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  1. Hi from Sweden Your way of handling files are 👍🏻👍🏻 But me dont realy understand how you do? like me y have 2 X 1 TB of SSD so y install XP on one of the 2 SSD ok? then y install all my scenery, addons, libraris, Mesh UHD, Ortho4XP files on the second SSD? y dont understand what you mean with just shortcut, y now how to shurtcut for ex to my desktop..... I mean the result when y start XP having the rest of the files on a second SSD without making any shorcuts well be that XP is missing files and cant run the Sim ”Right”?? maybe you could show a pictures? sorry to be a 🧐🧐 thx nils 🇸🇪🛩
  2. Hi Y installed UTL on D\: where y have all Sim files, When y look at interface evorything is pointing on right locations, Y treid to reinstall again and se what happens Y realy like to get my 43$ moving😄😃 Y get back thx nils
  3. Hi Did bye Narvik&Stockholm airports for P3D v3, a short time before v4 release. When could dos be ready for V4? thx nils
  4. Y have P3Dv4 Ftx Global,Lc Europe,Lc Vector Pta,ASK 2016, Asca Your oun Ph scenery sounds interesting?? Y reAly priciate if like chere😀😀 Thx so mutch Nils
  5. Hi buyd this to airports for V3 when could doeS be ready ?? thx Nils
  6. What a Nice✈️✈️ Trip what addons do Y have to do this trip? Thx Nils thx
  7. Hi, This is My base settings: Global Base LC Vector LC Europa FreeMeshX Y mostly fly north Europa and Scandinevia IF Y shoudent use IT, why? Thx Nils
  8. Hi, Show Y buy this ? Iam a P3D beginer ! What improvments are Y am gona see? What packages shoud Y buy? Y have: FTX GLOBAL, LC VECTOR, LC EUROPA , FREEMESHX MOST FLYING IN SCANDINEVIA THX NILS
  9. Hi, Y wondering What plane à shoud buy ? Y am looking at Easy plane to fly? Y have found realy nice freeware plane , at Flight Comabat Center, What are the difference fr.o.m. À good freeware plane to à good payware? Thx Nils
  10. Hi Been trying for a fue days to reinstall P3D, Dont get it working?? Had some help from P3D support, but still not working, Proberbly me not understanding what to do...... Try do send some Pictures but dont no how to use the URL How do i do the send you some Pictures? I have an email xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx that y can use for seding You Pictures, Not a good summer if You dont fly P3D THX Nils Sweden
  11. Hi Y am new to P3d , When y used FSX you could search up witch servers that was running and join them. You could also manualy type in ip adress and se if the server was runnig. Is there no simalary function in P3d?? Thx Nils
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