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  1. Hello when using PESIM LFMT, I get unrealistic static aircrafts in wrong parking positions (companies which never land, AI planes in the hall of the airport) Is it possible to remove them?
  2. Correct the plane disappears from flightradar when the pilot switch off the transponder. Is it possible to modify the software to keep a static remnant of the ai aircraft after the swith off of the transponder. This would be great to have a correct picture of the airplanes at their parking position until they taxi to the runway?
  3. Hello, I am using PSX with P3D v4.4. I am really happy since I can see the AI planes properly landing with a perfect synchronization with FlightRadar. But one or two minutes after the planes have reched their parking position to their apron , they suddenly vanishes. Similarly, new planes appear just at the time they leave the apron and taxi to runway. Please, can you give me the solution of this quantic behavior? Best
  4. I have set P-factor to 50 % Is it necessary to set use autorudder ?
  5. Hello, I purchased the PA 31T and use it in P3D v4 The only problem I encounter with it is to try to keep the RW centerline during TO. Using the rudder pedals, I generally cannot control correctly the central axis and go outside the RW before take off Is it a way to get a better stabilization using FSUIPC 5? Thanks for your help Sammy
  6. Hello I have recently installed PMDG 737 NGX in P3D v4.4. I have encountered many problems First, when I execute Operation manager in administrator mode , I get version 1.10.6461 instead of 1.20.8885? Then update does not work. I always keep v 6461? Second, when I click on the PFD, no increase size + Last, the ILS capture is very unstable, the plane is moving right and left towards the glide and the autoland is lateral to the runway? Thanks for your help
  7. Hello Jean-Luc I tried an LPV approach on LFMU with the update and it does work very well. Thank you very much for your prompt solution to this problem. Will you collaborate with Corenado to allow vc integration of RXP GTN 750 on their planes? Best regards
  8. Thanks for your prumpt reply I will be looked forward the next realease in the forthcoming days
  9. No it has not been solved! I have updated to v and am still unable to see any LPV procedure from french airports Just Lnav or Vnav Try LFMN or LFMU Prepar3D v3 RXP GTN 750
  10. Hello I have recently purchased RXP GTN 750. It works well with US airports. When I want to flight in europe, I am unable to load LPV procedures. For instance, I have programmed an arrival in LFMU. On the same computer, I have the GTN 750 training and I have already checked that RNAV 27 LPV was available When I use RXP GTN 750 with Prepar3d V3, the GTN only proposes to me RNAV 27 LNAV which does not allow VNAV autopilot landing No LPV procedures available in Europe? I do not understand why because RXP is supposed to use Garmin GTN training on the same computer with the same Nav data 1611????
  11. I have recently purchased Carenado Cheyenne 2 for Prepar3D. Anytime I try to use this plane, I am victim of engine failure 2 and 3 minutes after take-off. I have read in a previous post that this is due to over-torque engine failure. I have tried several scenarios such as reducing torque under 1480 shortly after take off without any effect??? Can anyone explain to me the proper way for take-off. Is it possible to deactivate this programmed engine failure? Moreover, I have many difficulties to maintain the runway heading during takeoff. The plane is going right and left with difficulties maintaining axes with the rudders?
  12. Thanks for your reply Does not couple means that when I set a direct to a waypoint on the GTN, the SR22 does not follow the leg track I do not use the G 1000 because it is almost impossible to set airports, approach procedures with the knobs and because the letters are too small for my eyes The GTN 750 is much more simple and intuitive.
  13. Hello the GTN 750 does not couple with Corenado SR22 equipped Carenado with G1000 Perspective (PFD and MFD) with GFC 700 Control Unit. Is there anything to do to deactivate the G1OOO or do you have a list of compatible aircrafts? Best
  14. I have many addons I do not want to uninstall to update Is there any other solution for using correctly the GTN 750 with my version of prepr3d?
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