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  1. You have profiles and tutorial on Aerosoft for all sims. Just take a look - you may find similar profiles.
  2. Take look at Aerosoft forum - there is a TBM900 profile for XP 11. You will find there Profiles and tutorials to customize your throttle. https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/files/category/126-honeycomb-profiles/ Hope it helps Gérard
  3. Thank you for the head up. I saw that, but as European customer, we will have to wait until 3d quarter... Honeycomb is not sending directly to european customers. 😞 Gérard
  4. Try using "(L:vcCowlFlaps1LeverPos, number)" from 0 to 100 instead. and of course vcCowlFlaps2LeverPos, vcCowlFlaps3LeverPos, vcCowlFlaps4LeverPos Works for me Are you really sure 😉 Gérard
  5. Did you notice you are on Prepar3D Forum 😉 Gérard
  6. Try also with the Twin Otter 🙂 Interesting challenge... Gérard
  7. Hi Oliver, RPN Scripting is error prone (nothing new...) 😞 AxisAndOhs helps by showing the current interpretation when using the test button ! But, the display is very "transient" - if it could be automatically copied to the clipboard (no more), it would allow to look at it "quietly" in our prefered text editor. Would be VERY helpful ! Thank you for this nice utility Gérard
  8. I though you would have parking brakes on. Wrong asumption - sorry. I ask because you wrote and I had this issue when Parking Brakes are ON on default flight. Thank for your feedback. Gérard Thank for your feedback.
  9. Could you check 1 - Moored it will stay "stuck" whatever your engine power is 2 - Modify your default scenario (the one that is automatically active when opening Prepar3D) so that PARKING BRAKE are OFF by default. 3 - do the same checks loading the B314 from this screen 🙂 Gérard
  10. Make me a favor - Try "B314 Horta Cold and Dark" and check the mooring behavior... Gérard
  11. What happens if you use a B314 scenario, like "B314 Horta Cold and Dark". ? Gérard
  12. Hi Marc, What about MU-02 textures update on Prepar3D ? Gérard
  13. The full package The last patch (few minutes ago) Will check the change this afternoon. Gérard
  14. Hi Oliver, Is it possible to assign an Axis value to a local variable ? For example, to implement a mixture management according to the position of an axis. - Full Rich (95 - 100%) - Auto Rich (60 - 80%) - Auto Lean (10 - 40%) - Cut (0%) Of course could be use for a lot of other fucntions, when the aircraft "modeling" don't use axis but discrete values/positions. (like 2 step spoilers, just to name some). It is easy to write the RPN script as long as we can get the actual value. Regards Gérard
  15. I have downloaded the full install and this works for me, except for the manual pump. Gérard
  16. Interesting finding. Could this explain some stutters we notice when approaching some airports ? Gérard
  17. I know the feeling 🙂 Like you, I am not a pilot 😔 and not even a native English speaking guy. Gérard
  18. I think you should (first) spend some time reading the checklist 🙂 where these actions are listed ! Gérard
  19. Just set it in the green segment of the gauge. But she climbing like a rocket. Be prepared to trim back rapidly. 🙂 Gérard
  20. Hi, What you describe looks like a reset, a reinitialization of the aircraft. I am surprised of the regularity of your disconnections. I suppose that you have excluded, from the antivirus scan, the folders used by the sim including those much less obvious (program data, the numerous user/appdata....). The model is quite large and I know other payware that have faced some random "issues" for a small number of users . The "reload aircraft" command of the sim can create strange behaviour sometimes... I have a medium configuration, and with resonnably high graphic options in line with it's power, I don't have the issues you are describing. Sorry to not being more helpful... Gérard
  21. Hi, Looking at your video, I would say that your "speed knobs" are too strong (that mean the numbers are too low). I put my "speed knobs" at 3, and I have a much softer GyroPilot action,.which greatly reduce the jitter. My 2 cents Enjoy the B314 🙂 Gérard
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