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    Prepar3D and W10 rules of coexistence

    UAC=off. I have Win10 Home so I can't turn off updates but so far (has it been 2 and a half years already) updates have not been a problem. There are a number of threads on configuring Win 10 so it's less obnoxious and interfering. I'd suggest reading thru a few of them. You could do a Justin Case and dual boot Win7 and Win10.
  2. You haven't bought anything yet? This thread is coming up on 4 months! I was looking at the Z390-F motherboard but couldn't find it on sale or in stock right after Thanksgiving so I bought the Asus Z390-H which was. Anyways, to answer your question .... 2x16GB. Leaves two slots open when you decide 32GB is not enough.
  3. Twenty6

    Prepar3D and W10 rules of coexistence

    Only an i9? Don't install P3D into either of the "C:\Program Files" folders. Other than that, have fun.
  4. Twenty6

    Aerosoft CRJ

    Really! You must be using a version not released to the general public. The one the Deputies use?? There's a whole Aerosoft forum, and the developer himself, that disagree with your statement. I, myself, have been using version which is "experimental." Various bugs are always being fixed "in the next version." I'll agree that the Digital Aviation CRJ is a good simulation, but from where it started, a year and a half ago, it had nowhere to go but up. Virtualcol, Perfect Flight and Feelthere also released payware CRJs.
  5. Twenty6

    A320 family professional Aerosoft

    Aerosoft recommends turning off the cockpit and wing views (in the MCDU) when using Chaseplane with the Airbuses.
  6. Twenty6

    P3D 4.4 Texture (layering) issues?

    Erich, Try rebuilding a new "terrain.cfg" located in %ProgramData%. Rename "terrain.cfg". Start P3D to the scenario screen then shut down. Start FTX Central and let it do its thing then shut it down. Delete shaders in your AppData\Local directory. Run P3D to see if there's a difference. Not familiar with your scenery, some might have also written to the "terrain.cfg" and have to be reinstalled.
  7. Brand new BizJet (9-21-17). Never heard of the company but their two airports don't seem to have high praise. Interior cockpit seems to be cartoonish-looking, like it was made for Wii. Approx $30US. Says it has a dedicated 64-bit version for P3Dv4. Like the one review I'm a sucker for bizjets
  8. If it was the RAM it would happen across Trainz too. These reboots only happen in P3D. Those are the only two programs that run on that computer for any length of time. AppCrashView is not recording anything about the reboot so I don't think it's a BSOD. Windows Event Viewer tells me my computer unexpectedly rebooted. But to leave no tern unstoned, I've removed a pair of RAM modules. And then will switch out and replace with the other pair. After that it's the TrackIR 64bit USB drivers which my wife pointed out is the only thing I haven't had words with.
  9. Glad I found this thread. Misery loves company.I haven't been bothered with CTD except in a few instances where I know what I did to cause the crash. My current nightmare is the computer rebooting for no apparent reason This has been happening since late August, early September, this year, both before and after an SSD failure, before and after a Win10-64 build 1803 new install, before and after a P3Dv4.3 new install. No addon scenery, some addon scenery and all my addon scenery. Same protocol for installing aircraft and utilities. Replaced a CH Eclipse yoke with a Logitech Xtreme joystick. Different keyboard and mouse. Stripped down and rebuilt the computer. New dust for old dust. I ruled out hardware problems (after replacing the SSD) cuz I also have Trainz: A New Era on this computer and it will run without incident for hours and hours and hours. AI trains might become confused and lose their schedule but no reboots. None at all. I've gone thru the AVSIM CTD guide but I'm not experiencing a CTD. Even though, I've gone thru it, reinstalling C++ and NET framework libraries, covering all bases. I've used TaskMgr to disable all unnecessary startups and MSI update utility to bring any and all Z270 motherboard drivers up-to-date. 416.81 Nvidia graphic drivers only for a GTX1070. Locked i7-6700 so no overclocking is involved. Huge Rosewill case with 6 or 7 fans. Temps rarely exceed 55 Celsius. This CPU began life in a Dell 8900. Motherboad died in July, 2017 and was replaced by the MSI Z270. If the CPU is dying I'd also have these reboots while Trainz is running. Trainz will stress my computer just as much as P3D will. I'm wondering if Windows 7 is the only way out of this?
  10. Here's the Flight1 GTN750 installed in the DA42 Twin Star. It's a custom installation so the GTN Config Tool WAS NOT used. Flight1 GTN750 not included. Has the GTN750 in the VC and as a popup. Alabeo G1000 MFD only available as a popup in case you need it. Reversionary Mode =ON so aircraft and engine parameters are on the PFD G1000 what it looks like JPG to see if you even want to do this How to install in 4 steps download size is 2.2MB This was installed in P3Dv4 but should also work with other flight sims. Alabeo Twin Star and GTN750 Complete (v2.0.3) were installed into their default locations PM me if interested with a valid email address and I will send the file ""
  11. Twenty6

    AIFP3 - AI traffic using wrong elevation data

    Same version 1.3. I put all the individual airports (EKCH, ELLX, LSZH, etc) at the highest priority using "addon.xml" files. Looking thru my notes on installation I see that ELLX needs AEC disabled in Orbx Vector which might be your problem with the short landings.
  12. Twenty6

