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  1. I have been informed by Windows update, that it made a mess of updating and had to reinstall, particularly .Net, everything seems better behaved now. I don't know if that would be relevant to MCE
  2. Hi Gerald I have just decided to try X-Plane this morning, and today MCE works without me having made any changes. I have no idea what was happening. Regards Dudley
  3. I rolled back to XP 11.41 and the problem persists. I got the Windows troubleshooter up after MCE disappeared. I updated to Windows 2004 this morning, could that be the problem?
  4. Hi I have have checked and all the files you mention are in the correct place. xpinsider64 does not appear explicitly on boot up - but I checked log.txt and that says that xpinsider64 was started. I still run evreything as admin as some things still require it. Best Dudley
  5. Pretty much what it says in the title, MCE startin dialog comes up and I hear the chatter. But the co-pilot never arrives. I have done a file check on X-Plane. and also reinstalled MCE as per instructions . At a loss on how to continue. Best Dudley
  6. A new request in X-Plane for RW Design Twin Otter DH6 - think a lot will be just standard X-Plane There seems to be some difference between the G1000 model and the standard ones.
  7. I rolled back to 11.41, XP was just crashing in OpenGL mode, so I have left it for now.
  8. Thanks, I am getting visual problems with the Toliss as well as no sound. and they reckon it's a failure of SASL, I don't understand the log.txt well enough to decipher it. I have done a file check with X-plane and it comes up OK. I have latest NVidia drivers. I can't assess whether the failure of SASL is affecting MCE. But the whole thing is turning out to be a bit of a car crash so I shall just switch back to OpenGL for now.
  9. Re-installed again, I am afraid I am getting the same message. I have rolled back to OpenGL version and MCE behaves normally. It just seems it doesn't like Vulkan for some reason. It's rather perplexing as paths don't change with the new API.
  10. I have added dlls manually and also uninstalled and reinstalled, the copilot runs through flows and checklists. But no actions take place. Was working fine with 11.41.
  11. The Toliss A321 for X-Plane when it is available. It should be very similar to the A319 and may work out of the box so to speak. Thanks Dudley
  12. In X-Plane, I find the co-pilot only says 'minus' and doesn't give a value when reading a METAR.
  13. Thanks I shall give that a try. I'm in X-Plane and GSX is one of the few things I miss.
  14. I don't have that option on the Advanced Options
  15. I use Better Pushback to push the aircraft back, is there a way to disable the ground pushback, as I keep killing him.
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