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  1. Does not seem to be working today. Choose a plane and airport and "Go Fly" (or whatever it says) and 10 -15 seconds later I'm staring at the Desktop. Only thing that's changed on my computer is the date.
  2. Delete them only thru Content Manager or they will keep coming back every startup.
  3. You're not so bad yourself. Years ago I was having trouble with the Orbx airport KRDD not displaying properly in P3D. No questions asked and you gave me a refund. Don't remember if I thanked you back then, if not I'm thanking you now.
  4. Chicken Soup Rule: "It might not help but it certainly won't hurt."
  5. Read this before deleting dinput8.dll in any other location. https://www.dll-files.com/dinput8.dll.html
  6. Impossible to see from FL350. But come down to 3500AGL in the Kodiak, go into spot view and you'll see some (not all) tiles show a google watermark along one side. I changed to Bing Latest and have not noticed any watermarks.
  7. Aren't Frame Generation updates and refinements done thru display driver updates? Thought I read that somewhere. Anyways, I update to the new RTX4090 drivers because it's so easy to rollback if there's a problem.
  8. No longer on sale at Aerosoft but Simmarket is selling it half (their) price. $15.38. 21 hours left as of this writing.
  9. If that's necessary I think the developer would include instructions on how and why.
  10. You could start by searching "remove game bar." First result should be what you need.
  11. Not so sure. I'm currently (and usually) running 119 different items in the Community folder and only ever have to reset the Assistance settings when a new build of the beta comes out. And for some reason it changes Full Screen mode to Windowed. I have payware and freeware aircraft and sceneries, various libraries for the sceneries, aircraft and system mods, POIs and AI traffic put there thru Addon Linker. I'd look at individual addons to find the problem.
  12. Here: https://fselite.net/content/flyingiron-simulations-announces-boeing-b-17-flying-fortress-and-hawker-hunter/ I didn't read the article but it's not discord
  13. What am I looking for? What's not working in the G1000?
  14. I don't have the Fenix and only experienced resetting on the initial beta 1.35.13 startup. I'm also not have any issues with the Kodiak's PFD as reported by another poster.
  15. Weird. Had this happen on the first load of the beta but not on any of the following starts (2nd, 3rd, 4th.) Only thing I did between 1st and 2nd was change DX version from 11 to 12beta.
  16. My guess is that even though you think you're using the right livery, you're not. Easy to miss the correct livery as some of the thumbnails aren't that great. You could also repaint the livery to one of your choice, but that takes money which you probably don't have being so new. Stick with it. Great proggram and you can't beat the price.
  17. Sort the Official folder by date. Anything new for today's date and time?
  18. flyingironsimulations.com July 19 - 31 up to 50% off Bought the P 38 for MSFS because I choose to support the developer directly ( and it's not encrypted.)
  19. I have the P3D version from Justsim so took advantage of the upgrade price to MSFS. Shrewd deals like this is how I was able to afford my current GPU.
  20. I would have guessed Taburet developed this.
  21. Alright!!!! The coffee cups are back!
  22. OK, then try their website at www.rexaxis.com. You should be able to open a support ticket and update to the latest version.
  23. In Content Manager search for KORD. Click on it and delete.
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