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  1. mamush1950

    Resetting Windows10

    Oh my it's a real joy Windows 10 (NOT) Peter
  2. mamush1950


    That's exactly what i did it only reads up arrow key,and that's exactly what it does. Peter
  3. mamush1950


    Maybe someone can help me out here,i want to asaign the up arrow key to move forward and the down arrow key to backwards and the other arrow keys left and right in chase plane,but when i do it only go's up and down.Any idea's please? thanks Peter
  4. Ah ok thanks very much Scott.To difficult for me Peter
  5. maybe a stupid question but what is delid. Peter
  6. mamush1950

    PMDG Site A Mess?

    I had exactly the same problem,they change the password for me but still no luck. Peter
  7. mamush1950

    Strange things

    Ok Sir i will Peter Sloove
  8. mamush1950

    Strange things

    Well Mike the thing is,when i try to do this i get a mail whit a link(no clickable,is this good English)i have to copy that link and when i'm in the site i got a message,time has past. Peter Sloove
  9. mamush1950

    Strange things

    Greetings,when i try to login to the PMDG website,they ask for a change of password.Is this correct or is there something wrong. Peter Sloove
  10. mamush1950

    Amsterdam to Chicago

    Thanks HighBypass. Mamush
  11. mamush1950

    Amsterdam to Chicago

    I'm affraid this is a stupid question,but what is MSE 2? Mamush
  12. mamush1950

    FO nut turn up the flaps after landing

    Tell the copilot he's fired, lazy sob :wink: Mamush
  13. Nope,in the config.tool under fleet under miscellenious. Peter
  14. Same here,no contact ftp server.Never had that before using firefox. Peter
  15. mamush1950

    Some NGX shots...

    Nice shots indeed,what scenery is that? Peter