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  1. Hello all. The Gunter Schneider aka Viking01 and Klaus aka Ubootwilli have sat at a review for TrueEarth Netherlands of ORBX and now summarized their assessments and published. Anyone wishing to read this informative and critical report can do so here: EU Netherlands TrueEarth (ORBX) Schiermonnigkoog, Picture: (c) 2018 Klaus und Gunter A German version of the report is available here: EU Niederlande TrueEarth von ORBX EU Netherlands TrueEarth ORBX, Picture: (c) 2018 Klaus und Gunter
  2. Hello. I would like to inform you briefly that there is a new freeware, it concerns the airfield EDGT Bottenhorn in Germany (Hesse). EDGT Bottenhorn Download Manual Bottenhorn If you use the FSX or the P3D v4, you can download the scenery directly from the download page. Prior registration is not necessary, the downloads are all barrier-free. The P3D v3 version is offered as a zip archive, please send me an e-mail here. For the first time in one of my scenery there are animated animals: The Bahrometrix Living Animals. They will complement the animated people (Living People). The deer included in the package runs around the airfield, so please be careful during takeoffs and landings The avatar Gerhard included in the package got new animations. In addition to new animations for swimming, walking, running etc, a tiger jump was programmed into the avatar. Many thanks to the test team and the photographer who provided his photos from the Bottenhorn airfield to the project. Without these great people, Bottenhorn would only be half as good! Pictures from P3D v4 Pictures from FSX Features - ORBX color-matched orthophoto 15cm/px with all seasonal variations - Volumetric grass with seasonal variations (switched automatically) - Seasonal buildings and objects (switch automatically) - All buildings of the airfield with many details as well as static objects - Dynamic lights with natural shades (warm white) - Slopeed runway, adjusted to 19m mesh setting - SODE-controlled wind objects (wind turbines and wind vanes) - sporadically occurring deer on the runway and the terrain - Soundscape in the form of natural sounds - Controllable avatar Gerhard - Animated People (Living People) - Animated animals (Living Animals) - Self-created Aerodrome Chart and Visual Operation Chart - Scenery Configurator LITE from 29Palms Scenery Design Orthophotos: (c) Office for Soil Management Marburg 2018
  3. Christian Bahr

    Bambi goes crazy - when nature strikes back!

    Rooooaaaaar! Godzilla likes roast meat too
  4. Christian Bahr

    Bambi goes crazy - when nature strikes back!

    Please, not all! We need at least a few of those for the next year. We like roast meat so much
  5. Hello. Even if it seems a bit strange. I do not want to deprive you of a video. The scene is the setting in EDGT Bottenhorn WIP, Germany). After the high seat was created, only one deer was missing. But what do you do with deer when it goes crazy? It is a video of the special kind and it shows the possibilities of the Proxisenor of SODE-Modul in combination with an Object-Animation as SimObject. The trigger is an avatar used. The avatar is a deer ... Bambi strikes back!
  6. Christian Bahr

    Grand Theft Prepar3d v4 ... ?

    Hi all. There is a new package of civil avatars for P3DV4. The package also includes an avatar (William) equipped with a "dynamic" flashlight. Download is here: Prepar3D v4 Avatars The installer supports the installation of extensions as an "add-on package". The extension is entered in the add-on.cfg. The configuration files effects.cfg, scenery.cfg, simobjects.cfg etc, are therefore no longer changed. regards, Christian
  7. Christian Bahr

    P3DV4 lighting impressions

    In the scenery in the pictures, 20 light sources were positioned at the EDLW airport, 10 light sources were placed in Hengsen-Opherdicke, and 12 light sources were placed at the helicopter landing site of the clinic. On my system (i7 4770K@4.3Ghz - Asus GTX760 2GB) I have at least a frame rate of 30-40 frames per second, locked at 60fps. In the case of the dynamic lights, it is very important which type of light source is used for its scenery. Landing lights are unsuitable because they are very expensive. Better are the new spot lights from P3DV4. The best result I have achieved by using ordinary fx lights. These are slightly modified effects based on a texture (fx_2.bmp). Regards Christian
  8. Christian Bahr

    Grand Theft Prepar3d v4 ... ?

    Unfortunately not, the light is attached to the flashlight, the flashlight is again attached to the hand. But maybe Lockheed Martin is developing something like a real-time motion capture, then you could also move the arms and hands. lol I forgot to mention that there is an airline pilot with a flashlight. It's Chesley - from the Airport Avatars package from Aerosoft. The package is free of charge and can be downloaded here: Free avatars from Simware and Aerosoft Regards Christian Picture: Airline Pilot Chesley with "dynamic" flashlight in EDLW
  9. Hello all! A few pictures showing the Prepar3d v4 and its new technology of dynamic lights. The place is Dortmund in Germany West. The scenery is not yet published. Picture 1: Dynamic light and animated "living people" people Picture 2: Helicopter landing at the clinic in Dortmund Picture 3: From the top view of the EDLW airfield
  10. Hello, this is once again a video of the somewhat different kind. It shows an avatar which is equipped with a flashlight. This flashlight has a dynamic light and thus demonstrates in an impressive and at the same time funny way the new function of the dynamic lights of Prepar3Dv4. The location is Hengsen-Opherdicke, near Dortmund in Germany West. Have fun ... ;-) Avatar William with "dynamic" flashlight
  11. Christian Bahr

    LINDA and P3D v4 64-Bit

    In the ipcReady.lua file i dont have a reference to FSUIPC5. Here ist the text inside my ipcReady.lua file: I understand correctly that I do not need the test version of fsuipc5 to bring LINDA to work? I will try it out later!
  12. Christian Bahr

    LINDA and P3D v4 64-Bit

    Hi ScotFlieger. Short feedback So, after the new FSUIPC5_Test has come out, LINDA works again. Just as you are accustomed to. I would like to thank you very much for this. Now I can finally "fly" the new Sim with my usual functions ... Best regards Christian
  13. Christian Bahr

    LINDA and P3D v4 64-Bit

    Will there be a P3Dv4 version for Linda in the near future?
  14. Christian Bahr

    LINDA and P3D v4 64-Bit

    Who would have thought that this would be associated with so much effort. At the moment, a lot of developers are busy to get a good connection of their addons to P3DV4. I look forward to your new LINDA version and think that the effort you will be doing will make many users happy Keep going!
  15. Christian Bahr

    Introducing Flight Sim World!

    Hi! For the flight simulators FSX and P3D it was, as is well known, very easy to bring geodata into the simulator and to achieve with relatively little effort good results. For me, the question of the transmittance of FSW for developers is therefore very important. Will the SDK be free, similar to FSX and P3D? Or does it have to be paid for a license, what does it look like for freeware developers? Best regards Christian