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  1. Working the buttons and knobs on most of the MSFS virtual cockpits is pure torture. Trying to adjust heading or altitude while the plane is overly buffeted and thrown around is difficult and sometimes impossible. I'd welcome a popup like the OP describes.
  2. You're either in Showcase mode or you turned off the HUD in the Camera > Chase Camera menu.
  3. I'd love to see that too. But Carenado is only selling thru the MS Marketplace which means their planes are encrypted which means retrofitting anything into the panel will be impossible. Or impossible "today." Those WT guys are pretty crafty and can now work from inside MSFS, so here's hoping.
  4. Could it be something you bought in the marketplace?
  5. Do you have the Cessna CJ4? That along with the Working Title mod is available now and getting better with each WT update.
  6. Just bought the MSFS version 4.1 for $11.23 USD,
  7. Did a flight this afternoon from home airport and weather in the sim looked like the weather outside my house (using Unreal Weather mod.) No CTD. Just checked a few airports on the west coast using https://www.aviationweather.gov/metar as control. KLAX was spot on. KTUS was not. Don't know what to tell you. Not sure how often these metars are updated on a Tuesday evening.
  8. Believe you need to look on the EFB > Options. One of the pages has a toggle for inflight announcements.
  9. IIRC using Alt-F4 shuts down the window (program) immediately without saving any changes that might have been made and/or not yet written out.
  10. Thanks for the heads up. It's been a while since I've visited their forums. Doubt I will buy the 900/1000 though, whatever the price.
  11. Where'd this come from? CRJs for MSFS is the 550/700. Unless I'm really out of that (Aerosoft) loop and they're adding some new models. What's the date on that product preview you're quoting?
  12. https://www.tdssim.com/tdsgtnxi Bottom of the page. Look thru the Minimum System Requirements.
  13. Never say never. Never had a problem with anything I've bought from SimMarket. But like anything else I also shop price. In this case FSdreamteam.com is the better deal, although I never thought I'd say that. Never ever.
  14. USD 10.99 price conversion over at SimMarket for this product. FSdreamteam.com has it for USD 9.99. Support the developer AND save a buck.
  15. "Lawyers" are off crucifying Captain Sim right now, but don't worry, they'll be back soon enough.
  16. Have that airport but it wasn't installed at this time. Was checking out the new CJ4 v0.12.5 WT mod and noticed the spikes. Didn't notice the spikes when I landed there a few days ago. Oh well, if that's all that's messed up after this update I can deal with it.
  17. No one mentioned the scenery spikes which seem to have come back. Sit at KLSE Rwy 18 and pan around. And they don't want to disappear when you get close. Fact is they get bigger and they're solid.
  18. There are a number of Utube videos that helped me with setting it up. Truly is a must-have utility for MSFS.
  19. I did not look at the default mappings but the update did not change anything in my personal profile. Not even sure why Asobo would bother with it.
  20. Not to throw the guy under the bus but I find these kinds of things funny. Taken directly from his website. "14-Day Trial – unlimited access to all features for 30 days" Don't people bother to proofread anymore?
  21. I think you're missing the absolute very bestest mod for MSFS by not using the Working Title CJ4 mod. Impressed Asobo enough that they hired the WT team. Available here: https://github.com/Working-Title-MSFS-Mods/fspackages Download is at the bottom of the page. Current version is 0.12.1, open beta. Get the docs too.
  22. Works fine with the v0.12.1 mod from Working Title and I don't remember this problem in any previous versions. OP's problem with the radios is something else.
  23. Looks like 737 pilots will have to wait a bit before having to buy the plane yet again.
  24. Makes sense. Guess we'll be surprised on Tuesday. Same for the CRJ.
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