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  1. That's a very interesting video, I'm very impressed to see the Chevrolet under VR. Many thanks!
  2. Really, a very nicely done video. The possibilities in modern flight simulation are almost unlimited. Your video shows the ideas behind these possibilities in an impressive way.
  3. Depends on whether the Gauges are 32Bit DLL's. If so, it could cause the Gauges to remain fuzzy. The P3Dv4 is a 64 bit application, the P3Dv4 does not support 32 bit DLL's. Please correct if I am wrong. But the price for the linked add-on is not high, you hardly take any risk there 😉
  4. Hi! The problem with the sound could also be a problem with "User Rights". The place where you installed the P3D and the Chevrolet has special protection. This is due to Windows and can be solved by installing the Chevrolet in a different location that is not under "C:\Program Files". But either way. The Chevrolet will have problems with P3Dv4.4 because it has PBR material and PBR textures. P3Dv4.4 does not support PBR. Maybe the FSX version works in P3Dv4?
  5. Hmm, the Jeep looks familiar to me. But don't know who created it either. As far as I know there is the Jeep for the FSX, it should also work in the P3D? Best Regards Christian
  6. Hi! Do you have a current version of Prepar3Dv4 in use? The Chevrolet is based on P3Dv4.5 HF2.
  7. In terms of clarity, only a convertible is better. The first attempts to create a vehicle were made with a Cabrio Porsche Carrera GT. Unfortunately, the quality of the resolution of the textures and the details on the object is far from this. A brisk convertible would be interesting. It doesn't have to be a Porsche 🙂
  8. Hehehehe. A Mercedes? No way! Then more like a Tesla vehicle or an Audi. I am an Audi fan 🙂 To you, Gustav, and everyone else, a happy new year Christian
  9. That is wrong. I didn't work for Aerosoft. I published a scenery on Aerosoft. There is a big difference. No, there is no conflict of interest 🙂 No, it says who the developers of the scenery are 😉
  10. There is no conflict of interest, I can rule that out. It would be different if I had worked on the Aerosoft Airbus. I have not. But I would have been very proud of that 🙂 I am not a "Commercial Member"! Someone changed the label. Wonder who is responsible for that? I am a freeware developer and operate flight simulation as a hobby and I secure my livelihood through my job at my employer 🙂
  11. That's not exactly correct. It has to be called: Freeware Simwings/Aerosoft Airport Avatars You also forgot to mention the Bahrometrix download page: Bahrometrix Downloads You can only recommend everyone to have a look there 🙂
  12. Perhaps @Urmel81 tells us which AI traffic he uses from which manufacturer !?
  13. With all due respect! Do we want to have such a discussion? So the level has dropped significantly with the last post ... sounds almost like one of the many conspiracy theories circulating on the web 🙂 ...
  14. Lol Now it's getting fun 😂 The hand that feeds me should be Aerosoft? 😂😂😂
  15. So in my life I have had the experience that if you are kind to your fellow human beings, they usually react kindly. If you meet your fellow human beings unkindly, then as a rule nobody will react in a friendly way. As it calls in the forest, it resounds.
  16. No, I can clearly rule that out. I never developed anything for a publisher. It is true that I published on Aerosoft. My add-ons were always created independently. Your statement is not correct 😉 But a personal attack is always easy. Especially when you cannot provide good arguments 😉
  17. To anticipate it. I am a friend of good software. No matter whether the label ORBX, FSLabs or Aerosoft sticks to it. But there are also criticisms of the FSLabs bus: a) the high price b) the high demands on new hardware So I have no prejudice against the FSLabs bus. Criticism of the FSLabsBus must be allowed. You should point out to the buyer before buying that system depth can also have dark sides.
  18. @Urmel81 Now I understand. You are of the opinion that every developer who has ever published something with a large publisher should no longer have a free opinion 😉 No, I'm sorry. I am a freeware developer and have released dozens of add-ons. including freeware from Aerosoft. Here, it is definitely worth checking out for you: Simware/Aerosoft Airport Avatars Bahrometrix Downloads Some of my downloads are also available for the FSX. So. but now quickly into the city center. Buy a new aluminum hat LOL
  19. I have read the lines carefully a few times. But I can't find anything where I don't like the FSLabs bus. So where did you read that I don't like FSLabs?
  20. Can it be that you sometimes wear an aluminum hat and are not averse to conspiracy theories? Very interesting! So I can only repeat it. No problems recognizable on my flights, everything fine here 🙂 Happy New Year everyone! Christian
  21. So as a self-confessed frequent flyer with the Aerosoft Airbus and recently also with the new Airbus A330, I cannot report any problems - it has been going as one. Even with AI traffic. Have no problems if I set the AI setting to 100% traffic. The P3Dv4 does not crash. The purchase of the Aerosoft A330 can therefore be recommended without hesitation. The FSLabs Airbus, however, is totally frameless. The FSLabs Airbus is only for those who are willing to lower their usual graphics settings. Everything else Simmer buy the Airbuses from Aerosoft. So I guess you have a user-specific problem.
  22. Flight simulation is not just flight simulation. With the Chevrolet Suburban from Bahrometrix you are the driver of a complex driving simulation in the Prepar3Dv4 Flight Simulator from Lockheed Martin and the Flight Simulator X from Microsoft! Download Chevrolet Suburban
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