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  1. Found this https://devsupport.flightsimulator.com/questions/2196/sim-freezes-when-loading-around-60-with-3rd-party.html?page=3&pageSize=10&sort=oldest
  2. Just a note, remember you have to select the FBW A320NX version in MSFS, Go into my hanger and select the LEAP version of A320 neo not the Asbo standard version,.
  3. Hi I was having the same problem for two days and after a lot of flights with CTD I narrowed it down to using the latest Airac nav data from Navigraph with the FBW A320NX dev model. If I used either the nav data or the FBW A320 on their own, flights went ok however as soon as I put both in my community folder the flight would crash after maybe 30mins to 1hr. Nothing I done would help but there were 3 quick Navigraph simlink updates for some reason and after the 3rd the CTDs stopped, dont know if this is any help to anyone but my advice would be if your using Navigraph data remove it from community folder using their beta installer then, uninstall Navigraph from your computer via windows, get the latest version of Navigraph beta installer and reinstall it , the latest simlink should install at the same time and hopefully solve your problems, good luck.
  4. If Im understanding you right, when you click on the other screen the FPS go up because it is the FPS of that particular screen that is being measured not your game FPS and that is why when you go back to your game screen it drops back, this has been brought up on other forums before.
  5. I do believe there is a setting to allow ice to effect aerodynamics, I’m not on the sim at the moment so can’t say exactly where but its somewhere in the Assistance section and it was set off on my setup when I noticed it. Hope this helps, ah there you go, see above for location.
  6. Hi I had a similar problem in the Cessna using the Garmin 1000, kept saying 74kts for me not 185 but it was happening because I had accidentally turned on the speed references and set 74kts not realising I’d done it as the knobs to select and set values are a pain to adjust(need a fix), anyway what I had to do is press the tmr/ref soft key on the pdf and carefully turn off references, not sure this is your problem but thought I’d mention it , hope it helps. Vspeeds bug on or off Press the TMR/REF softkey. Rotate the large FMS knob to highlight the Vspeed field. Rotate the small FMS knob to select the desired speed, and then press the ENT key. (An asterisk appears to indicate you changed the default speed.) Rotate the large FMS knob to move the cursor to the Off/On field. Rotate the small FMS knob to select Off or On, and then press the ENT key. Press the TMR/REF softkey to close the window.
  7. Hi folks, hope someone can help me out here. I got everything downloaded this morning and the sim seemed to be working ok, however after work I turned on the computer to start up sim and give it a proper try out but it got stuck in a loop at the press any key point, figured that it was because I wasn’t logged into Xbox live beta app, even though I didn’t log out previously, but every time I try to sign in to Xbox live I get , We were unable to sign you in to Xbox live error. I’ve tried all solutions I can find, even reinstalled Xbox live beta, this obviously prevents me using the sim and the fact it was working earlier is so annoying, any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  8. I must say I'm very impressed with the movement of the cockpit with the wind turbulence set slightly higher than default, adds just that something to the overall sim experience, however when I moved the mouse to try out the Turbulence Pause on Mouse Movement feature the turbulence didn't pause, now I don't know if this feature is implemented yet or there is a bug but thought I'd let you know .I was using the Aerosoft A320 at the time. Thanks Dale
  9. Yes Keven that's exactly right, works when I select it with the assigned button on my controller, sorry I wasn't more clear about that.
  10. Can't seem to get this working, Tried a flight at FL340 and left it, view stayed set to onboard, was using Aerosoft A320 and had Proatcx running, not sure if that's a contributing factor. Thanks Dale
  11. Is there a specific trackir profile that should be used?.Cant see chaseplane on list and there are no game profile updates available in trackir software, I'm using version of the trackir software. Thanks Dale
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