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  1. Terrain, FBW is working on their own and not waiting for Asobo. Not sure about the status of the weather. Apparently what Asobo exposed in SU10 beta was the same old weather images that were there originally.
  2. RW weather has always been wacky and/or broken around the release of sim or world updates. I recall no weather at all before/after quite a few of the early updates. That 089/844 is quite amusing 🙂
  3. The Sky4Sim Pad utility also logs flights and even landing rate. Not sure how well it does with the Fenix but it recognizes all the planes I have flown lately.
  4. Bookmarked. Won't use all of the tweaks but there's lots here to try. Thank you for this compilation!
  5. This is great stuff Chock! Now every time I see the "airlinerslive" streams from Manchester on Twitch, I'll be thinking "Chock pushed that plane back".
  6. Get this file from the .to site: https://flightsim.to/file/21684/custom-cameras-and-views-for-almost-every-airplane It sets up custom camera views (default keys alt-shift 1-9) for just about every plane out there. Those custom views allow looking around like in your video. Read the instructions though, as the files are not installed in the community folder.
  7. They can't.. the .to site took the files down due to complaint from Kok
  8. I've seen several complaints of the red flashlight mod from the .to causing CTD's in different forums.
  9. You can go watch the VOD right now on twitch, no need to wait for the YT upload!
  10. If you have Geforce Experience, make sure to disable "auto tuning" in its settings. I've had revert to "on" after driver updates. Edit: Sorry, I see someone else made this suggestion also.. I'm late to the party 🙂
  11. I love that World Travel livery. Whomever made that has a great eye for classic looks. Its on the .to site.
  12. I'm not expecting much. A few extra frames on short final at the big airports in the A32NX and CRJ would be nice.
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