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  1. Thank you for the help guys. I think I will order from newegg since I have premiere and can return items at no cost. I will try out the Asus predator and see how it goes. More than likely going to hold off a bit though and see what prices do. That is quite the cost for some extra real estate.
  2. I have been rocking my 27 inch Asus 1080 monitor for about three years. I am really wanting to jump to 4k but feel that I will lose too many frames in the process. Can anyone give me some insight. My new rig can pull 45+ frames in complex areas such as Orbx NCA San Fran area with Orbx addon airports. I have everything set super high and see 60-70, sometimes 80/90 when I am out of major urban areas doing VFR flying. specs: i7 6700 at 4.2, 16 gigs ram, EVGA 980ti watercooled Thank you for any input you can offer. I am leaning towards going with a 2k setup. Any recommended options will be considered and again I sincerely appreciate the time and advise. I can easily research the impact it will have on games like BF4 etc...but we (simmers) are not the vocal majority when it comes to hardware testing. Cheers Dan
  3. Really?I have just been using the installer, and the packs. They have been loading up and flying all over the place. Is this wrong? Should I be converting?danon -
  4. I was just wondering if anyone can verify if AI smooth works within FSX with world of Ai...??I have WOAI and installed Ai smooth, but still had problems (go arounds one after another) with my commercial traffic at 60%, much less higher. I have to run it down around 50% or this starts happening like mad.Danon - -
  5. Maybe someone here will know...I have FS Genesis mesh for the entire North American Continent, and was wondering if there will ever be a fix to take away the raised aiports. I have to be honest, I have disabled it for my home area because my home aiport was on a plateau, and I just could not stand it on final, looked goofy. I know it is all about the "round earth" and not having sloped runways, but I was also wondering what you guys are doing. Are you still using it and ignoring it? Or have you tried something to fix it? Thanks for help.Danon -
  6. I think maybe he is talking about replay...am I right??I have spent a great deal of time at KIAH, and can attest that reverse thusters should perhaps be louder from spot view. At least thats what I can tell. As far as the cockpit, my pilot friend said that it was not quite bad, if anything he said the vibrations would be the cause for some more noise, but some more rumble would not hurt either.Danon O.
  7. I got one for my birthday yesterday and can say that it works very well and I am having NO problems at all. My serial number is the newer 49 one. I have no phantom presses, and it has GREATLY improved the realism of the simulator. Finally it feels closer to what it is like when I am up in the air for real.danon - -
  8. Thanks for the help..after losing about 3 hours of life, I have given up on simconnect. I simply cannot get the two boxes to speak to eachother. I have the power to run google earth alongside FSX on the same box, so I will continue to do that. I just thought it would be cool to run that on the other box, so I wouldnt have to run windowed. Oh well....thanks though, and for taking time to try to help out.Danon-
  9. Ok, I am pretty sure this is a software thing, and involves simconnect in some way. I have two computers, and have been running FSX on my new build. I heard that you can run other views, control panel views, or map views on another computer - and through the network FSX can basically be using both systems at the same time.Do I need to have 2 copies of FSX to pull this off - where can I go to find out more info?? thanks so much.Danon -
  10. "But, one neat feature of the Acceleration add on is sharing a single aircraft on 2 PCs. Instead of 1 PC with 2 monitors, you can have 2 PC's each with a monitor for a single plane, control of the plane can be done on either PC.I put the VC view on my main monitor, and on the 2nd PC's monitor I can add any other view or instruments as needed and run both at full frame rate."----------------------------------------------------------------------could you perhaps guide me to a site that could explain how to do this? Do you need 2 copies of FSX? I have 2 computers, they are on a network, but only one copy of FSX. What would I need to do? thanks for the time and help.Danon - -
  11. Does the light illuminate the ground in the Marchetti? I have the same plane, along with the scout package, and none of the realair planes landing lights shine on the ground, they can be seen as in your pic from the air, but have no function when it comes to moving around at night.Danon=
  12. thanks Jeff,That would explain why I am seeing no detail increase while in air flying....since I am not on the ground that much - I think I will stick with 1m.Danon -
  13. I have my slider set to 1 meter texture resolution. With GEX everyone is saying go to .60I took a screenshot with 1 meter, and then one in the same place at .60 and noticed no difference at all. Has anyone else tried this, because maybe I am blind. If someone can post some side by sides, maybe they will look more dramatic than mine. Btw..mine were taken in the Van Nuys area (KVNY). Thanks for any input.danon -
  14. Thats a good question..Does GEX have a landclass???yes or no - thanksDanon - -
  15. ok, I will try. I have Xgraphics, Ultimate Terrain, and now..Ground Enviro.Xgraphics does sky, water, sun/moon, road/rail surface, and airport textures. I turned off the road textures so they come from Ultimate Terrain. Within Ultimate Terrain right now, I have all default options on, and only night lighting is turned off. To my knowledge, Ground Enviro replaces all ground textures, except airport textures. Ultimate Terrain calls on Ground Enviro's new textures, so it does not affect Ground Enviro, and Xgraphics is sky/water/airport textures which means it should not affect Ground Enviro either. Now..I do wonder about the special textures within Ultimate Terrain, like the cemetery's, parking lots, railyards, parks, parking lots, and shipping yards, etc...... As far as I know, the only other overlap I can see is with the road/rail textures. Thats where I am right now, trying to figure out what I need to do about overlapping road/rail textures between Ultimate Terrain and Ground Enviro along with the above (special textures) hmmm....what to do.During my test flight over KVNY I saw no abnormalities....But I would love to have someone with more knowledge help me out as well....if that is more confusing....sorry.Danon --
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