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  1. I tried : request taxi to the gate 112 but it directs me to the general aviation parking?
  2. Thanks, i tried clear of active or clear for RW...., and I got taxi instructions for the general aviation pk, how to get it for a ramp corresponding to my company?
  3. Hello, what do you mean by clear of active? The correct ATC would be : Runway vacated, request frequency change Then after having tuned to ground frequency: request taxi clearance to gate
  4. Hello, I am using the latest versions of MSFS2020 + pilot2ATC. Pilot2 ATC is working fine except during the latest phase of the flight. After landing, I vacate runway and call the airport ground frequency. I request a taxi clearance to parking gate, but Pilot2 atc does not respond ??? I have executed makeRwys v5 Did I miss something?
  5. Correct, I modified parking _percentage of LFMN in the parked update folder from 35 to 15 % restarted PSXT and got 23 parked instead of 65! It looks more realistic with no redundant aircrafts from the same company. Will that modify the real traffic departure/arrival?
  6. Hello again, I have tried to set parking _percentage of LFMN to 30, 20, 10, 5, 1 (Program files/PSX/Installation airports/LFMN) and nothing changes.When I restart PSXT I have always 65 airplanes at gates in LFMN ???? It may not be the solution.
  7. Thanks LFMN parking_percentage was 50 %, I have modified to 30 % and restarted PSXT, but the number of aircrafts at gates is still 55? It seems very complicate to do that for all the airports I am flying. In the future, it might be usefull to add a new setting in PSXT such as Limit parking to aircrafts recorded by RealTraffic +++++ Best regards
  8. Sorry Kiek, I do not understand what you mean. Anytime I modify airport.parking % in PSX (for instance 5% instead of 35%) and restart, it comes back to 35 % and I get 65 ai airplanes whereas Realtraffic indicates no more than 10 airplanes at gates? Is there anyway to get a more realistic behavior of PSX+Realtraffic on ground?
  9. Hi kiek I have set pk to 15% exit PSXT and restarted but Parking came back to 35%??? I use the complete collection of FLAI ai aircrafts and companies What is wrong?
  10. Hello, I observe too many aircrafts on parking: 63 parked aircrafts at LFMN !, 6 EasyJets, 5 BA, 6 Air France, 7 aer Lingus ; in 10 cases, 2 aircrafts staying superimposed on the same parking.... I have run Parking Position Generator I have reduced Airport Parking of PSXT from 35 to 15 % but nothing changes after 1 hour? A part of that problem, departure and landing works fine with RealTraffic. What can I do?
  11. Hello, thank you very much, I modified aircraft.config for A320, 319, and 320neo: atc_parking_codes=EZY, EJU, EZS, then executed AIL Generator and it works very well for EasyJet UK, Europe and Switzerland! The first advice was the good one!
  12. Hello, I cannot load FLAI EasyJet Europe A320 & A319 (OAIC= EJU) in P3Dv4 with RealTraffic. RealTraffic visualize A320 EJU676R, but P3D loads A320neo in ZZZ texture??? Actually, FLAI A320 and A319 do not include the EJU texture but only the EZY texture. PSXTraffic works fine with EasyJet UK in EZY texture. I have tried to incorporate in AIL/liveries other AI aircrafts than FLAI (AIGM-FAIB A320 & A319) with EJU texture, but Realtraffic is unable to create these aircrafts ? Is there any way to use PSXTraffic with this texture?
  13. Hi, version 16.16 of PSXTraffic seems to work properly with stock aiports but not with addon (Simwings, Aerosoft, Taxi2gate,....). There are many airplanes at gates but they remain static, no or very poor ground activity, some planes are landing but they disappear shortly after landing. I have used PPG to generate airports but no change?
  14. Hello when using PESIM LFMT, I get unrealistic static aircrafts in wrong parking positions (companies which never land, AI planes in the hall of the airport) Is it possible to remove them?
  15. Correct the plane disappears from flightradar when the pilot switch off the transponder. Is it possible to modify the software to keep a static remnant of the ai aircraft after the swith off of the transponder. This would be great to have a correct picture of the airplanes at their parking position until they taxi to the runway?
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