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  1. The AI Manager? You can get it from: https://www.alpha-india.net/software/
  2. Works fine here - Maybe post on the Navigraph forums for help?
  3. It only appears in certain light conditions. Looks like this:
  4. They have it uploaded on Google Drive at: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1U7Dgli3BKDYpcGzU7ffzSEAK2ww4SSVm/view?usp=share_link currently.
  5. Someone who had the issue on Discord says its fixed so it does appear to be fixed for some people. Maybe pop in the discord and ask there.
  6. Navigraph posted in the Fenix Discord: Update: They said it should be fixed now.
  7. As the docs have now been released for the new AAU1 update - Navigraph should hopefully be able to make a plugin to bring charts back at some point.
  8. This should now allow Navigraph to create a plug-in to bring charts to this suite of avionics again.
  9. Not sure if this is yourself on the FSUIPC support forums but this was posted on their forum: Presets gone after update to the latest FSUIPC version and SU12 - FSUIPC7 MSFS - The simFlight Network Forums
  10. There was fixes made to ESSA in SU12 - https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/promised-essa-fix-for-broken-runway-and-taxiways-not-mentioned-in-su12-beta-release/576982/4
  11. If you do have FSUIPC installed then that is most likely the issue. Fenix said this about it: Edit: Looks like FSUIPC7 v7.3.19 is now out which probably resolves the issue.
  12. Are you sure your exe.xml has the entry in for this to work? As mentioned at: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/honeycomb-bravo-throttle-quardrant-lights-not-working/439700/53
  13. Seems fine on this end - I do have Navigraph installed so not sure if that has anything to do with it.
  14. Looks like Sim Update 12 will release tomorrow https://twitter.com/msfsofficial/status/1637921153434918919
  15. You would be correct. Sim Update 12 is in beta.
  16. I suppose it will depend how much work would be involved to make their products work fully in V6 before committing to the development costs of doing so. V6 is also a paid upgrade so not everyone is going to upgrade straight away.
  17. Then no - But 2.0 is coming soon. But the "beta" releases are pretty stable.
  18. The H145 has been updated many times since SU11 - Have you ran your Hype Operations Centre to get the latest builds? They are currently on Build 398 (2.0 Release Preview). If you aren't already, joining their discord would keep you up-to-date. Or you can take a look at the changelogs here: https://davux.com/docs/h145/CHANGELOG.html
  19. Or let's go with "Plugin system isn't fully finished and developers are waiting for documentation" from WorkingTitle as mentioned by Navigraph:
  20. They are having a discussion with their weather provider this year (I think it was this month actually) in terms of the data as there was a lot of talk about improving what devs can have access to so they can make good weather radars. We will have to see if anything comes from it. Also, I'm pretty sure Navigraph can create their own plugin for AAU1 to bring charts back for those planes - They are probably just waiting for the plugin system to have documentation.
  21. https://www.pilots.shop/Cms/Ui/Pages/Products/MainPage.aspx?id=9633a8c6-b041-4c42-b5fd-c9062043ee76&pageid=bb7c6c49-ce7f-42bd-8083-db1d0b95f03c
  22. FlightFX have announced the next product they are working on and its going to be the Piaggio Avanti 2
  23. I'm sure many people on here and in the flight sim community know Matt Davies with his videos on YouTube, twitch stream and flight sim projects such as Projectfly. He has sadly passed away today. Twitter thread from his partner can be seen at:
  24. I very much doubt that will happen I'm afraid.
  25. RD Presets Gibraltar GSX Pro Profile » Microsoft Flight Simulator
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