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  1. With your 2060, you really do not have much to worry about V5 will make good use of your GPU and in the process, less is required of your CPU to produce smooth flight. And as mentioned above, you can turn off EA if you like... I leave it on. (On a GTX 1070).
  2. I started by renaming the AI Suite folder (in safe mode) and then used the Programs Uninstall function to disable it after the boot worked again. Now, I have deleted the folder as well, for good measure.
  3. Hmm, I did have those installed, but no longer.. When you have some time, try what I suggested.. create a unique name for the popup, you can leave the VC unit as default. Then copy the default section in the ini file, and give it the correct name. Now you have two independent sections where you can adjust brightness.
  4. Which aircraft are you having trouble with?
  5. The 2060 should run v5 just fine..
  6. I think you have to ask this question of the aircraft creator/vendor
  7. In the panel.cfg file, you can give each of the GTN instances unique names, like "VC" and "Popup" In the ini file, you create separate sections, for VC and Popup.. In these sections, you can make individual adjustments..
  8. Well, it does actually do that... Now you understand that the RXP GNS gauge interfaces to the Garmin GNS Trainer which runs in the background. Having said that, the Garmin Trainer was developed by Garmin for use by RW Garmin owners, to practice using the GNS without burning avgas.. So it can be used independently (as intended by Garmin) or called by the RXP gauge without the user's involvement..
  9. I just got a Windows update notification, and after it installed, the PC froze, choking on loading this AI Suite app. Luckily, I could boot in safe mode and uninstall it. Since then, Windows starts up just fine.. Nasty surprise, though.. I have used AI Suite for years without problems, but not anymore..
  10. If you go to your Carenado account, you should find the download there. Copying from V4 to V5 does not work for Carenado planes, as you have found out.. 🙂
  11. I have also moved from V4 to V5, but the hardware requirements are different! If you have a GPU with 6+ GB VRAM, V5 is a good option... but V4 will happily run in 4 GB.. Not sure what hardware the OP is running..
  12. You will have reinstall the airplane, selecting P3DV4, and browsing to your P3DV5 folder. What you are seeing is Carenado's copy protection in action.
  13. I also have both the 32 and 64 dlls on a 64 bit system, so I do not think that is the problem. What rxp gauges do you find in your FSX\Gauges folder? Could it be that your antivirus has quarantined one of them?
  14. Good find! It was the on screen fps display that caused the problem... not the fps limiter.. 🙂 Back to using RTSS.
  15. I just started getting this error as well with RTSS active.. not sure what changed... Back to limiting fps in NV CP again..
  16. As also mentioned in the User documentation... what do your rxp log files (in your Documents folder) say?
  17. Correct, the configuration panel is activated by the shift+right click method described in the Users Guide.
  18. I would actually expect it the other way around... a warning that emergency gear is not primed 🙂 And it is not emergency gear... it is a safety feature that will lower the gear for you if you forget.
  19. Is there possibly an issue with GTN 6.70 vs 6.62? Does the OP have both versions installed?
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