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  1. joelpacheco

    Transponder mode

    It would be nice to have the option to fix the transpoder in P2A to active.
  2. joelpacheco

    atc repeating decent to ...

    Since updating to 2.4, P2A is not reading the altimeter from FSX. It doesn't see your altitude correctly.
  3. joelpacheco

    Can't get application to work

    I had a similar symptoms a few days ago. In my case I noticed P2A was connecting to the simulator but the the speech recognition engine was not starting. The reason was I was using an airline call sign. It worked fine after I checked the "Airline Call Sign" box.
  4. joelpacheco

    A Big Thank You

    I agree, this is the best ATC add-on. I first discovered in version 1 when I tried the demo that vectored me into the mountains around Las Vegas. Soon after version 2 beta came along and it was a game changer that I bought right away. It has come a long way since. Yesterday I finished three back to back flights without one single issue. And yes, technical support is the best in the community.
  5. joelpacheco

    File button does not work

    Solved! The problem was the speech recognition engine was not starting because of the call sign I was using. Selected the "Airline Call Sign" box and everything is normal now. Almost wasted the trial period and it was my fault.
  6. joelpacheco

    File button does not work

    Thank Dave, Yes, I installed it as admin and also ran it as admin. Also installed in the root of c:
  7. joelpacheco

    File button does not work

    Thank Dave, Yes, I installed it as admin and also ran it as admin.
  8. joelpacheco

    File button does not work

    Hi Dave, I had a chance to try it today. CPU usage is 12% and memory less than 50% but still never finishes filing the plan. It sees if I change the freq in the radio, sees my location but still doesn't show the plane icon on the map, and doesn't play atis. I wonder if it requires a service that is disabled on this computer. Is there a log where it will show fails to talk to a service or a missing file? something like that that can give a clue of where to look? Thanks, Joel
  9. joelpacheco

    File button does not work

    I always ran P2A from a remote PC without problems. I just installed the demo in the FSX computer to evaluate performance before I do the move to only one PC. It installs and connects to the simulator but that's about it. If I push the button to center the map on the aircraft, it center to where I am in the simulator but it does not show the aircraft. And when I push the button to file, It seems like thinking but it never finishes filing. I tried reinstalling FSUIPC and P2A itself but no luck. I would appreciate any tips to what the problem is. Thanks
  10. You can buy FSX SE from Steam for usually $5, cheaper than a dvd drive :)
  11. joelpacheco

    Top Recommended Airliner

    1. Yes 2. PMDG manuals are extensive. You do not need them to flight, but they are a great source of info. 3. Yes 4. 737, the 777 is fun but too automated.
  12. In FSX that happens if you don't check the "detailed clouds" box. But I do not have P3D
  13. joelpacheco

    CH products flight sim pedal assignment

    You might need to check the reverse box. Sounds like your brakes are 100% on when released.
  14. joelpacheco

    Compatible with PMDG 777-200?

    Yes, I just finished another flight with the PMDG 777. Something interesting about this plane. If you start from cold and dark, you need to click the mic selector in the comm radio. Even though the radios is on, there is not mic active by default when it first turns on. If you don't, then P2A doesn't see the active frequency.
  15. joelpacheco

    Navigation question

    The 737 will follow the flight plan in the fmc but you manually have to tune the ILS frequency. The 747 and 777 do it automatically once you select your rwy and approach on the fmc.