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  1. Thank you both, for your quick answers. In fact, I thought about the magnetic variation before I posted, but I also found inconsistent that Pilot2ATC ATIS spokes differently for the same metar report, depending on the Weather Source, i.e. 210 17Kts for Opus Weather and 230 17Kts for NOAA Real Weather. Thanks again, FSullivan
  2. When using Opus Weather in Pilot2ATC, wind direction is normally 20º less then the direction of wind in the metar. All other information is correct. For example, for NZAA and using Opus in the sim from NOAA servers, I get the following metar in OpusWeather.txt file: NZAA 241930Z AUTO 23017KT 9999 FEW032/// BKN050/// 12/07 Q1012 NOSIG In the sim, ATIS refer that wind is 230 at 17Kts, which is correct. In Pilot2ATC, if Opus Weather is used, wind is 210 at 17Kts, which is 20º less than the correct value. In Pilot2ATC, if NOAA Real Weather is used, wind is 230 at 17Kts, which is correct. So, it seems that there is a bug in reading the metar data, when using Opus Weather as the Weather Source in Pilot2ATC.