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  1. I have used FS2020 Store Edition now for several years. To launch\start the sim I use the "gamelaunchhelper.exe" from the Content Folder. This has always worked OK for me. Today when I tried to start\launch the game this method did not work to start FS2020. I have no idea why. It worked fine yesterday. Any help\suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Herman
  2. OK.....thanks for your reply. I will check. Herman
  3. Last week all power management worked OK. When I tried to fly this aircraft this week I was unable to advance the power past idle setting. (Bravo Throttle Control) I checked all the settings and bindings and they are OK. I selected a different aircraft and the throttles work fine. I am at a loss here. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Cheers.....Herman
  4. After going thru with the MS Account Recovery prossess.....MS replied that they were unable to recover my Account and suggested that this Account could be with my Internet Service Provider. I did check with my ISP and they were unable to locate any such MS Account. I don't think they would even have any such a connection. Herman
  5. OK.....thank you....it looks like I will have to contact Microsoft Support. Cheers.....Herman
  6. What really puzzels me is....how and why did this Microsoft page pop up so suddenly. Is there a problem perhaps with the Flight Simulator start and loading shortcut Icon of my Computer ???? Herman
  7. OK....I have tried that...comes up as "password not correct". Unfortunately I do not remember my password....so I went thru all the steps required to recover my password..... and the final step was to fill out a form that required to give a lot of personal information..... which was then sent to Microsoft. After a few hours an answer came back telling me that I did not provide sufficient information for them to recover my password. I answered all the questions as best I could. So now I have been unable to use FS2020 for more then a week and I am getting a bit frustrated. Fortunately I am still able to use my FSX Platform without any of the above problems. Should I perhaps try deleting all my Microsoft Accounts??....but it does seem risky. Herman
  8. Hello: My FS2020 installation is from the Steam platform and I have been using it for almost 2 years. Last week when I activated the FS short cut icon the activation started and then stalled due to a popup page appearing. This popup page displayed a Microsoft Account Page requesting a password. I have no idea as to why this page appeared all of a sudden. This never happened before and it is blocking the loading prosses. I do not know how to get rid of this page. Any ideas\help would be appreciated. Below is a screen shot. Herman
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