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  1. This new version is a complete disaster. Please revert back to prior version. One key feature seems to have gone and that's Mark Downloads as Read, so that I only see what's new since that last time I Marked them as Read. This is MUST be reinstated!!!! I'm a Premium user - but I'll not be renewing until this mess is sorted out!!!!
  2. TDS GTNXi has blank screen since C414 latest update. I'm running the latest version of TDS GTNXi. It works fine in all my other aircraft - just not the C414. Any ideas? Paul
  3. You were absolutely right. I upgraded to Windows 11 a few months back and somehow my region got set to USA. Reset it to the UK and the purchase worked fine. As you say - weird!! Thanks
  4. Hi I'm trying to buy the ATR but MSFS seems to think I live in the USA - I live in the UK. Selected the Download and Buy option. Asks for my Windows Authentication PIN which I entered - why is that needed?? Selected Pay by Credit Card and entered my card details It then asks for my address, but will only allow United States as the Country and asks for State (all US States) and ZIP code. So can't get any further. I've bought from the Marketplace before without any issues. Anyone seen this before and how did you fix it. Paul
  5. Hi I'm on V36.1.1 on MSFS. I have noticed that no parked aircraft appear until I land and start taxiing to the terminal on all airports even though I have entered my destination airport in the PSXT screen. Any ideas?
  6. This has now happened to me 3 times in the last 2 hours!! No issue with my internet connection (its Ethernet) and I'm running at 500mbs - go figure. Getting a bit p...d off with this.
  7. Ryan, these look brilliant. Is there a location where you share these to the community - don't seem to be on Flightsim.to?
  8. Totally agree, PSXT with RealTraffic is excellent. Don't know what RealTraffic's data source is, but it appears to be better than FlightRadar24 - what you see is actually what's happening at the airport and in the cruise in real time (with a slight delay). RealTraffic is a tad expensive, I imagine that's because they have to pay for the source of the real time data feed. Models are great, from FSLTL and AIG.
  9. Thanks Reported it as you suggested and got a prompt reply from the developer - excellent service!! Needed to set up an exception in my AVG Antivirus and that fixed it. Paul
  10. Folks My GTNXi has been working fine since I installed it a few month ago. However, today I bit the bullet and upgraded to Windows 11😬 Everything in MSFS seems to be working fine except TDS GTNXi. I use it in the Black Square Kingair and Milviz C310. Both have blank screens. Strange thing is that the Offline (ie without MSFS running) TDS GTNXi works ok. I've tried reinstalling both TDS and the Garmin Trainer - no joy. I don't have the WT GNS 530 installed which I know can give some conflicts. Any ideas? Paul
  11. Thanks I got it sorted. Had to edit the parameters.xml to point to the correct folder for MSFS. Typing it into IPP: didn't work?
  12. Folks I'm new to PSXT for MSFS and I've followed the videos to install V.33.2.1. I have both FSLTL Base liveries and AIG AI Traffic liveries in my community folder. Ran PSXT and it gives Error 50: No Liveries Found. Tried typing in my correct path to IPP: and get the same error, plus it reverts to: C:\Users\XXXX\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages I'm probably doing something stupid - but I can't figure out what. Please help Paul
  13. Me too in Ireland. Mid flight got Lost Connection message, then a few minutes later got a Connection Successful message?
  14. I can run TDS in its own window just fine, but the VC integrated version is just showing a blank screen?
  15. TDS GTNxi just stopped working today. All fine yesterday after 0.1.1b update but all of a sudden today I just get a blank screen on the GTNxi - black screen, not white, as if its not powered up. Anyone any ideas?
  16. You were absolutely right. I managed to stumble upon this when I was troubleshooting. Thanks
  17. Folks Bizarre thing has just happened. Started up MSFS and it commenced taking me through setup screens - for graphics, assistance etc etc. Decided to close it down and restart the PC. Same thing. This time I went through it and chose to customise each of the settings to the best of my memory. Got through all that and it eventually started, but all my keyboard settings, mouse setting and joystick settings are gone! All my camera views are all gone too!! Plus the damned music is playing. This has never happened before and been with MSFS from day one. Any ideas - please help
  18. I wish all those moaning about the price of the 800 would give it a rest. I parted with my money for the 700 and also for the 800 and I'm more than happy. What PMDG charge for their models is a commercially based business decision and a decision for them alone to make. I wish them every success with their business model and I hope they make a lot of money and and invest much of those funds into their business so that they can grow and make more money and in so doing have a long and secure future developing some of the best quality simulation products available. Keep it going guys! As in all purchasing decisions - if you don't like the price - don't buy it - simples!!
  19. They advertise V2 as having 3 panel colour options - doesn't say anything about WIP. I don't if they would expect their customers to hack at .cfg files?
  20. anybody worked out how you change the panel colour? Apparently there are 3 to choose from.
  21. I noticed this before NCP. It doesn't seem to apply the max frame rate until you restart Flight Sim.
  22. Just bought and its amazing. Performance is excellent! Well done guys Any chance of a Belfast City Airport EGAC?
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