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  1. This is exactly the way to go 🙂 After all, it is of no use to anyone if you only trample on problems, that way you get no further. It's purely about a solution, and it seems to be possible to try one or the other, for example the message with the server. Does this mean the server that I have preset in the main menu?
  2. Unfortunately, that was then reported incorrectly. The impression arose that, as a developer, you could get the problem with the spike under control - worldwide. Maybe it would be better to differentiate more. Flat-rate everything doesn't get us any further here. What is described here is not about the spikes that occurred after the update. And it's only about these spikes and not about "holes in the elevation data". How to correct them is well known, @lagaffe has already described it and provided a starting point for it in his link.
  3. This is a good hint. I didn't even know that QGIS can be used to change the MSFS data. I will take a closer look at the corresponding section in the SDK when I get the chance.
  4. Nobody intends to prove otherwise. On the contrary. This is also about looking for a solution. What if there are 3000 users against these 30 users who have no wrong terrain representation? It would be worth trying to explore possible directions by comparing settings (cache, graphics) 🙂 This statement is interesting: (but some airports hide some tips because the developers include fixes, but it's not the addon). If it became known how to include such corrections, not only would the users be happy to hear about them, but they would get a lot of recognition worldwide. How do you implement these "corrections"? We are very curious. But asked again. What are your settings regarding the rolling cache?
  5. A very nice discussion here, I came across it by accident 😉🙂 Apparently not all users have these spikes! It is reported that some of the spikes occur when an add-on scenery is active, other users report that the spikes only emerged after the last update. I am affected by it myself. Could it perhaps be possible that different users have set their cache (rolloing cache) differently, and that this is why some users have these display errors in the area where other users have no display errors? Here are my settings for comparison, what are your settings like?
  6. Hi Guenter. I did a few tests in the area. It was flown with different high or low graphic settings. The flight went smoothly, the graphics settings remained at my usual settings. After about 3 minutes of flight time around the VOR Kempten, I set the graphics settings higher - from partly high to partly ultra (buildings, trees, texture synthesis, vector data, etc.). From here on, there were small dropouts of around 1-2 seconds for the first time. And even if I had reset the graphics settings of Ultra back to high, these 1-2 second dropouts remained. These dropouts persisted even with low graphics settings. These are my observations. In the region where I usually travel, namely in the Ruhr Area (Germany), I've never had that. Maybe it's a "local problem" !? Best Regards Christian
  7. Guenter. I've been flying around the area for around 20 minutes. I couldn't notice any jerks or any other disturbances. The simulation ran flawlessly and the FPS remained stable. You have probably already tried to delete your community folder temporarily and regenerate the Content.xml? It could well be possible that an add-on is causing you to jerk. Which plane did you fly with?
  8. All right, I'll fly there myself first and try to recreate your experiences.
  9. Guenter, is this an add-on airfield or is it a default airfield of the MSFS?
  10. That's a very interesting video, I'm very impressed to see the Chevrolet under VR. Many thanks!
  11. Really, a very nicely done video. The possibilities in modern flight simulation are almost unlimited. Your video shows the ideas behind these possibilities in an impressive way.
  12. Depends on whether the Gauges are 32Bit DLL's. If so, it could cause the Gauges to remain fuzzy. The P3Dv4 is a 64 bit application, the P3Dv4 does not support 32 bit DLL's. Please correct if I am wrong. But the price for the linked add-on is not high, you hardly take any risk there 😉
  13. Hi! The problem with the sound could also be a problem with "User Rights". The place where you installed the P3D and the Chevrolet has special protection. This is due to Windows and can be solved by installing the Chevrolet in a different location that is not under "C:\Program Files". But either way. The Chevrolet will have problems with P3Dv4.4 because it has PBR material and PBR textures. P3Dv4.4 does not support PBR. Maybe the FSX version works in P3Dv4?
  14. Hmm, the Jeep looks familiar to me. But don't know who created it either. As far as I know there is the Jeep for the FSX, it should also work in the P3D? Best Regards Christian
  15. Hi! Do you have a current version of Prepar3Dv4 in use? The Chevrolet is based on P3Dv4.5 HF2.
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