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  1. Sorry to be dense, what would i use for a 144Hz monitor then? Cheers
  2. Hi guys, Where are the config files to backup my joystick settings? Cheers
  3. Interesting - I used thee move feature from C drive to D drive with no issues... i didn't get that warning box you speak of..hmmm
  4. Ah! Thanks for the above...im not used to delving into the apps area like this...never seen a sim that was listed as an app..lol.. i found 33 gig of flight sim stuff on the c drive so simply moved it to the D drive on my SSD..thanks for the tip! Much appreciated!
  5. I am happy to share mine but dont know how to attach a snip of them!
  6. Man, im glad im not the only one thinking i had totally screwed the install up! Phew and thanks for the good explanations!
  7. Well guys, this is mystery install that's for sure! I made a folder on my clean SSD drive (D) called MSFS2020... Downloaded the files from the STORE (not steam) and pointed it to this folder... installation went smoothly with no issues and subsequently was able to play the sim for a good while When trying to set up my NVIDIA control panel settings for it i went to the folder and the ONLY folders in the MSFS2020 folder are: Community and Official! There is NOTHING in the community folder and in the official folder there is another folder called One Store, inside that are multitudes of folders namely planes and scenery...NO exe anywhere!! In the NVIDIA control panel and (GRD) it did have many MSFS exe's to choose from but im not sure which one to point too! I hope that its installed it all to the right place and files aren't all over the show! Why does it have to be so darn hard to find a simple exe file!
  8. Many thanks for your help as always! Keep well! Doug
  9. Thanks Michael, There seem to be a few listed.. is it simply called Microsoft Flight Simulator (flightsimulator.exe)? by chance? Sorry to be a pain! If this is the one then i can tweak that setting. ( i do have the latest driver installed to but cannot see 2020 listed anywhere)
  10. HI guys, Bought it from the game store and all installed and running fine. I wanted to tune my NVIDIA control panel to the .exe file but cant find it anywhere. Anyone know where to locate it? Cheers
  11. Is there an advantage running full screen as opposed to windowed mode?
  12. Good stuff! Say, how do you get those readings which show how much each GPU is using? Cheers
  13. Um.. I have those settings... my question was relating to the SLI part of inspector....
  14. I have these enabled in my SLI category.... look ok?
  15. Thanks for the video Rob, Looked fabulous indeed! If only i had the nouse!!! Your system is great!
  16. Top man Blaze... did some you tubing and found someone who had set one up... as you say is very easy! Been checking the local electronic store and they have passable switches but will probably go for something a little more authentic... Have a fun day at work mate!
  17. Well thank you Blaze for the reply... I did see someone else mentioned that particular item on another site... it does look good indeed but i am afraid that my electrical skills wont cut the mustard! I have a registered copy of FSUIPC and am a bit familiar with how to use it to some extent.. You mentioned connectors so no soldering needed... this sounds good but what exactly do you mean? I am imagining myself constructing some kind of housing and wiring up all these switches for windows to recognize then assigning them via FSUIPC... thing is using Jeehell software some of the commands in FSUIPC wont work so i guess LUA scripts would be needed? I do like the idea of making a panel.. then it could fit my desk top environment perfectly... Are there instructions for what you have outlined Blaze? Many thanks for your input matey! Regards Doug
  18. Intrigued...yes...yes...young Jedi....there is no try...just do! Thanks Avsim for deleting the most vital bit of info needed! Yikes!
  19. Hi guys, A questions if you please... I am using Jeehell software for my A320 and currently have a joystick being used for various buttons on the FCU etc... There are not enough buttons as you can imagine.. so my question is (as the software does not support keyboard entries) how could i construct something, say a panel, with many buttons on it and then i could assign those to the software? Not really sure where to go with this or what to look for but should imagine someone somewhere has had the same problem? thanks for any help! regards Doug
  20. Great Jeroen! I will try this now... thanks for all the hard work!
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