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  1. dokelly07

    2k or 4k for P3d?

    Thank you for the help guys. I think I will order from newegg since I have premiere and can return items at no cost. I will try out the Asus predator and see how it goes. More than likely going to hold off a bit though and see what prices do. That is quite the cost for some extra real estate.
  2. dokelly07

    2k or 4k for P3d?

    I have been rocking my 27 inch Asus 1080 monitor for about three years. I am really wanting to jump to 4k but feel that I will lose too many frames in the process. Can anyone give me some insight. My new rig can pull 45+ frames in complex areas such as Orbx NCA San Fran area with Orbx addon airports. I have everything set super high and see 60-70, sometimes 80/90 when I am out of major urban areas doing VFR flying. specs: i7 6700 at 4.2, 16 gigs ram, EVGA 980ti watercooled Thank you for any input you can offer. I am leaning towards going with a 2k setup. Any recommended options will be considered and again I sincerely appreciate the time and advise. I can easily research the impact it will have on games like BF4 etc...but we (simmers) are not the vocal majority when it comes to hardware testing. Cheers Dan
  3. The family of one of the teens missing off the coast of Florida has reached out on Facebook to a friend of mine. They are able to compensate for a pilot, plane, and all expenses if anyone can help them search along with the coast guard. I have an email address they sent out. They have expanded the search area upwards towards the coast of South Carolina and I guess they just want as many sets of eyes out there as possible. If you or anyone you know could help out, please pm me. I know we have many RL pilots here. Thank you. Dan - -
  4. dokelly07

    Intel Hyper Threading - on or off?

    I started out running P3d with no HT but converted as you read. I feel that it is significantly smoother (for me). Just google "unpark cores" and that should take you on your way. You can use a tool that is free to download or you can do it yourself following directions and editing your registry (that's what I did). Read through this thread and all questions you asked are answered including how to figure out the affinity mask for your setup.
  5. dokelly07

    Intel Hyper Threading - on or off?

    I have a 3770k overclocked to 4.2 with HT=on. I was running it off but was interested in switching over. With HT=on and an affinity mask of 244 I am seeing much better results. Not a placebo for sure. Tested over Orbx San Carlos facing San Francisco. Never dipped below mid 30's while locked at 40. I was always dipping into the mid-20's prior. Also tested over other orbx areas an can confirm for my setup this is the way to go. I am liquid cooled so not worried about any additional heat. Is there another affinity mask setting I should be using? I like what I have and might just stick with it, but wanted to make sure I had it set up right. HT=on in bios cores unparked via registry, confirmed via unparking tool in p3d config...... [JOBSCHEDULER] AffinityMask=244 Thanks for this thread, it has made things much easier on the eyes. Still waiting on true fullscreen mode though so I can run the 1/2 refresh rate vsync option like i did in FSX....that will be magical.
  6. dokelly07

    SLI is coming to P3Dv2 in a couple of weeks :)

    Does this mean the 1/2 refresh rate vsync trick will be working for prepar3d?? I know in FSX that was the best thing since sliced bread for me. Fingers crossed... Dan
  7. dokelly07

    Nvdia Drivers

    Those are the ones I am on right now....maybe i will try the newer ones and see. Thanks.
  8. dokelly07

    Nvdia Drivers

    ok..thanks. I didn't try that one and it appears that it does not affect the papi or runway lights...only the newest ones.
  9. dokelly07

    Nvdia Drivers

    What is the latest set that allows working lights (papi,runway, etc..) I know the last few have been a no go. Im running ones from around a year ago and would like to know the consensus on the best set for prepar3d compatibility. Thank you very much for your help. Dan
  10. dokelly07

    Realair Legacy and Duke V2 in P3D v2.3 with full sound

    That would be amazing. I have missed flying my Legacy! I check realair's website daily as I believe it will be one of the next ones they port over. I just hope they get it done before the next version of P3d drops.
  11. dokelly07

    Orbx NCA - Napa screenshot request

    Feel free to delete this thread. The issue has been resolved. This is how it looks and there is nothing wrong on my end. Thanks. dan
  12. If you have NCA and some spare time, would you mind checking this out for me? I flew above Napa this weekend and noticed the textures not looking quite right. This is not typical Orbx quality, so I figure it my fault. I wanted to make sure though. All throughout the Eastern portion of Napa I get commercial blocks mixed with residential and roads going over residential and commerical sections. Even the water bodies are a bit off. If you can compare from your sim and report back I would greatly appreciate it. I posted up on the Orbx help forums but know they are probably quite busy with recent releases. Thanks all for the help.
  13. Things are just getting better and better in aviation sim land. I love how everything on my system looks now....but the vegetation always bugged me close up. I cannot wait to see the difference while flying low and slow! Dan
  14. dokelly07

    Micro stutters and shimmering in P3D

    You can try everything and most likely will still have microstutters. We cannot do the 1/2 refresh rate fix that worked so well with FSX due to P3D being a pseudo-fullscreen (windowed) app. I am hoping there is a fix from this down the road either on Nvdia's side (for me) or from LM. Fingers crossed.....I have minimized it and there are still more postives for P3D so I am for sure not reverting.
  15. dokelly07

    1/2 refresh, Stuttering etc...

    I have to agree. I chased this for years with FSX. Changing hardware, config tweaks, slider settings. When the 1/2 refresh rate and vsync fix came around - they were gone...instantly. I still have stuttering in P3D, but it is mild. I know not to chase them around in circles like I did in FSX. And....these stutters vary. Some have them and do not see them, some can see them and do not know what they see is "stuttering." It is a difficult conversation to have unless one can prop their box up next to another persons and compare. Man...we need a flight sim LAN gathering like quakecon. That would be a great way to get issues ironed out. Im waiting for a vsync fix to come our way and then I will worry about them. Right now they are minimal and I can live with it.