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  1. cool pics - do you use your own reshade filter, or are the screenshots post-processed?
  2. I have observed something similar myself, not only in the UK, and it has already been reported - in such a case, send exactly the 2 screenshots to ZenDesk and report them as a bug - otherwise nothing will happen. BR
  3. I am replying here again - with the same statement (MSFS Forum) ! Actually, I don’t even take part in such discussions any more because it’s actually pointless - and I don’t mean that in a bad way. But it is the case here that apples are being compared with pears. I can only repeat myself: people expect a SIM to cover everything that other SIMs have taken almost 10 years to cover, right from the start. When FSX came out in October 2006, it was far less usable than MSFS after it came out. Started with bugs and not to speak of before the slideshow with ENDHIGHEND rig. Why do people keep forgetting that. Same with XPlane11 or XP10 back then - but they still don’t have a real decent weather representation, until now, as an example. I don’t want to defend MSFS2020, but these are facts. And to be honest, I’ve been with FS since 5.1 (and I was still a child then and I knew the FS 4.0 but did not really use it.) and there has never been a SIM with adapted ADDONS and airports, sceneries (except for aeroplanes, but they also took a long time with the others) as quickly as with MSFS and a lot of them for free, even though the graphical / technical leap is immense. I would have done a few things differently, no question and there are enough improvements necessary and a bit of fine tuning but the platform is great and of course it will still take time to make EVERYONE happy. And you can’t compare FSX with MSFS2020, please. You have almost the whole world scenery and that “for free” - live traffic “for free” - live “weather” for free etc. (of course there is still room for improvement) and then people still complain! There won’t be a perfect simulator for a long time, but you can enjoy what you have, very simply. BR ! BR Arnie !
  4. Hello Bryan! Thank you for the answer! Ah ok, that are stock vehichles, I have to check this out. It could be a problem with the addon airport. Will report back. Thank you anyway. Arnie
  5. Hello ! I have the following question. Use PBE with the A320NX Addon - ORBX LOWW - PBE is connected to the Sim - button control is on - can call the Fuel Truck, can call the APU Truck without problems. Door open also ok - only I have neither stairs, nor catering, and baggage cart doesn't appear, if I press the buttons ! But I am standing at the parking spot and not directly at the gate !? Am I doing something wrong, A320NX doors ?, working only with default airports ? I tried it with the default 787 on - unfortunately it is the same ! Engines are off, parking brake set etc. !
  6. quite simple - Pilot2Atc uses your installed TTS voices anyway, this option is available in MCE as well. So go to voice selection in MCE, go to option TTS voices, dial the same voice you use as a co-pilot in Pilot2Atc - and woow they sound the same ! speaking of voices - is there any new information about CereProc and the time delay ? I bought some more in the Sale but not really usable at the moment ! Maybe you already know something Dave or should we contact CereProc directly ! The funny thing is that they work in MCE without any delay ! Thanks again for the great program, I'm not using it that long but it's the best offline ATC program I've ever used - finally realistic departures (already existed with some other programms) BUT finally realistic arrival routes without the need to change anything all the time !
  7. thanks for this info I was on "the way" to buy some!
  8. which resolution do you actually use or render scaling - ask because your halos (lamps) look much smaller than what I see... ?
  9. Thank you very much, I have been waiting for this tool - for me one of the most used in XP11, P3D and now in MSFS !
  10. I can only repeat what I already wrote in the MSFS forum, it seems that it is only wet when there is a super heavy rain: there are no wet aprons with live weather - I have already noted this in the alpha and sent it to ZENDESK - even with heavy rain! if you set the weather manually you can see the water puddles but I have never seen them with live weather.no matter how long I waited, they were not visible. I think they should be visible even with light rain. It is a bug but apparently not important enough !! ! and they are always shown from a special “angle” (like above) you should see them from the cockpit or do you bend down if you want to see wet road ! ?you have to vote for this here or send several reports to Zendesk otherwise nothing happens ! BR!
  11. Have you tried to log off from the XBOX App and login again ? (sim not startet) !
  12. I already did a ZENDESK report in the last alpha and after that a ZENDESK report as well. in the first alphas the value was apparently changed, because it was once more clear and once less, so more hazy and then not (I imagine). As it looks, but I'm not sure, this value now always remains at 1, with the real weather option. the reason why they changed this is that people complained that the transition to the horizon when the sun was low was very bright at higher aerosol values. But this parameter would be usable, they just have to refine it. If you set the value manually to 3, 4, 5 it looks already usable. If you take higher values and combine it with the fog layer, it would be a great solution !
  13. this "awful thick blue haze" is in the MSFS is a little bit too little represented - FSX is not the reference how it should look like ! In reality it is mostly hazy or misty, but you can't see it from the ground ! I think so too !
  14. I have already bought it, but unfortunately I have to completely reinstall MSFS - CPU upgrade and registry cleanup, somehow I cleaned "too much". how is the transition between the weather data ?
  15. no I have additonal one "myfolder\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Packages\Official\OneStore\fs-base-ingamepanhels-atc" if you are missing this folder then we know anyway where the problem is !
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