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  1. Thank you. i installed the update but no change. the problem is remaining. Further suggestions without FSX (i tried it) FS has for me no problems in opposite to fsx , without fs2crew .-) Sven
  2. Hello, i have FS 9 and the ifly 737. I bought FS2crew (bundle voice and button) for ifly at aerosoft yesterday and installed the Button version for the Ifly. I can start the program and can hear the different announcement for the passenger. But if I want to start the preflight checklist with the main button x or the “Run PF” I hear , the pilot says "the Preflight checklist" , and then the FS 9 crashes. The window of FS9 becomes black. I always use the window mode. windows explains a mistake with the FS2crewIfly737.gau. This file is in the subgauge folder of the fs2crew folder [FS2CrewData] Accent=0 Volume=3 USBDevice=3 AES=0 Doors=1 GateDep=1 GateArr=1 PbUnits=0 PbDist=4 Greetings Sven
  3. Hi Ray, now everything in EHAM is fine. I had an old version of makerwys.exe (4.12 :( ). Thanks for the good help and greetings from Germany Sven
  4. Hi Ray I did it but it doesn't help. I looked also in the file r4 (under data) but EHAM is missing there. in the FS folder are also a file r4 and r5. there also no EHAM runways. The installation of FS and RC are on D: win 7 and running as admin. Sven
  5. Hi Ray thats fine and now the aircraft stays on the ground :-). but i have no runways, only RW 00 so I get no clearance for take off. :( I suppose it is the same mistake, the data for the runway are missing in one of the files ? Thanks again Sven
  6. Hello, what a suprise: EHAM is missing in the file a4.csv. I don't know why , my filedate is from 24/4/2015. Coud you send me the correct coordinates for EHAM and I paste in the file ? Here are some lines of the file, where EHAM must be. EGYM, , 52.64765 , 0.5540488 , 3 , 75 , 9115 EGYP, ,-51.82638 ,-58.44722 ,-7 , 244 , 8497 EHAL, , 53.45311 , 5.678976 , 2 , 11 , 2618 EHBD, , 51.25616 , 5.601953 , 1 , 114 , 3909 EHBK, , 50.91259 , 5.772733 , 1.5 , 375 , 8196 EHDL, , 52.05967 , 5.87192 , 1.6 , 158 , 9667 EHDR, , 53.1192 , 6.130775 , 1 , 14 , 3110 EHEH, , 51.45013 , 5.374511 , 1.2 , 74 , 9834 I dont know why this happens. Any idea. With other programs there are no problems with the EHAM airports. Thanks Sven
  7. Hello, I use RC very often. Today i wanted to Start from amsterdam. I did Not use RC before in Amsterdam. I have The add ON of aerosoft. The installation is One Year Old. If i Start RC like always and want to connect with The flightsimulator 9 and i go back to The FS, the Aircraft is up up and away anywhere in the air (Not over amsterdam, Anywhere about the sea). The Problem does not exist at other Airports. I Use fsuipc 3.99? and did a update of the sceneryfiles in RC. Whats wrong here ? Thank you for your Held Sven
  8. Could you solve The Problem ? I have The Same Question and did. Not find anything. Sven
  9. Hi There, I looked in the registry via regedit. Surprising, when I installed the 747 i cannot see anything in the registry. So i could also nothing delete. See the picture, This screenshot was taken after installing. http://de.myalbum.com/Foto-6E3JNYMX-D.jpg I mean, i have all the Files form your links , see the picture. http://de.myalbum.com/Foto-IM4PIK7E-D.jpg The direct x is also installed. I deactivated the User account control before the last installation. Thanks a lot Sorry, I see, the picture in the link is difficult to recognize something. If you wish I cam send it to you . Is there any possibillity for a "private" mailadress ? On the first picture you see a screenshot of the registry. PC\HKey_LOCAL_Machine\Software\Wow6432Node\ Under PMDG Simulations and then PMDG MD-11 FS 9 -> 1.20.0055. The 737 for the FS 9 is missing, but the 737 is running without any problems (last time this afternoon:-) in FS9 Under PMDG Simulations LLC is the PMDG 737 8900 NGX -> 1.00.3219 FSX is on the Drive K , FS 9 on drive D. Perhaps a little help for a solution ?
  10. Hi again, sorry, i had no success. I did everything what you said. Found a double installation of the file main.gau. With the cleaner I found nothing on the D, where the FS9 is runnung, I have an installation file from 2005 V1R1.exe and the update V1R2. My code is valide, i have the order ID and the other dates. I had a backup of my installation on xp and copied the file in the new installation. The AV and firewall were out during the installation and the start. I have the zip file of the download and unzpipped again.. Nothing helped. One more idea ? This is the message (in German) but the important infos clear ? Name der fehlerhaften Anwendung: fs9.exe, Version:, Zeitstempel: 0x4135a208 Name des fehlerhaften Moduls: PMDG_747400_Main.GAU, Version:, Zeitstempel: 0x42f073d4 Ausnahmecode: 0xc0000005 Fehleroffset: 0x00173d08 (Mistake - offset) ID des fehlerhaften Prozesses: 0x1ac4 (ID of the wrong process) (time) Startzeit der fehlerhaften Anwendung: 0x01d01179a4df20b1 Pfad der fehlerhaften Anwendung: D:\Programme\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\fs9.exe Pfad des fehlerhaften Moduls: D:\Programme\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\GAUGES\PMDG_747400_Main.GAU Berichtskennung: 1dd29a50-7d6d-11e4-8f1b-d43d7e4d1425 Thanks a lot Sven Hi again, I have no external hardware. Only the keyboard and a joystick (black widow)
  11. Thank you. I will try these. The 737 is running without problems. It has not worked from the beginning. One question for the registry cleaner: I should search for pmdg in the registry ?
  12. Hi everybody, I have the well known problem, that the loading of the 747 (FS9 ) causes a crash of FS9. The reason is the main.Gau File in Gauges. I used the 747 in FS 9 under XP without any problems. One year ago i changed to win7 on a new PC. Everything is fine with FS9 and WIn7. The only problem is the 747. I uninstalled, reinstalled, I reinstalled the registered FSUIPC vers 3.999 after installing the pmdg 747. Nothing helped. I install everything as admin. I found in the internet a lot of articles about the problem. Sometimes helped reinstalling (I made it). in other cases the chat ended without a solution. That's the reason for my question. Who knows a solution ? There must be one !!! Thanks a lot Sven
  13. Hello, I search the overland a319 FDE Fix (FS 9) from Bryan Bryan Betts (Outer Marker) . I can in the library find the files for the other overland aircrafts but not the file from the a 319. But it is mentioned in the forums. Have anybody this file or can send a downloadlink. Thank you very much Sven