    AIFP3 - AI traffic using wrong elevation data

    P3D v4.3, Win10-64, UTLive, Orbx Global, Vector and OpenLC Europe Just sat off the end of RWY06 Justsim ELLX and watched a landing. Landing was spot on, not short. 3 takeoffs were all from the numbers, not off somewhere in the grass. Don't know whether this helps you or not.
  13. Twenty6

    Aerosoft A320/321 Professional - available NOW

    Welp, without changing any of the defaults: F1 = idle F2 = reversers but only from idle F3 = incremental increases but not to detents/stops F4 = man toga Moving the throttle in these Airbuses is minimal so assigning keys is, to me, overkill.
  14. Where are the quick to lock a thread moderators when you really need them.
  15. Twenty6

    Can't apply Preset

    Guessing you didn't backup the original shadersHLSL folder so only way to get them back is to reinstall P3D Client.
  16. Anyone considering buying FSCommander v10 and using P3D should read this post. At least the first two lines.á-été-publié-der-fsc-10-wurde-veröffentlicht/
  17. Twenty6

    Flight1 Mustang is available

    Yes. POH page 11. Manually shut down all of the aircraft systems and Save the Scenario as 'Cold and Dark.' ?? Up to you. If you liked the Mustang before, you'll like it now.
  18. Twenty6

    Flight1 Mustang is available

    As of about 10PM CDT the coupon was working. Bought the Mustang for $19.95 and installation was painless. Installs Navigraph 1807 I believe but I already updated to the current cycle. Love it. A true classic in flight simming. G1000 needs a better resolution. But then I say that about every plane I own. My eyes are getting old and I need cheaters. Frame rates a a wee bit heavy but nothing that should break the deal. I limit FPS to 30 in P3d and usually meander between 27-30 in the Phenom100 and 300. Mustang waffled between 23-30 without any stutters. No VNAV. FLC or VS only. There is a red line on the speedtape going up from 250kts. I can't remember why that's there but maybe I did something wrong in preflight. Been a while and I have to bone up. Flightplans are awkward to setup in a G1000. Much easier for me to load a flightplan thru P3D and just add any procedure during the flight. If you allready own the Mustang it's only $20 to update it to P3Dv4, plus you get every other platform too (FSX, P3Dv2, etc) You'll kick yourself if you don't buy it. It's like the Realair Duke without propellers. And being from Flight1, it comes with a money back for 30 days offer. Who else does that?
  19. Twenty6

    Wilco Falcon 7X version 3.2 for P3D

    Good grief, I got my money back on this garbage when it was v1.4. Version 3.2 and they still haven't figured it out? Which reputable store (s) are still selling this trash?
  20. Twenty6

    ORBX Help!

    Wonder if I'm too late to add to this. Before you do a reinstall try this. Delete "terrain.cfg". Run P3D to rebuild a default "terrain.cfg" then shut P3D down. Rename the folder "ORBX\User Documents\Versions" or move it to a safe place. Run FTX Central and it should tell you everything needs to be installed. Do it as you don't know which of your many sceneries got the "terrain.cfg" corrupted. Follow any advice about rebooting and see if that helped your problem.
  21. Twenty6

    Unknown Error

  22. Twenty6

    Prepar3D v3.4 blue terrain

    Which one? Orbx makes a lot of different sceneries and textures. As Jimmy64 said above, you're not giving enough info for anyone to suggest a solution. However, this issue with misplaced textures has come up repeatedly and so have the solutions. Doing a search on "misplaced orbx textures" brings up an ungodly amount of hits to wade thru. One of which will solve the problem. Good luck.
  23. Twenty6

    Upgrading PC, how does one "move" Prep3D

    One doesn't move P3D. One uninstall P3D, replaces the motherboard and reinstalls.
  24. Twenty6


    Not really. Let's leave that type of pollution to Facebook and the other social media outlets. AVSIM is not a popularity contest. My opinion. I don't do Facebook, or the like, but I do buy their stock and have made $$$ off of the mindlessness they inspire. So keep doing what you're doing. As long as I continue to make money I can tolerate it. Hypocrite? You bet! It's helping to fund my retirement.
  25. 1. Backup any file you modify before making changes. 2. Open panel.cfg and make the following changes: //-------------------------------------------------------- [Window08] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=937,887 ident=14401 zorder=99 window_size= 0.345, 0.525 window_pos= 0.650, 0.470 gauge00=F1GTN!GTN750, 0,0,937,887,UNIT1.POP //-------------------------------------------------------- [Vcockpit02] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=512,512 visible=0 pixel_size=1024,1024 texture=$Panel_2 gauge00=F1GTN!GTN750, 1,4,521,308,UNIT1.VC gauge01=EMB505_G1000!COMMON_UPDATE_G1000MFD, 0,0,1,1 gauge03=EMB505CAR!ToggleCARG1100, 64,0,400,64 gauge04=CAREMB505_G1000!GPS_Twas, 0,0,1,1 //-------------------------------------------------------- Save panel.cfg. This gives you the screen of the GTN750 but not the bezel that has buttons/knobs/etc. In order to use anything on the bezel you have to popup [Window08]. There is a clickspot on the left side of the Vcockpit MFD bezel. It also keeps the Carenado MFD as a popup window if you want to input LFE, temp, etc. Clickspot is still active where Carenado put it. 3. Copy "F1GTN.ini" from the directory of another aircraft (that has a GTN750) and paste it into the Carenado Phenom 300 directory. Same directory containing the "aircraft.cfg" file. 4. Good to go.