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  1. Cloudrider

    Can anyone advise....

    So uncertain if there is any modelling on the YD but it certainly turns off an error in the PFD, so I'd say yes. Spoilers / speed brakes not modelled. TO/GA does work but you won't see much happen from my experience. Correct - Cabin Switch isn't modelled either.
  2. Cloudrider

    New issue with Flightplan and Navigraph

    Yep, couldn't agree more. Like you I never used Procs but thought this would be the answer. Errr it's Carenado. Big fat nope. Furthermore whilst now using Flightplans more I uncovered that you can't alter the ALT for each waypoint without using the ENTER key on the lower keyboard panel. It just won't accept the ENTER key on the Prodigy. Yet all oter processes appear OK. Carenado tagline should be...we nearly got there and could be so much more, but hey 😁 So anyone else encountered the random insert issue I detail perchance? Thanks.
  3. Hi guys. Wondered if anyone had encountered this before please? I recently installed the Navigraph extension for the E50P. Ever since, I build my flightplan ok and then choose 'Proc' to select an Arrival Procedure at the destination, but the Arrival sequence gets randomly inserted all over my existing flightplan, screwing the sequence up. I find I now have to 1) Enter departure SID 2) enter arrival STAR 3) highlight the 'Arrival - XXX' entry and add in each step of my flightplan in between before I hit the STAR sequence. Just me? Thanks all. Nige
  4. Wow @Novej757 ! Incredible. I'd like to ask one thing which may possibly be slightly left field. Presently with the Navigraph extension pack, one can't import flight plans. There wouldn't be anyway to easily fix that glaring hole would there please? I get it if not but just thought I'd ask, as its so fundamental, I'm seriously considering migrating to A N Other plane which would be sad. Thanks a lot.
  5. My little baby Phenom has always been my 'Go to' for a good few years now, and what you're doing here is filling in the Carenado gaps in an open, collaborative way. Superb effort dude bringing one of the benefits of the X-Plane way of doing things, but, as we all know, with the better immersion and maturity that P3D already has right now. Can't wait !! Thanks for bringing this alive.
  6. Cloudrider

    Learning to fly the E50P

    So I spent some time with the Carenado YouTube channel which worked out well. But one question. When I open the G1000 FPL for the Flightplan, I have no Altitudes against my waypoints to select. Yet the videos all show editable Altitudes. Anyone any ideas please? Thanks guys
  7. Cloudrider

    Learning to fly the E50P

    Sorry should have said couldn't access the altitudes in flight plan but flight plan was accessible. Essentially, apart from the HDG and CRS inputs, all other AP functions were negated. VS, FLC, Speed and ALT all seemed to have no effect. I disengaged/ re-engaged FD to see if it would have any effect but to no avail. I haven't been able to find any relevant doc on setting up the E50P or moreover using the FD / AP controls. Thanks.
  8. Hi all, I had some strange behaviour on a Phenom flight today. Couldn't get the speed above 130knts, could access the altitudes in the loaded flight plan, and couldn't seem to change altitude via AP although autopilot was following the plan. Anyone got any ideas please and also good doc on learning to fly this baby. I thought I had it sussed. Cheers
  9. Thanks for that Dan. I appreciate your help - something I wasn't aware of. Right now I'm targeting a new design to maintain performance, throughput and resilience with lowest maintenance overhead but I'll keep an eye on the XML methodology. Appreciate everyone's input. Thanks. Nige
  10. Thanks Simbol. I'm wondering if it makes sense to have the 3 drive strategy (1]OS 2]SIM 3]Non Direct SIM installs). I'd have a smaller OS SSD like 250GB for the OS and utility programmes like AV, and use the 500Gb SSD for the sim, and a 2TB HDD for addons that don't require sim directory install, plus use it for strorage. Just on that strategy: Given a SIM update I can simply make the update without effecting anything else Given a SIM corruption or drive loss I only lose the SIM and any direct SIM installs like ORBX Would people concur? Thanks - Nige
  11. So apologies guys, and thanks for all the input so far. I'm surprised at myself, but I'm not familiar with the details of the XML method, although I am familiar with editing XML files in genreal. But what exactly are we doing and what are the pitfalls please? XML files aside, is there any consensus about OS and P3D on main SSD and scenery / addons on secondary HDD? Thanks guys. Very interesting. Nige
  12. Hi all, I wondered if any common best practices were surfacing when installing P3D v4 and add ons such as scenery files, aircraft, airports etc. I'm about to get a new rig with a 500TB SSD plus a 3TB SATA HDD. My thought process was OS and P3D on the SSD and all other add ons (ORBX, REX, GSX, Active Sky etc.) on the HDD. This way if P3D upgrades come along, all add ons are unaffected??? Am I being naive? Thanks all. Nige
  13. It's very subjective and each to his own. You need to try to see what works for you. I believe IVAO is the best. When I used IVAO, the standard and quality of controlling was higher than VATSIM and I, me personally, I believe that the software was more intuitive and functional. Anyway, the message is give it a go.
  14. VATSIM and IVAO Controllers used dedicated software for controlling traffic Captain420. I believe each P3D/FSX client installs the relevant VATSIM/IVAO software which plugs into simconnect but connects ultimately into dedicated VATSIM / IVAO servers and nothing to do with P3D/FSX as such.
  15. Cloudrider

    Please Bring Me Up To Date! FSX:SE

    I got fed up with FSX a few months ago, after many long years, and made the jump to SE, but I have to say I didn't find the experience much more pleasurable I'm afraid. Same old instability and incompatibility issues. And with that I decided to look at P3D. You only need the $59 license and my experience so far has been seamless, and stable. I can't recommend more highly right now. I guess the addons compatibility may hinder though possibly so check first, but mine have all gone in beautifully. Best wishes.