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  1. and that's the kind of people I was talking about !! and by the way, don't worry, I go running every day - and if you don't like salad, you don't have to eat it, short and precise enough for you Master - yes, it was a bit overdone but I did not only mean the lighting of the SIM !
  2. ok this is something you could use the P3D v5 for as "new" for me - as a ship simulator - with real weather and traffic - why not, maybe I will buy V5 after all, looks pretty cool, with ORBX Harbours ! Harbour communication ? perfect !!
  3. if you like, there are other amazing screenshots there too - partly the cockpit is shown - just scroll through (and there's only part of it) !! link: https://www.flightsimulator.com/ cheers !
  4. 11Gb - and that often seems to be the saving factor !
  5. Hello Gerard ! Thank you, I know we've all been here for a while (and tweaking - and try and buy 🙂, but at some point it was enough) so I know that some people understand! I currently use a Core i7 9800X (overclocked) and a MSI Gaming Trio X, 1000 Watt PSU, water cooling, all SSD's, and a 3 x 27" (curved) "tripple-screen" setup - resolution 5760x1080 - for all SIM´s (P3D, XP11, DCS, IL2, FS Alpha, ….) BR !
  6. Hello Michael ! Yes you´re right. And that's one of the main problems here - we have a "FS2004" with Beta ATMO tweaks, maybe a bit faster and nicer but it's NOTHING OTHER! There were discussions before the release and for me (and I like P3D) but I can't say it often enough - the story starts all over again - and again with the same result - since FSX (and that means FSX, P3D V1.x, P3D V2.x, P3D V3.x, P3D V4.x, always the same default scenery + a little bit (marginally) faster but still not satisfying) And that means - 200 bucks + addons + upgrades each ... I don't understand that some people are so stubborn (I don´t mean you) and don't understand that it's enough for people - especially this time where one of the most bugged and too fast released versions and this is additionally the point why some people don't want to invest this money again. Just because it's DX12 ?- and I don't see any cloud shadows or AI Traffic or activated shadows or anything else on these screenshots. I would like to see if ORBX, all sliders on the right (should work with DX12 without jerking 😉 ), WITH ALL SHADOWS AND ATMO, AI Traffic , FS LABS or PMDG approaching Amsterdam ADDON - so please show me just 25-30 FPS and I would also be convinced this time and I'll buy P3D v5 again (at the moment) - yes it runs smoother - but Vanilla P3D 4.5 and default aircraft run almost everywhere with 50-60-90 FPS depending on the scenery. I do not understand why they don't get away from this "landclass" solution (cra.) and access a database that is simple, but based on OSM - and you can fill it with detailed addons. ORBX is nice, also global, but not what we didn't have the last 10 already, just now with some more realistic atmo tweaks in beta. there is talk of "evolution" and "revolution" but for me this is just a small P3D v4 update, as always. I mean what's the point, we're not talking about a presentation and performance that will knock your socks off, that can (and I don't want to advertise MS Flight Simulator at all) only the MS Flight Sim Alpha in the moment (just on the Alpha Stage). I'm not talking about "system depth" but about the visual presentation and everyone who says otherwise is an word not allowed or liar (and that with default scenery - with addons that probably make it even more beautiful). And I'm talking about the overall impression and with my system the Alpha runs very well. Unfortunately we alpha testers are bound to the NDA, otherwise I would post screenshots where even ORBX looks "old" in terms of landscape ! And that is a fact. I would call that revolution, like I said I don't want to make P3D bad at all, I will probably get the 5.1 version anyway, but if someone posts me screenshots I know since FS2004 and calls it evolution, then I have to write something like this. sorry, I don't want to upset anyone and apologize in advance, but I just wanted to make it clear. may be that P3D is intended for "professional" purposes and that this is not really important for the private customer and we are not the actual target group, but I also have to pay for it so I would like to have something for it and in this group (simmer) there is certainly money to be made so it is not to be neglected. and yes we are in the year 2020 - Cheers !
  7. but as I can see, no cloud shadows are generated - they will also cost a few frames, I suppose, but otherwise the CPU load is already better, at least that. but we are far away from doubled frames as mentioned at the beginning (please correct me if I have misunderstood).
  8. for me it looks like LM was in a hurry to release this version (not to be blamed) - but it looks like this, as I feared.
  9. thank you for this positive news, because unfortunately my thoughts about P3D v5 seem to be confirmed (at the moment, don't hope it will stay that way and don't want to bad-mouth P3D ok) !
  10. ok I don't want to start the discussion from the beginning again but I have expressed these concerns often (because of the P3D v5 videos) and in other forums and can even refer to the threats here, but I'll leave it alone - and was very attacked and other users too - and it was misunderstood because I was looking forward to the P3D v5 - and now I absolutely don't want to draw any comparisons again, but for my part I stick to P3D 4.5 (at the moment), XP11 and MS Flight Simulator Alpha ! but thank you for the findings ! cheers und BR !
  11. ok thanks, so the lighting of P3D was never realistic anyway - that seems to depend on screen settings somehow here - because when you're flying on a sunny and bright day (even if it's not in the cockpit) sunglasses are often not enough - P3D is too dark, too monotonous and too dull - sun is too small and so on - so it can only get better, hence my question. TrueSky should be the Truesky 🙂 !
  12. settings maxed out ? shadows and scenery ? - also with default F35 ? Traffic addons ? - so we could be at about 20FPS with the PMDG or FSLABS or what you think ?
  13. Can somebody post some screenshots here to "explain" this "washed out impressions" ? Thank you !
  14. are cloud shadows now included in the release version ?
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