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  1. 😍🥰👌👍🤙👏 "to express it simply", I'm really looking forward to it !
  2. hmm I hope so and that will be the case - but after a restart I only had these generic cumulus clouds "over the whole planet" again, something is "wrong" here anyway !
  3. I don't think it's SU9beta related - am still on SU8 too - I meant the look of the clouds, but I only noticed that the last few days !
  4. hmmm same here yesterday - short test flight - have seen for a long time (not since SU7) again upcoming cloud fronts - really good looking and not the usual cumulus stuff and then also without transition "bam" all gone and it all became again these "popcorn-like" cumulus clouds, also in the distance. But it was around 20:30, which tells me that the engine is still capable of showing something useful, but apparently they have a "bug" in the data processing on the servers !!I will also report this in the MSFS forum!
  5. what ? it already costs 3000 bucks ? 🤑 *******... - I paid about 1600€ for mine (new) in late winter 2021 ! but back to the weather - just did a test in LOWW - didn't really notice a change !!
  6. If you own the steam version: (whatever):\FS2020\steamapps\shadercache
  7. I wouldn't say that - there are already a lot of posts about this in the MSFS forum !!! I wouldn't say that either, a lot of people do and a lot of people I know personally are very disappointed by this "16-year step backwards", to put it that way. I have already written this elsewhere - as a "serious simmer" I have moved to MSFS, among other things, because of the weather engine (however stupid that may sound) - of course also with restrictions - we don't need to talk about that now! But if I already fly with VATSIM - and have a fully configured P3D, XP11 or whatever - why do I go to MSFS and complain about the lack of system depth, the lack of METAR data etc.? if I already have the look I want anyway, with P3D or FSX or XP11 - why do I spoil the experience for the rest of the community (a bit stupid now, this is not everyone's approach of course), "because MSFS is not a SIM anyway and has no system depth, so what am I looking for there" ? (I know a bit harshly said, but I'm just wondering)
  8. yes, with "100.000" tricks and workarounds - and it took almost "decades" - AS16 and ASE did a good job anyway but it only became really "smooth" with Active Sky and P3D - I know that because I had every single version of every weather program for every SIM, because I just hoped that it would become really good (at least as far as the believable or realistic depiction is concerned). and everyone still knows the settings like "prevent updates on approach" etc.. and really good has become with MSFS and their solution (I don't mean the missing features like haze, wrong winds etc.) and now they are going away from that to something that is actually not, as the Weatherman has already said (thank you), really useful for the 3D representation of the weather (I don't mean the values)! IRL you get the basic weather data you need and "nature" does the rest. But maybe it's just a bug or offline weather servers at the moment, but officially there is no announcement !
  9. yes it looks like FSX with the Active Sky at the first stage ! and here we are again at the beginning - abrupt changes - only sporadic and nonsensical cumulus clouds accumulations (above the metar stations ) I don't know if it has to do with the fact that weather servers are not really online, but that can't be the solution !
  10. not only the haze is the problem, in the real world it is often hazy, but I can't say where exactly how much should be, but completely "broken" weather engine !
  11. I honestly don't know what improvement you're talking about !!! Clouds or the representation looks like FSX with first versions of Active Sky, everywhere only these strange cumulus clouds, the cloud height is partly completely wrong or at the clouds are at the ground. Yes there is a Haze layer which only works sporadically and then it also comes to sporadic abrupt changes - didn't we already have that somewhere hmmm so 15 years or more back? My second test flight EGLL to EDDS - everywhere and it seems just cloud groups over METAR stations that have the data, otherwise FOG layers that disappear and come back for 2 seconds. Either you have a different version or my installation is word not allowed but I am not the only one with the problem. No more beautiful cloud bands all the way to the horizon - all just sporadic cumulus accumulations around the METAR stations and at the wrong altitude etc etc etc. !
  12. try to delete the AIG_Databases_XXXXX.zip file in your whatever":\AIG_TrafficController\Resources" folder ! and as far as ATC is concerned, I had the first test earlier (default MSFS deactivated) - on the ground I didn't hear any instructions (but I was already in the air) but I did hear instructions to land the aircraft, and with the correct call sign ! (between AI and ATC)
  13. I have used all 3 versions and had no problems ! At the moment I use the last development version of A320NX with the second last version of FS2Crew and have no problems and with the stable version there should be no problems anyway ! It´s a great tool (for me) ! Cheers!
  14. 1. can't really be compared, but with the same quality and graphics, you are certainly "smooth" with the MSFS. 3. In any case outside - the next thing is, should you ever decide to switch between the versions, i.e. Steam or Store version, you cannot transfer the purchased items (please correct if already changed). If you buy it for example via ORBX Central - it is transferable and usable!
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