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  1. For X-Plane, the New Ini-Simulations A300 ( it's so complicated, I need Clive ) and the Toliss A340-600 when it arrives.
  2. I have noted that on the 757 the APU displays fail by the switch, on the 767 there is no fail sign and all proceeds correctly.
  3. Hi Gerald I have run MCE and issued the two commands you suggested, both were recognised. I shall send the debug dialog via Email. I am a complete novice with Planemaker.
  4. I am sorry to say the CP is still ignoring the APU generator command with all the new files.
  5. I edit flows in Voxscript normally. I have that version installed. OK thanks.
  6. Hi I have 3 variants, response is the same from them all. 'Launch APU' is not recognised. The other three commands all work. Thanks Dudley
  7. Hi I have tried with the Flight Factor 767 and the command works. Might be relevant as they are so similar. Dudley
  8. Hi The command is not recognised at all. I can speak the command or use the test function in Voxscript and no text appears in the top left. I assume he doesn't understand what I am saying at all. I can't seem to post images here. So will send the Screenshot by Email. Actually, when the command comes up in the flow, the writing top left says command does not seem to exist. Best Dudley
  9. Hello Well I finally treated myself to the 757 extended - I have found one function that is not recognised - that is the 'APU generator on ' command. It doesn't work from the test in Voxscript either. Thank You
  10. The flows for this aircraft seem to be missing from latest revision of MCE. The is a PDF which lists the commands though.
  11. Hello Gerald I have installed the latest MCE, and I get very patchy performance with XP11.50 Either OpenGL or Vulkan. Most of the time it doesn't start up properly. When XP boots I only see a message saying 'Starting Plugins', no specific message about XPinsider64. Then when I start the MCE interface it doesn't show the version number in the little splash screen. Under XP11.41 everything works fine, so that is where I am staying for now. I have other problems with 11.50 as well (Better Pushback and Jar design aircraft)
  12. I have been informed by Windows update, that it made a mess of updating and had to reinstall, particularly .Net, everything seems better behaved now. I don't know if that would be relevant to MCE
  13. Hi Gerald I have just decided to try X-Plane this morning, and today MCE works without me having made any changes. I have no idea what was happening. Regards Dudley
  14. I rolled back to XP 11.41 and the problem persists. I got the Windows troubleshooter up after MCE disappeared. I updated to Windows 2004 this morning, could that be the problem?
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