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  1. Thanks Glider1, I’ll give it a shot. I guess every bit helps.
  2. How do you set the P2A affinity mask? That sounds like a great idea.
  3. It should work, it has worked for me before. For example I say: <Callsign> requests vectors for <ILS or Visual> approach to runway <RWY>
  4. Thanks Dave! After you mentioning my callsign was the same as the the missing digits, I repeated the same flight with a different callsign and it gave me the correct frequency 132.3 form start. Now I have a workaround until the next update.
  5. Thanks Tom, An abbreviation was my first thought too, but the actual frequency was very different. ATC Speak: DELTA Three Two Contact LOS ANGELES Center on One Point Three have a good afternoon 16:08:29 Sug Resp: ~Center on One Three Two Point Three16:08:29 Thanks Dave, I emailed you the log file. Thank you for looking into it.
  6. I flew a KLAS-KBUR flight 3 times and got the same problem each time. Right before Palmdale I get transferred to another Center but it always tells me to Contact Center on “1.5” which doesn’t make sense. I read back with some random frequency so ATC will correct me and after a few tries it finally gives me a valid frequency. Has anyone experience this? I search the forum but couldn’t find any reference to this problem.
  7. I love FSX but X-Plane is much easier to get up and running to get him started.
  8. Thank you Pe11e for sharing your findings.
  9. Like everything in life, it comes down to personal choice, nobody will convince you unless you wanted to. Everyone is different. I never switched to P3D from FSX and I didn’t want to switch to VR, but only because I don’t want to spend time tweaking when I barely have time to fly. But other people may enjoy the tweaking even more than the flying. Nothing wrong with that. I looked at VR from afar marveling at its potential. I took advantage of the recent Odyssey+ sale only because it was a good entry point to deep my toes in VR. And it seated in my garage for days without opening the box, pondering retuning it to seller because I didn’t want to fall into the tweaking spiral. I eventually got it working and tried different simulators and I was hooked. It has problems you listed and more: blurry, low performance, uncomfortable, etc but it is worthy for the experience of seating in the VR cockpit. I don’t think I could go back to 2D. The technology is not ready but I will monitor the ongoing innovations to overcome the issues and will assess picking another headset once the next generation is out. In the meantime I’m enjoying flying again. Wow, this is more than I talked this whole week.
  10. Reporting back after 2 weeks of VR flying. I’m glad I took advantage of the Odyssey+ deal ($220) to try VR. I have been flying X-plane 11 everyday, mostly the Zibo and the Dreamfoil EMB 110. Tried DCS and looks good but DCS is not for me and settled with X-plane for now. Granted, the resolution is not perfect but oh boy it is immersive. It immediately improved my soft landing skills. I see great potential for VR technology. I read HP Reverb has better resolution but I cannot justify that kind of money. I will enjoy what I have for now. Found a workaround binding the temporary zoom-in option to a button on the yoke, but noticed that once I get familiar with a cockpit setup I barely use the zoom. Try VR if you haven’t!
  11. I checked many times and it was never announced in their website. Oh well.
  12. I pulled the trigger, now the learning curve begins. I hope I can make it work with windows 7 as I have no plan to “upgrade” to Windows 10.
  13. Would this work with FSX? I’ve been considering VR but couldn’t justify the price. This a good entry point.
  14. Not everyone is a computer expert. Some computer components have more impact than other depending the program you are running. This is what this community is about, sharing your experience. That’s when I built my first PC for FSX, I got that consensus was FSX runs better on Intel than AMD and better on Nvidia than Radeon. I chose to take the advice but I didn’t have to.
  15. Mark, Today I had a chance to try the tools you created. Did a short flight with both FSX and XPlane and it worked perfect. The setup process was very simple. I had to disable the firewall in the remote P2A PC (Win10) but it was simple. I think it is perfect as is. Thanks a lot for sharing! The only issue I found is that I had P2A set to operate PTT with F12 key, and that key is not an option in your program. I had it set for F12 because I don’t know how to set a different key in FSUIPC. I will need to change the setting if I use FSUIPC with FSX. Not a big deal. Joel
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