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  1. Thanks Bryan for this thorough explanation. I might try this on one of the next flights to see if Ezdok is the problem. Though I must admit, I've gotten so used to it, I would probably stick to the workaround and manually advance into climb mode. Best regards Adrian
  2. I tried today and turned off ezdok for the takeoff (global disable) in the menu. It didn't solve the problem - I got a check power reply but no v1 etc. So again, I manually advanced to climb mode in the FS2Crew-Bar and then was able to retract the gear. Could you tell me what exactly triggers the transition from takeoff to climb mode? Best regards Adrian
  3. ok, I will try it next time but as I said, it's been working with EZDok for several years now. Of course it could be the version for P3Dv5, I think the problem started with P3Dv5. Anyway, I will report back as soon as I've tried. Best regards Adrian
  4. ok, I tried again: - There was no reply to the check power, although the power was set and the callout was received by FS2Crew (green bar) - all the 5 speeds are set (v1,vr,v2, Flap Retract and Min Climb) - no call out at v1, no switch to climb after liftoff. When manually advancing to climb mode, you can continue with gear up -I have disabled FSUIPC-settings and I didn't use the Thrustmaster TCA320 Throttle set. - so that doesn't solve the problem. - I use EZdok, but have been using it for ages and it always worked. Best regards Adrian
  5. sorry I was off a couple of days. Concerning your remarks: - Yes the check power reply is there - all the 5 speeds are set (v1,vr,v2, Flap Retract and Min Climb) - I haven't tried without FSUIPC yet, so you mean to deactivate the FSUIPC profile and use the joystick axes only directly in P3D? I might say, that I also have this setup in other aircraft like the PMDG 747,777 or 737 and have no problems of this kind with FS2Crew there. Best regards Adrian
  6. No, the only tool with external data I use is FSUIPC.
  7. Hello, I have a similar problem to the one posted in May - upon takeoff in the Voice mode, I get the transition to takeoff roll, I declare check power and that is confirmed by the Co. After that, nothing happens (no v1 callout, no positive climb) and the co doesn't react to gears up unless I manually change the mode to climb mode in FS2Crew. Thanks for your help Adrian
  8. Hello, I want to inquire about an effect that has long been existing in FS2Crew for the 777, at least for the last two years and already in P3Dv4: When you use ECL, once you call for the preflight checklist and it is opened by FS2Crew in the popup, it is not possible to change the left screen (normally ND for the Pilot) anymore. So e.g. it is not possible to show the Flight controls page in the left screen for the check before taxi. Of course it's not the end of the world but I wanted to ask if this is a know issue? I guess it is connected to FS2Crew calling the popup and filling out the ECL. Best regards Adrian
  9. I tried again, but it still doesn't work for me. One thing I noticed, the ECL doesn't display a specific setting for the flaps like 30 degrees. It only shows a dashed line though when flaps are at 30, it is displayed in green. Of course the vref is set for flaps 30 in the approach phase. Could that have anything to do with it? Of course then, it should not be working for other users as well, I am really puzzled about this. Also in the QW manual, the Landing ECL is also shown with the dashed line for the flaps.
  10. I'm using it in voice control, the handle was placed correctly and the 787 automatic checklist indicates flaps 30 green. up to now, this has always worked in FS2crew with the older version. HAppens in the 900 and 1000. I guess, I'm gonna reinstall it.
  11. You mean when setting Vref? It's also 30.
  12. Hello, with the newest version of the QW787 and FS2Crew in P3Dv5, I always get a call "check your flaps" when trying to do the landing checklist, even though the flaps already are at 30. Best regards Adrian
  13. Hi Simbol, thanks for your answer. Can you explain a little further: "missing these values and the old one" - what do you mean with "the old one"? I tried inserting the two intensity values in the Imaginesim ZSPD-effects but no success. Thanks Adrian
  14. Hello there, my biggest problem with P3dV5 at the moment is the broken lighting at addon airports. Of course, some of them have been properly fixed, but others cause problems because PBR aircraft don't reflect light (even though the airport was ported to v5 by the developer) and in some cases, airports just won't be provided in the short term (for example Imaginesim refusing to fix ZSPD for P3dv5 at the moment...). I've read about the new parameters and frickled around a little bit with effect files but no success up to now. Has anyone accomplished this yet? Or could somebody explain to me, what exactly the difference between P3dv4 und v5 is in regard to dynamic lighting and how it can be fixed? Given the speed, that a lot of developers took to fix their airports, it can't be so difficult, I assume. Thanks alot Adrian
  15. Hello, in my setup, I suddenly had PM/CM 1 set as role and I have no idea how to change back to PF? Please help
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