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  1. I also use the Seth profile and works a treat for me
  2. Do it properly - IVAO or VATSIM with full training. IVAO get my vote https://www.ivao.aero/
  3. I used to fly the Carenado Phenom 100 in P3D for ages, but over time I really found it was all it was cut out to be. There were a number of flaws which one could live with, but I and at least two others reported a fundamental bug around the MFD and Flight plans which made flight planning unworkable. Carenado did nothing even though we replicated the issue and they confirmed. Lets hope they do a better job if it comes to MSFS. I've stopped purchasing Carenado A/c on the back of this.
  4. Hmmm still don't get it. All Windows updates complete, Xbox app installed, but still no update in Store - says I'm good to go even after reboots. Ah well. Something will give eventually.
  5. You really don't want to turn off either I'm afraid. But the Firewall should not be an issue as it will recognise legitimate traffic initiated from inside your PC perimeter - MSFS for example. Virus scan will impact especially on deep scans, but I would I move the scan to 'out of hours' if you can.
  6. AH !. I didn't realise it was enhanced, hand-crafted by default, so yep, that'll do me. Many thanks for the help guys 😉
  7. Hi All. Just wondering if anyone knew of an Sea-Tac airport (KSEA) scenery in channel please. I've scoured the usual places but turned up nothing yet. Thanks
  8. Here you go guys. Loading bush trips gives a CTD but ties to FSUIPC
  9. If you are running FSUIPC then there is known existing connection to CTD there, although apparently believed not caused by FSUIPC.
  10. Hi All. In a recent update which brought the USA update to us, there was the mention of a new "Discovery Flight" up the Eastern seaboard of the States. But I'm damned if I can find it to undertake it. Can anyone help please? Thanks.
  11. Guys how do you manage to get this situation, where there is snow on the ground but its not actually snowing. Every time I plug in an airport with snow on the ground and switch to Live weather, I get the white stuff from the sky. Thanks
  12. I also use TIR but set each axis Template to DeadZone. Then keep my head as still as possible. However, even so, I notice that as the aircraft is maneuvering while I'm operating a control, the mouse can wander off the control. A little frustrating but hey.
  13. I don't yet have v5 but according to this compatibility list they should work, but needs a free upgrade. https://fselite.net/prepar3d-v5-compatibility/aircraft/
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