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  1. Use voicemeeter banana and just set A1 as your soundcard device and A2 as your normal speakers. Then you’ll have vibrations and sound… Or, get sim shakers aviators sound addon and just set it as your soundcard device, the one with buttkicker attached. Either way will work.
  2. I thought it would be complicated, its actually very easy. Just focus on A1 and A2 in voicemeeter. Will make sense once you're up and running.
  3. Wait until the next update in August, then try it. Should be good then, fingers crossed.
  4. I bought the simulator kit few years ago. Don’t even think they sell that model anymore…?
  5. Brilliant. So, I assume doing it this way, it takes the sounds from the sim and passes them through to the buttkicker device? And then FSrealistic provided the flaps vibrations etc? is there any guide to setup this? Or is it fairly straightforward ?
  6. I use an additional sound card at the moment for my buttkicker device. So, I will need voicemeeter banana right?
  7. How do you get it working with fs realistic? I use sim shakers aviator at the moment.
  8. It was open GL causing it I believe, similar in age to DX11. I believe Vulkan is their equivalent of DX12, In layman’s terms .
  9. The solution may lie with DX12. I have my fingers and toes crossed. In XP11, it was cured 100% with Vulkan.
  10. Depends whom you purchased it off. I purchased mine from the guy at flightsimwebshop and never ever had any issues with them. They even sent me the new yoke before I returned the old one! 10/10 service.
  11. Yup, exactly this. I had to make a makeshift cable to stop the LAN port being tugged at. Really bad design. I had the yoke replaced once all ready because of it.
  12. Xplane managed it with vulkan. Not going to debate which sim is better blah blah but I will say xplane 11 with vulkan, when first introduced, was the smoothest flight sim I’ve ever used, before and since. It was so smooth, you actually believed you were flying. Really immersive. If MSFS can do that with DX12 implemented properly, then we’ll be laughing!
  13. DX12 should eliminate micro stuttering. *should*. It isn’t always about FPS.
  14. Thought so. Would just be good if it had emergency procedures.
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