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  1. Same issue for me. I'm unable to import A318/319 .ecs file. Latest version ( v0.3.5 Beta Exp) will not allow me to browse folders. Thanks, Bill
  2. Add one more vote here! Definitely a must-have to enhance the PMDG experience. Best, Bill
  3. I echo everyone else's responses for this. Mark got me set up in less than 10 minutes and I'm ready to unleash myself into the virtual skies :-) Excellent tool, Mark and I'm definitely +1 for a T7 version! Thanks, Bill
  4. Hi Jim, Well, thousands of Level-D B767 pilots can't be wrong!! Would you please add me to the request list for the FSX version? Thanks very much, Bill
  5. Guys,Just to verify I had no dupes found using Scanafd. I had both UT afcads and some PAI afcads (I believe they were official packs 1 & 2)in the addon scenery folder but no dupes. I guess I will just stick with the UT afcads...and this brings up my next question. How do I reinstall all of the UT afcads without completely losing all of the add-on airlines, liveries, and assignments I had done previously? Can it be done that way or do I need to start from scratch and do a total clean install of UT? I guess I should be asking this in the UT forum, huh?Thanks again for ALL of your suggestions...you guys are the best!Bill
  6. Guys,Thanks for the suggestions...all greatly appreciated!!Here's the latest:Ray - I already had SP2 on XP Home installed. I had previously done a search on the NTDLL error and came across that thread you found as well. I also found something about a problem from MS with the NTDLL.DLL and they suggested I un-install SP2 and then re-install plus all subsequent security updates. I did this without any success with the CTD issues.Word Not Allowed - Ding, Ding, Ding!!! I removed all of the files from the FS9Addon SceneryScenery folder, moved them to another location and then loaded up the flight plan from KMIA and VOILA!!--- no CTD at initial load. I then flew the route using ASV6, RC4, AI traffic at 85%, and successfully got past a point 111 NM S of ORL where I had previously gotten the "black screen" CTD on numerous occasions (if it didn't CTD at KMIA already!).So, it looks like the addon scenery was the problem? And now where does that lead me? A reload of Ultimate Traffic? I also had PAI afcads in the folder that I had previously installed because the UT afcads didn't assign parking(no dupes). Could these have been a problem with the UT AFCAD files? Or am I barking up the wrong tree? Thanks guys for getting me this far....sure hope I can return the favor one day!Bill
  7. Ray,I have also been experiencing many of the same CTDs described above for the last 3-4 weeks with the same message in the event viewer. Sometimes I get an error message saying the program must be restarted and 9 times out of ten that error is "ntdll.dll". Other times (more and more as of late) FS9 just up and quits with a black screen and nothing else.I use FS9 with the last update installed, FSUIPC 3.70(unregistered), ASV6(build 530), RC4.01, Ultimate Traffic, and AI Smooth. I also use FSautostart to load the FS.I've had CTDs with various types of aircraft ranging from default BE58, POSKY 737-700/800, PIC737, as well as others. I have CTDs at different locations in the USA however when I try to place an aircraft at KMIA it normally crashes while attempting to load or immediately after.I have tried starting without using FSautostart....CTDI have tried without ASV6....CTDI have tried without Ultimate traffic (traffic slider set at 0)..CTDI have no add-on sceneries installed. No dupe AFCADS per scanafd.I have run a memory test and registry cleaner...no problems detected.Yep, add me to the list of frustrated users that are really close to un-installing the whole mess! There is nothing worse than spending 30 minutes building a flight plan, getting everything started, doing the cockpit prep, flying for 55 minutes and then......NOTHING!I would sure appreciate any ideas that you or anyone else may have.BillSPECS:P4 2.8, 1024Meg Corsair DDR SDRAM, 80 GB HD(48% remaining), ATI9800 Pro 128Mb, CH yoke and pedals.
  8. Chris,I was having many CTDs recently and finally narrowed it down to something being wrong with the traffic.bgl file. I had added some AI traffic (MidCon VA tfc) and something must have messed up the traffic.bgl file when it re-compiled from Traffic Tools. My fix was to remove the traffic.bgl file and go into Ultimate Traffic and use the compile (option on main page)function to create a new traffic.bgl file. After doing so I have had no further CTD's. One other note, if you haven't checked for duplicate AFCADS you need to check that as well. I use ScanAFD (freeware) and it works very well.Hope this helps.Bill
  9. JD,Absolutely love V4.01! I have had no problems using the program and only "earned" one visit from that beloved FSDO inspector. Great job and congrats to you and the entire RC team. One request, however...any chance of adding "North Central" to the callsign list? Thanks again for your hard work and continued support!Best,Bill"JD at MKG ATCT"
  10. JD,Boy, do I feel stupid! Talk about the proverbial brain lock. Thanks again for the great program and support!!Best,Bill
  11. JD,I'm using 4.01 and have moved the sliders all the way to the right for all voices. The speech rate still seems rather slow...especially in a crowded terminal environment. The ATIS is VERY slow it seems. Any other suggestions?Great product and gain, thanks for all of the support you guys provide.Bill
  12. Jim,Thanks for the advice. I'll give the innards a good dusting! I run both SpyBot and AdaWare on a weekly basis so I think that possibility is pretty much eliminated. This system is only about 10 months old. All components were brand new and the only problem I've had with CTD is FS and as I said before it just started 6 or so weeks ago. Maybe something is going bad or maybe it is just some kind of bad match between software, add-ons, and my config. A lot of maybes, huh?I'm going to take down the OC on the CPU under 3.0 to see if that helps....other than that I guess I may be S.O.L.I'll let you know and thanks to all for any advice!Bill
  13. Jim,Well, just a quick follow-up....I removed the side of the case and loaded up FS along with AS and flew uneventfully for 30 minutes and all of a sudden at FL330...the dreaded CTD! It just flashed back to the desktop without any error message and there I was staring at my desktop where a B727 panel had been just a second before. AS was still running in the background for what it's worth. I checked the temps and all 3 were below 51.3C so I don't think cooling was a factor. Could it have been AS trying to update WX or not? I can't believe this is happening so frequently. Maybe I should try B163 again?I'm using FSUIPC ver 3.44 (unreg) and always clear the weather via FSUIPC before launching AS. This is getting real old!! Bill
  14. Jim,Yes it reboots the entire system. I use ABITEQ to monitor various temps, voltages, fan rpm, etc. I've got the CPU max temp limit set to 85C and the SYS and PWM temps to 70C. I should get a beep if any of these values are reached and have not. I'll take off the side and see if it helps...anything is worth a try at this point! One item I forgot to add that could be a problem although it wasn't until these past 6 weeks is my CPU is OC'd to 3.2 from 2.8. I am running stock voltage to the memory and have not OC'd either memory or the vid card.I'll try the side off for a bit more cooling and if I still get a CTD I'll back off the OC. I just don't know why it would create a problem now when I have been running at 3.2 for 6+ months.Joe...the seasonal CTD was an issue that was supposedly fixed with the 9.1 update. Many people were having problems with CTDs when the FS season switched from fall to winter. I think the jury is still out on whether the update corrected the problem or not.Bill
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