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  1. do you mean a log file like this one found in elgato/streamdeck/logs If yes there is not any line with AAO and no messages in red print? I can send it to you? 15:16:19.461 epl dbgcommand(): using log file 'C:\Users\alain\AppData\Roaming\Elgato\StreamDeck\logs\StreamDeck0.log' 15:16:19.461 StreamDeck main(): Arguments: 15:16:19.461 StreamDeck main(): C:\Program Files\Elgato\StreamDeck\StreamDeck.exe 15:16:19.461 StreamDeck main(): --runinbk 15:16:19.461 StreamDeck main(): Compiled with Qt 5.15.2 ; SSL: OpenSSL 1.1.1g 21 Apr 2020 15:16:19.463 StreamDeck main(): Runtime SSL Supported: 1 15:16:19.463 StreamDeck main(): Runtime SSL version used: OpenSSL 1.1.1d 10 Sep 2019 15:16:19.595 StreamDeck EGQTTranslationManager::LoadLocalizations(): Could not load the 'en_US' localization 15:16:19.603 StreamDeck ESDCustomPluginCommunication::start(): Using port 28196 to communicate with plugins 15:16:19.627 StreamDeck ESDPluginManager::LoadPluginsInFolder(): .........
  2. Thanks where shall I find elgato debug console
  3. In summary: clean windows 10 installation on a new computer i9-10700 RTX 3080 MSFS 2020 version webapi and plugin set to 9080 specific windows defender rule to open port 9080 on all programs = unable make streamdeck communicating with FBWA32NX (little gauge, specific scripts for lorby AAO) Are you still convinced it is a firewall blockage?
  4. Yes windows defender firewall I set advanced as : Protocol type: TCP Local specific port 9080 remote port: all ports Is that wright?
  5. A last question: I am trying to edit a windows defender protocol to allow port 9080 but I am not sure about the protocole TCP , IPv6?
  6. I have created a widows 10 rule to allow all TCP/IP connections for Lorby software and it does not work still I have no other idea?
  7. Hello good morning, i tried const AAO_URL = " "; const REFRESH_MS = 100; shall I keep webapi port 9080?
  8. have a good night try to mail you tomorrow but the possibilities seems limited Best regards
  9. I tried const AAO_URL = ""; const REFRESH_MS = 100; is that correct? What shall I modify in tools?
  10. so what shall I print instead of http://localhost:6080/webapi
  11. How do you explain that flideck profiles work?
  12. I am with Kingair on my stream deck I observe buttons with ENG1 Visibility ground speed but no values from the sim At the contrary flightdeck profile works very well
  13. no the gauges do not work with king air
  14. I do not surrender yet! I am on the little gauges profile I tried HPA HG no action what else can I try?
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