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  1. Yesterday I flew the KSAN BRDR7 SID in Beta 6 and it worked great. ATC let me fly the SID without contradicting the chart. Arrival to KLAS worked perfect too, I didn't get constant vectoring. It is a pleasure to fly with P2ATC once again. Thank you!
  2. Thanks Dave. Today I tried the BERBN transition a couple of times and it went smoother. But maybe because I was expecting the vectors this time since I checked in advance the approach route P2A had calculated by pressing the APPR button. I exclusively fly in VR so after filing I never look at the P2A screen again. The second time P2A kept giving small vector adjustments towards the ILS. It seems ATC is over-controlling, considering there are defined waypoints in the approach chart already. But I’m not a pilot and have not point of reference. I noticed another possible bug in public beta 4. During handoff from ground to tower, ground doesn’t say my callsign. It simply says “contact tower at xxx”
  3. What is a manual termination? I ran into similar case today. Filed for the LARKK1 to KLAS and ILS 26L with PRINO transition. I was cleared for the approach with the PRINO transition but sudenly P2A vectored me towards the ILS way before PRINO. At which point I couldn’t set the plane for a controlled approach and “landed”. 🤣 I see how this could happen in real life due to traffic but it was confusing.
  4. I’m flying out of KSAN to KLAS via SID BRDR7 to LARKK1.TNP but P2A instructions contradict the chart. The BRDR7 chart shows climb on heading 278 until PGY 19 DME. It seems P2A is interpreting the chart as 19mi from the airport. So I get out of course warnings. Then immediately after get instructions to descend via LARKK1.
  5. I’m having the same issue after reinstalling R2 Did you figure it out?
  6. I confirm it is working for me now, I regret uninstalling it. Oh well. Thanks for looking into it Dave
  7. Thank you Dave. I tried this morning and got the same error. That computer is only used for the simulator, it is either a Windows update or something external that changed. My vote goes to the culprit being a Windows10 update but I don’t have any older restore point to try.
  8. I’m getting the error message “Unable to connect to the remote server. Check your internet connection and try again.” when opening Pilot2ATC. The log has only one line: “Program StartedPilot 2 ATC (P2A) - version 03/20/2022 00:02:44” I uninstalled then reinstalled but still no luck. The computer has internet access. I also did a restore in case a windows update messed something up bit no luck either. Any ideas for what I should try to make it work?
  9. Thanks Glider1, I’ll give it a shot. I guess every bit helps.
  10. How do you set the P2A affinity mask? That sounds like a great idea.
  11. It should work, it has worked for me before. For example I say: <Callsign> requests vectors for <ILS or Visual> approach to runway <RWY>
  12. Thanks Dave! After you mentioning my callsign was the same as the the missing digits, I repeated the same flight with a different callsign and it gave me the correct frequency 132.3 form start. Now I have a workaround until the next update.
  13. Thanks Tom, An abbreviation was my first thought too, but the actual frequency was very different. ATC Speak: DELTA Three Two Contact LOS ANGELES Center on One Point Three have a good afternoon 16:08:29 Sug Resp: ~Center on One Three Two Point Three16:08:29 Thanks Dave, I emailed you the log file. Thank you for looking into it.
  14. I flew a KLAS-KBUR flight 3 times and got the same problem each time. Right before Palmdale I get transferred to another Center but it always tells me to Contact Center on “1.5” which doesn’t make sense. I read back with some random frequency so ATC will correct me and after a few tries it finally gives me a valid frequency. Has anyone experience this? I search the forum but couldn’t find any reference to this problem.
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