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  1. dbrooke

    FF A320

    I can't wait, I am fed up with the Jar A320 continually crashing.
  2. I am thinking about getting the 757 by Flight Factor, does the new version still work OK with MCE?
  3. Thank you, I have that now. I was wondering if there was a separate PDF to follow the flow, but the 757 flow works just as well.
  4. I can't find one specifically for the 767, but have been using the 757 one, is this correct?
  5. I am getting a chime everytime MCE speaks, is there something to disable that? And thanks for your help.
  6. Very wise! I used to do a bit of programming, always avoided anything that required runtimes. I am leaning toward the conclusion that the JAR A320 was to blame, looking at log.txt with my limited knowledge of decoding it, I have put a couple of common plugins in and all is OK so far.
  7. Only XWeather and Ultra weather above the others I mentioned. I think I will uninstall everything and start again, something is going wrong here. And I can't see what. Does MCE require any runtimes?
  8. I now have a different problem, MCE starts perfectly. But no other user plugin will appear in the list. I have tried quite a few now. Better Pushback, XPUIPC, JAR ground handling for instance. MCE appears in the list.
  9. Thanks, I do have the FF A320 so I will look forward to that, but I prefer the Toliss A319 of all my addon aircraft.
  10. I'm back. I have uninstalled XP11 and created a vanilla install, and as expected MCE now works. But, I have forgotten how to use XP without all my add ons and settings. I have put some plugins and addons back and everything is still OK. Are you planning support for the Toliss A319?
  11. I did try to use the demo, but it told me I had run out of time. Strange as I have never tried it on X-Plane. I might have tried it 3-4 years ago on FSX. I can't remember. X-Plane itself runs fine, doesn't miss a beat. the missing scenery libraries are part of the fun? I usually get to the bottom of it. All the commercial sceneries run fine. XOrganiser is just a tool to enable sceneries and plugins etc, very useful, it doesn't run at the same time as X-Plane. Incidentally, I am on the current 11.21 - I don't bother with betas usually., like you say, it is complex enough. Do you know of plugins that cause conflict? I am at work for a few days now, so not much time to spend on it.
  12. I have tried MCE with Jar A320 & a330 Zibo 737 and the stock 747. Plugins : Auto gate AviTab Betterpushback CEF Dataref editor Dataref tool ExtPlane FM CAR Gizmo64 Jar Ground Handling Hangar Ops Little XPconnect Plugin Admin QPacTerrain Data SimpleFMC TerraMax TolissData TolissFlightPlans TolissTerrainData UltraWeather WorldTraffic WorldTrafficRadar X-Raas2 XChecklist xcontrol XPLM.Framework XPUIPC XPWidgets.framework Xweather Though most are disabled via Xorganiser at the moment. I don't don't know how to add pictures to this forum. I have stopped most of the dialogs about missing libraries and scenery now.
  13. I have installed to the C: drive - I am still having the same problem. I can't change view, I can't close the umpteen dialogs XP opens about missing things, and I can't even close it, even via CTR-ALT-DEL, I just have to reboot. This is a Win 10 machine, but you seem to know that from the license info. I can talk to the copilot, and he seems to think he's doing something, but in actual fact nothing is happening. Sometimes the mouse cursor disappears as well, sometimes not.
  14. I don't install applications on the C: drive, I am old school. There shouldn't be any problem running it elsewhere. I will re-install. I have a whole raft of other plugins, and will be running Pilot2Atc as well.