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  1. AUA425

    Has this ever happened to you?

    Did you use Ground Service X, and if, try to deactivate or restart the service !!
  2. You are not you use some "sun flare" tweaks ? Have the same tools running PTA, TrackIR, looks, for me, like a "cutoff" shadow glich...
  3. + 1 ! sorry for the bad resolution - have to edit the photos (5760x1080@default)
  4. for me, too ! And this performance issues are strange, because, I´m using default sync settings in the SF3D (texture resolution 1024) and I have much better performance compared to combination of AS with ASCA / ENVTEX or REX Softclouds ! I said strange, even the SF3D isn´t using multiple cloud layers to generate overcast layer ! (I mean I do not exact know how SF3D is doing this but it looks better and I have better performance). But that´s my impression ! Cheers !
  5. nice pics ! but the weather(engine) is almost still the same ! (I love XP´s "true") !
  6. AUA425

    ENVSHADE released.

    I´m not sure If I see any difference (between default and ENVSHADE) with PTA (my own preset) I did have a completely "another" SIM - do I have to delete P3D´s "shaders" folder ? Cheers !
  7. Hm as far as I know the multimonitor setup should work, even in the beta ! I have 3 screens running without problems ( did'n tried instrument panel on the 4th screen - at the moment massive fps lost)Cheers
  8. AUA425

    X-Enviro is OUT

    you are welcome - I have not really a performance impact with xEnviro (FPS are the same with or without activated plugin) but I didn´t tested this in really heavy weather conditions - I have to chase a storm :smile: ! the second thing about 2D cloud sprites - yes that´s a "step" back - that´s a fact - but I think that will be changed in the future. there are always some differences between nice and realistic (and I prefer the second one). As long as the LR is is leaving X-Plane´s weather engine unmodified - ( this is about X-Plane 3, I think, ok of course with some minor changes, and we had already this discussion, they have some own (strange) roadmap relating to this 10000000000times users or customers request :-), I mean that´s ok, they know it better then I do ) - there will not be a possibility to enjoy nice, fast, realisic and "good" for "everyone" depiction of weather (and by the way that´s anyway not possible :smile: ) So I´m very happy that people like developers of xEnviro or SMP, FSRGW etc. are trying to bring us some good work around for this, I would almost say, "lacking" feature of XPlane. And I would like to say, thank you ! Even if you see how big is the feedback about this "point of interest" (weather) in X-Plane I would think if I´m LR "wait people, before we decide to bring flushing toilets in the planes, I think it would be a good idea to rewrite the engine or the new SDK - :smile: it´s a joke, but I´m sure this is on the "to-do list" of LR and that will come sometime on the future roadmaps :wub: ) and in the meantime I´m enjoying what I have !
  9. AUA425

    X-Enviro is OUT

    "How did you take those pictures?" hm - XP11 - shift+space - (they are in the output folder) - opening with paint and saving them as .jpeg - then direct to using orginal size but adapted to forum size ! I hope that´s ok ! the next time I´ll use, I think that´s a better option !
  10. AUA425

    X-Enviro is OUT

    but I can share few of them :-) : some of them are with standard xEnviro (all settings activated in xenviro) settings and some of them (more blue haze) are with my scattering settings (I haven´t found my optimum yet, but I´m searching for the best settings) look at the cloud draw distance :-) ! yes, there is some lot of work to do but for the first release xenviro is doing a very good job (an I do not belong to any "beta" team it´s only my opinion) and sorry for the image size (3 x 27")
  11. AUA425

    X-Enviro is OUT

    I have upgraded SMP from V1 - V3 and never use them - because, I´m flying very often (in real) and never seen ONLY cumulus clouds (whichever type they are) but ruther stratus clouds (middle, northern europe), except thunderstorms....etc....The problem with SMP is that ONLY cumulus clouds are depicted (most of the time), yes I know there are some type of stratus clouds, but I never seen them in the XP10 flying with real weather. so the shape and look are great with SMP (no doubt about that) - performance is good, more or less, but pretty unrealistic - nice for screenshots - xEnviro is opposite - the clouds are not so nice (at the moment) but the last 2 test - flights represented that what I see "out of the window" - good performance, great "workaround" of the sudden weather-rewrites (very smooth so far) and good workaround of the ungrateful XP weather "engine" :wink: - so for me the favorite one ( I said for me, you have YOUR choice) !
  12. AUA425

    xEnviro + XP11 magic

    I think the best solution,at the moment, for "accurate" weather in XP. yes the cloudshapes are not HD or something like that, but the realistic weather depiction (and I do not mean some nice puffy HD clouds) and smooth weather changes are for me much more important. Except FSGRW - for me the best external weather engine for XP10 (and I think soon XP11). Only what I´m really missing (at the moment, I think that´s a "bug") are the cloud shadows with xEnviro...... nice pics !
  13. AUA425

    X-Enviro is OUT

    +1 That´s true - I´m happy that some people doing a job to "resolve" this or to "get around" - for me the best Weather Addon at the moment for XP in the matter of performance and increased cloud visibility range - only thing is - my cloud shadow are gone - do I overlooking some features ? Cheers !
  14. AUA425

    X-Plane 11 & xEnviro

    monster clouds yes or no, that would be fine, but what I finally see are STRATUS clouds (not only in this screenshots) - generated (finally) with an engine ! looking forward to the release ! Thank you folks ! спасибо ! (hope that´s correct :-) )!
  15. Thats the way how I'm using my X-Plane and (tweaks). I make always a backup and own a clean "version" of X-Plane. Thank you Andras for remindig us, I forgot to say that, sorry. For me as a "long time user" that's clear and there is also a reminder from Laminar (or Ben Supnik) that this Datarefs are undocumented and only used for debugging and it could be that some of them are not included in the following versions of X-Plane! That was really a simple help and explanation how to use the script, from my side. :-)