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  1. As posted after first delay, what I suspect is, and the main reason for this, is that FSR 3 is not completed and there is a demand to get FSR 3 out the door. If you are not aware many game titles already support FSR 3 and the list is growing. So Asobo are under the microscope right now because the Engine does Not currently support it. Also 3 has been out for many months by now. AMD have issued a new press release regarding the upcoming FSR 3.1 There is a high priority to update the Engine for this.
  2. With 2024, a lot of simmers would be happy to see a universal, in-sim flight planner that not only plans the route but also calculates the vertical profile, fuel and weights, and also display Sids, Stars and Approaches on the map.
  3. They plan releases, usually in a spreadsheet or similar They prepare for and monitor actual releases They send notifications before and after releases They report the status and progress of releases They update the community, unless there is a community manager
  4. Shouldnt it be possible to create a new model that was trained specifically on the latest version of the MSFS specs, and that model be used?
  5. I'm a fan of MK studios. Amazing quality work IMO.
  6. As I expected the SU15 Beta has been Extended until end of March. They still have plans for the A320 this release and hence need extra time. I still also expect it was extended because they have plans for FSR3 this Beta. I think the pressure is really on the team this time to get it Done.
  7. Pilot is late to flare 737 and pulls back quick on yoke. Does the aircraft suddenly climb immediately? No! Because of Idle thrust. There is slightly lesser hard landing. If this was Pmdg 737 it would have ballooned up! Zibo would not do that.
  8. 737 has too much weight to start a climb on Idle power! The only way to prove me wrong is to provide evidence of at least One real YouTube video of a 737, or any airliner starting a climb on Idle power, that is Not a go around!
  9. It has nothing to do with "landing technique" It has everything to do with with the 737's having an extremely unrealistic flight model. There are Zero 737's that will will Immediately reverse descent at 20 feet and initiate a Climb on IDLE Thrust. To suggest otherwise proves you have Zero knowledge of aircraft physics.
  10. Pmdg 737 flight model is junk, compared to Zibo. Simple example: if you are about to touch down with idle thrust and you pull back on yoke, it will immediately nose up and start to climb. This is obviously so broken because it's impossible IRL.
  11. I am also thankful that Microsoft is behind MSFS for the purposes of AI development Even so, I am not convinced that FS2024 will include AI ATC out of the box. Simply because there is simply too much else to do. But who knows I could be wrong. However, developers will have access to all the Best AI dev tools such as Copilot and Code generators etc. So I expect next version is going to be super optimized. I am not actually planning to do a Hardware anytime soon, as I believe my 5800x3d and 3080 Ti still can go on for quite a while yet, on optimized FS2024. I expect FS2024 will be more cloud based but not entirely and some addons will be picked up locally. I expect the scenery is going start looking better at ground level because the sim world will not always be solely for flight. I expect the next version is going to have multiplayer shared cockpits I expect the next version for Deluxe copy will have AIRAC updates and Jeppeson charts I expect the next version will have more Boeing aircraft out of the Box, including at least one 737 Max and a 737 (non Max) I expect the next version is going to have more advanced ground handling I expect the next version is going to run very well on PC and XBox from day 1. I expect the next version is going to have much improved flight modeling / physics
  12. Just a little bit of brain washing. Just imagine if someone types MSFS into Google. Or what is MSFS? You know what they're going to get.
  13. Quite an illogical argument to claim there is no delay because no dates have been given, but earlier claim (in bold) MSFS is "coming soon".
  14. This is approximately how X Plane 12 should look out of the box in bright / sunny conditions. Notice the difference is the cockpit brightness? It's a big difference right there!
  15. If FSR 3 comes with the next Sim Update at mid year, simmers are naturally going to be asking a lot of questions. Why are all these other game studios rolling this out, but they (Asobo) are taking many months? Have they lost some developer talent or have a compromised budget due to FS2024 schedule? One would expect their reputation as a game studio to take a hit, if there's such a delay. See what happens.
  16. Cockpits are too dark. This has always been an issue, even though every new X Plane has a new lighting model! There are forum posts everywhere on this issue. Numerous YouTube videos on lighting hacks. But there is no official fix by LR Devs. Honestly the time for this is getting pretty crazy by now, and considering the other Sim is on the 15th Sim update and those include hundreds of updates / fixes.
  17. X Plane cockpit lighting has always been broken (too dark) it is not realistic. What is being done to address this. When is there going to be an official fix? An update from LR would be useful!
  18. So far, we don't have a timeframe for FSR 3 (official) It is rumoured that Asobo are trying to include it with SU15. Game Studios around the world are increasingly adding FSR 3 support with many more titles in the pipeline. But if Asobo fail to deliver with SU15 (March 12) it will be many more months for the next Sim Update, and simmers will have to wait. Pressure is on Asobo studio right now. Games with FSR 3 Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Farming Simulator 22 Forspoken Immortals of Aveum Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth Mortal Online 2 MotorCubs RC Starfield (Beta Update) Starship Troopers: Extermination The Talos Principle 2 Games with FSR 3 (Coming Soon) The Alters Black Myth: Wukong Crimson Desert Cyberpunk 2077 Dying Light 2 Stay Human EVE Online Frostpunk 2 House Flipper 2 Nightingale Pax Dei REMNANT II Squad The Thaumaturge Warhammer 40,000: Darktide Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2 Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realms of Ruin
  19. Possible they could throw in some other features by March 12. ie FSR 3.
  20. Private company. There's no way to verify any of this. Unless evidence is produced.
  21. to be fair that was multiple releases, but I said single release.
  22. This is shaping up to be (possibly) the single greatest flight sim update ever released!
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