pure coincidence, but fingers crossed. Do you guys have V-Sync On or Off?
  13. ASRock B550 Steel Legend ASRock RX 6800 XT Phantom Gaming OC AMD 5800X G.Skill Ripjaws 32GB DDR4 3200 MHz VPN 1TB M.2 NVME SSD PSU 750W
  14. Probably not, I'm also running 6800 XT. Before January I had smooth sailing, 80 hours of CTD-free flight. I didn't touch a single setting, but now for the last 4 weeks CTDs have become quite frequent (the VCCRUNTIME140.DLL combined with AMD driver crash and recovery). Roughly one CTD every flight or for every 2 hours of flying. Both with newest drivers and the recommended one 20.11.2, which I rolled back to this week. I have tried most of the recommended fixes but so far none have fixed it for good. The only thing in common with the CTDs that I can think of, is that I was flying over terrain I hadn't flown over before.
  15. Well said! I live in Finland, but have spent a grand total of 20 minutes flying here. For a brief moment in the beginning I went to my old habits and flew the FBW A320 in European Routes (5 flights in total). Then one evening I took the VL-3 and looked around Unalaska in the Aleutians. Then out of curiosity I flew to the next Aleutian Island. One thing led to another and now I have continuously followed the Western coast of Americas and currently heading south in Antofagasta, Chile - a total of 80 hours. I think Asobo should also pull out the data where people fly the most and see what they can learn from that. The data might tell that people fly where the scenery is interesting and aiports are modeled, but I don't believe it before I see the data. - Tuomas
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