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  1. Taken during a flight from Denver to Jackson Hole:
  2. FF is releasing the 757v2 soon. There will be a very nice 757/767 offering for us XPlane folks.
  3. I'm going back to FSX SE after a couple years on P3D. The addon price increase with PMDG is not worth it in my opinion. (I'm pretty sure the Q400 and Aerosoft Airbus were compatible free of charge). Not a big fan of the washed out look of P3D these days either. I never used payware scenery (I'd rather spend money on planes) and never had an OOM with FSX. I think I will wait for P3D to be 64bits And hoping by then they keep turning a blind eye on how people use the licenses Oh and the iFly 747 is excellent.
  4. I usually disconnect AP/ AT when runway is in sight. Its a lot more fun for me.
  5. I enjoy X-Plane these days, 64 bits is so nice, on my rig I get 30 fps stable with the IXEG 737, skymaxx pro 3 during bad weather landing at a big airport. With either P3D of FSX SE, I get micro stutters as soon as the weather is bad. Granted this may not apply to someone with a powerful rig. Mine is 3 years old. Also the P3D prices are quite steep especially for a software that is not to be used for entertainment... I might consider P3D again if they make it 64 bit, the 10 years old graphic engine doesn't cut it anymore for me at this time, especially with the micro stutters.
  6. I played FS since FS2002. Used and enjoyed FS9/ FSX/ and P3D. I have been using XPlane 10 for a little over a month now. I personally find the interface very easy to navigate and to use. The key bindings took about 3 mins to figure out and that was the only difficulty. UI appreciation is down to personal preferences for sure but as someone that grew up with the boom of the computer age (I'm 27) I never had any difficulty with it whatsoever. You guys should see some software used in engineering, now that's horrible interfaces.
  7. I've always found XPlane UI to be a lot easier to deal with than FSX and P3D for some reason, but if ppl are won over ny the new UI that's a good thing. I wonder what the specs are though, I suspect a hardware update will be necessary for my 3 year old machine.
  8. I disagree, when comparing default weather engines FSX comes first then XPlane then P3D. Why? P3D can't even inject real world weather on its own, that's the most basic function for a weather engine in my opinion.
  9. We shall see. Well, it seems PMDG is giving XPlane more consideration than you do, which is a good thing My personal opinion is XPlane is giving me a better experience thanks to butter smooth frames over complex sceneries and with weather, something P3D on my PC struggles to achieve. XPlane is also finally seeing some very nice addons being released which decided me to make the switch a few weeks ago, very happy I did.
  10. Do you have a source for that? I wouldn't be so sure about that, I'm really curious to see PMDG X-Plane offering grow and wouldn't be too sad if there is the NGX there And for P3D/FSX the addition of the smart cruise would make it appealing I'm sure. It will be down to the pricing vs offering (how much new things will be added) : I'd understand people not willing to pay for a NGX for the 3rd (!) time though.
  11. You didn't use vanilla xplane weather, did you ?Its not like it would make any sense to compare stock xplane weather with a commercial product... Especially if you are using P3D that IIRC is not able to use real world weather out of the box, unlike X Plane.
  12. And it was not the first time this loss of airspeed indication happened on 330s. Air Caraibes and also Air France (IIRC) had several reports of such incidents, Air Caraibes was very fast to replace all their pitots, Air France was not. Edit source in French (sorry) http://www.liberation.fr/planete/2009/06/09/air-france-a-t-il-tarde-a-remplacer-les-sondes-pitot_563432 Air Caraibes had their pitots changed by September 2008 after the first of two incident was reported in July 2008. Second incident happened in September 2008 (before the completion of the replacement).
  13. People underestimate how much ones vision can tunnel under certain circumstances. The FO was completely focused on the loss of speed info and didn't see anything else probably. We had an air France captain at my paragliding club when AF447 happened, he was completely puzzled, he couldn't comprehend why it crashed, why they didn't recover. He did told us though that he thought pilots completely trained in the civilian world seem to be more scared of stalls than former military aviators like he was, as in the French Naval Aviation he had his fair share of dynamic and low speed stalls practice. Its always easy to replay a game afterwards.
  14. I'd love to see some Xplane releases, especially the ATS MD82/83
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