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  1. Already bought: EBBR and KBOS Thinking to also get: KPDX, KSAN and KCLT
  2. So, what's the latest. Are there any plans for XP to support DLSS? I think DLSS has become a must now with performance increases. How long will it take for these guys to support it. That's the question.
  3. Thinking about upgrading from 3080 Ti (12GB) to 4080 (16GB)
  4. So does the Holy Grail System include SU11 plus latest Beta patch? How much does the latest Beta Patch improve perf ?
  5. It would be good if the screens can play movies in the cabin.
  6. The program keeps crashing, especially with the DA-62.
  7. Would like to see the surprise either: a big update to the default in-sim flight planner, Or: a default tablet EFB that can be installed in any aircraft.
  8. During Q&A, I was under the impression that the TBM 930 + G3000 updates are also coming in January.
  9. Two patches then crickets. FSX a disaster.
  10. Just learning to fly this thing now. Pretty cool plane. The FMC has miles to T/D somewhere? I'm looking on the Progress page etc. I don't see it. F-PLAN page has the time at T/D not miles.
  11. Boy o Boy SU11 has not brought any smoothness with AI traffic. In fact I would say it is quite a bit worse now. The video's on youtube showed some hope for FSLTL / SU11. Not seeing it!
  12. Adding this airport makes scenery less realistic. So, but what other airports come with SU11?
  13. I think Austin knows he can never compete for the millions of gamers out there on Xbox and PC who are addicted to real to life graphics. But the sim remained a niche for his die hard followers. He has the means to keep costs to barebone minimums with a small Dev team working from home. None of the usual costs to pay for an office, Dev tools, hardware, QA Testers, etc etc. Then he also does some side projects too, which earns something. So I think XP will survive for the medium term (at least).
  14. Yea but XP only models the box around the aircraft. Not environment flows. If I fly over the parking lot at Walmart I would expect some uplift (from heated concrete). Not going to happen in XP. It doesn't come to Austin's attention, that whole 'environment' thing.
  15. Not sure what's going on with this addon at the moment. I arrive at destination airport and there are aircraft. However it's like they are all static. Nothing is happening. Just to clarify, I noticed an update to 1.2.1, after above comment.
  16. Oh yeah on EFB 'progress': considering only a few months back it was supposed to already be in Beta testing Last month, the statements were nothing more than straight up lies.
  17. Gave this tool a shot last night. Good instructions! Ran the update @ 2048. Results look fine. It did not help fps much but good to know the textures use less VRAM. I think the ground performance with SU11 is supposed to be improved, so waiting for that. As per my previous message, if FSLTL update the models, we need to blow away the models, everything, reinstall all models with FBW installer and rerun the texture converter?
  18. Does the texture optimizer fix FPS? How much? What about FBW installer updates to models? It will overwrite? Thanks.
  19. Starting to look a bit better. The darkness at the bottom is there. But a long way to go.
  20. The clouds still look very basic IMO. As in really basic. Prepared to wait this one out. And it could be a long one. Sorry, the XP budget money ain't going anywhere.
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