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  1. Thanks for this. I would love you guys if you had the time, to include a Readme with the basic procedures, cruise settings and checklist to fly this wonderful bird :)
  2. Thank you for this mod! I would advise you start uploading updates on github, where is going to keep track off and also get the lastest version. If you need help setting it up, just let me know!
  3. Windows voices are not working either, even though I have the packages installed...
  4. I can not figure out why the ATC doesnt have any sounds This is what I checked so far - I have the English (US) language and speach packs installed - I have AZURE selected on Options > Sound > Text to speech. I also tried with Windows OFFLINE, but no luck. Thanks for any advice.
  5. Thank you for this report. I was about to upgrade too, but I might wait a bit.
  6. SOLVED FOR STEAM EDITION - Go to your library and locate MSFS - Right click, properties, and go to the first tab - Under Steam Input Per-Game Setting (Requires restart of game), select FORCED OFF - Restart computer and give it a try. Finally my T16000M shows up
  7. This is currently what I am seeing. The T16000M is not even listed.
  8. I am having the same issue, my T16000 is not even showing up. Its being recognised on windows and Xplane 11
  9. Before takeoff, press autoflight a first time, you will see a Take Off clamp. Push the throttles full foward and thrust will be limited to your selected ERP. After takeoff, whenever you want, press autoflight again and it will engage autopilot. Set your P3D textures to 2048. On the community beta, there is now an option of autorudder in the tablet.
  10. Its easy. Preorder now you save 20. If not, wait until release and pay 80 or a bit more.
  11. Hi all! I am having a really strange issue with vPilot since last week, after trying to install the vPilot AI. What happens is that, everytime I lauch vPilot, my ground textures become black. I tried on several parts of the world. Please see the pictures below. These are the things I have tried so far - Reinstall vPilot, deleting every trace I found about the software. - Reinstall previous versions of vPilot (2.10, 2.09), although I have been using 2.11 with out issues. - Be sure to be using the default model matching. I deleted all traces of the vPilot AI (which i tried to install via XML). - Launch P3D first, then connect vPilot. Launch vpilot first, then launch P3D. - Clear shaders cache. I did search but I couldn't find anyone with this issue. I am using P3D v3.4 (latest). Any help is appreaciated!
  12. Which aircraft do you use to do this ? I don't know of any SuperCub or similar to FSX/P3D
  13. Any plans for P3D v3 support?
  14. Mark, IMO you should choose your motherboard based on previous experiences with manufacturers, features and what do you need (USB ports, OC, fine tunning, ...). Its not like one motherboard will give you more performance over others. Check your stores and see which ones are on your price range, and post them here :)
  15. Thats what i love about AeroFly FS2 and even, X-Plane 11. Only one app open... the sim! :D
  16. Wonderful pics! I have been following you on SimOutHouse ! I fully agree with you. I'd love the be that way again, that times of FS2004 when I didn´t know that payware was a thing.. creating my own adventures and not caring of having the best and latest :)
  17. Are they obliged to use reselles ...?
  18. x9999999999999999999999999. I can't agree more with this. You can't live your life with your mind set on "if aint broke aint fix it".
  19. Actually very good! P3D v3, 40 fps with ORBX regions, weather and GA aircraft. XP11 really well after some updates, 25-40 fps. And DCS steady 60, 40 with the viggen :)
  20. From the website: To enjoy your discount you MUST enter the code TAKEOFF50 into your shopping cart (where it says "Got a code?").
  21. So you are doing a 4C/8T chip @ 300USD vs a 8C/16T @500 ??? You better wait for the R5 series, 6C/12T or the 4C/8T ones to be fair on price/performance.
  22. Yes. No more FPS drop when avionics turned ON, and a general boost in performance. I was thinking about getting a 1060, not anymore. The RX470 is a great card for the price and my needs. Thank you LR!
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