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  1. Same issue for me. Did a complete reinstall of P3D.
  2. Already done yesterday. I am surprised that so few use the BAE/RJ in V5.
  3. I do have the same issue. The external lights are barely visible. Landing lights and taxi lights illuminated the aircraft but are almost invisible on the ground. This is true for default airports and also payware like EDDK, EDDL and ESSA. Used new installer from QW website and installed into P3D v5. Regards Michael
  4. It is also available for P3Dv5. You can purchase CYMM in the webhop of SimmAddons. Cheers, Michael
  5. In the stop routine for the APU -> function ASCRJ_APU_START_off () <- is a statement where 1 has be to adjusted to 0. Otherwise APU will not stop. function ASCRJ_APU_START_off () APUrunup = ipc.readLvar("ASCRJ_APU_STARTSTOP_START") APUavail = ipc.readLvar("ASCRJ_APU_STARTSTOP_AVAIL") ipc.sleep(10) if APUrunup == 1 or APUavail == 1 then ipc.writeLvar("ASCRJ_APU_STARTSTOP", 0) end DspShow ("APU", "stop") end Regards, Michael
  6. No problem here. Removed old version / reboot / installed new SPI - everything runs smooth and fine.... Cheers, Michael
  7. Hi Al, I'm not sure but it seems that I cannot send a PM to you. There is a hint "... cannot receive a message" Thanks, Michael
  8. Jim, thanks for all you done here at Avsim and for all members like me. My best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery.
  9. Alex, your time isn't wasted as I want to know from a real world ATR pilot how this AC should be managed. So keep on with your postings. Cheers, Michael
  10. Just bought LC North America.... good deal.
  11. kekelekou, actual flying in Denmark and it works perfect. This brings the good old Islander back in active service 👍 Thanks
  12. I was following this activity since FSX so I'm more than happy that you will provide this for actual P3D version ! Thank you !
  13. First of all I would like to thank you for all the efforts about LINDA and it's modules. Never fly without it. My question now is : As Leonardo with SP1 has changed the functionality of their NAV and COM radios I would like to ask if it is possible to get this changed functions also for the Maddog X module.? Cheers, Michael
  14. Hi Fabio, do you have a panel config file with the ISG FMS you can share ?
  15. Hi Christian, as always an outstanding scenery. Thank you ! Cheers, Michael
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