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  1. As some of you may know, there have been sporadic issues reported on the REX official forum regarding CTDs and other odd behavior supposedly associated with the REX-Milviz WX radar gauge and specific 3rd party aircraft. I have the most recent beta of the WX radar gauge and it works perfectly with the RealAirTD V2, the Milviz 310R Redux and the Milviz B55, under P3d V4.3, Win10 and nVidia driver version 391.35. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the Flysimware LJ 35A. It either CTDs P3d4 (no Windows error report) or locks the entire system up, requiring a reboot. Has anybody else used the WX Radar in the LJ 35a VC panel? I am specifically looking for anyone who has used it in concert with the dual GTN 750s, either from Flight1 or RXP. Thanks.
  2. jabloomf1230

    Learjet 35A and REX-Milviz WX Radar

    You don't have the beta WX radar, but a new production version should be released early next week. The version you have is the one that is supposedly problematic. Go figure. I'm going reinstall the LJ and see if that helps.
  3. jabloomf1230

    Learjet 35A and REX-Milviz WX Radar

    Thanks Al. I assume that it was the F1 GTN complete version. What version of P3d4 and the WX radar gauge are you using?
  4. Not good news about NewEgg: https://www.pcgamer.com/hackers-installed-sophisticated-malware-on-neweggs-servers-to-steal-customer-data/ This is not an isolated incident as other online computer retailers were recently hit with the same hack.
  5. Mr. Martin and Mr. Plane are both nerdy geeks with no girlfriends. Mr. Martin's twin brother is a chiseled, ultra rich F-35 pilot with a wife and family.
  6. Is this post new (or from 2017 or 2016 or 2015 or ...)?
  7. jabloomf1230

    Returning Pilot need advice

    I plan on bumping this thread on St. Patrick's Day.
  8. Unfortunately, the rotary dial model is only available on a party line.
  9. I'm trying to discourage my wife from doing the same thing, but to no avail. How about that nice LG 7 I said?
  10. I get exactly the same FPS in XP11 and P3d4 for equivalent settings so I don't know where you are getting your information from.
  11. I just went over to Guru3D and the read the various reviews. All say the price is crazy for the performance increase. Honestly, I think complaining about the price is like Abe Simpson yelling at a cloud.
  12. I'm going to wait and see what Rob's testing in P3d4 and XP11 shows. However, it would be a departure from previous successive generations of nVidia cards if the improvement of the 2080 ti over the 1080 ti was more than 20-25% in real 3D apps (not artificial benchmarks). Jayz2cents' review also focuses on the other issue, which is the 2080 ti is outrageously overpriced, just like previous generation Titans were. But that's nVidia's prerogative. There must be enough people out there that will buy it, just like the people that buy the iPhone X line.
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    LPV approaches for online flying

    The RXP GTN gauges use the Garmin Trainer V 6.50 and AIRAC 1803, which is not that old.
  14. jabloomf1230

    GSX Level 2 - Reviews?

    Check the setup options. There's a checkbox to estimate the number of passengers.
  15. jabloomf1230

    Are you a real world pilot (P3D users only please)

    PPL 1983, First flightsim when FSX was released.
  16. jabloomf1230

    Best WX for P3Dv4?

    ga·zump ɡəˈzəmp/ verb BRITISH past tense: gazumped; past participle: gazumped 1. (of a seller) raise the contracted price of a property after having informally accepted a lower offer (from an intending buyer).
  17. jabloomf1230

    AI Controller 2.0 (Gate-to-Gate Control) Open Beta Prepar3D

    Eventually, some other ambitious developer may climb the Mt. Everest version of flight sim add-ons (integrated AI and ATC) but until then, nothing exists for XP11 and only VOXATC exists for P3d4. LM has shown zero interest in fixing the archaic integrated control in P3d and LR has only hinted at fixing the built-in ATC. Don't hold your breath on either of those possibilities.
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    GSX Level 2 - Reviews?

    The replacement non-user jetways in GSX2 are not animated. They are designed to replace the animated stock sim jetways and visually match the SODE jetway at the user's parking spot. It's been explained about ten times by Umberto. If one has a 3rd party airport that comes with a full complement of its own SODE jetways, then the AI will automatically dock, as long as that option has been ticked in the SODE configurator utility. This has been explained officially as being a performance issue, but if you "read between the lines" in the dialog about this issue on the FSDT official forum, you can figure out that it is more complicated than just being about performance.
  19. jabloomf1230

    Blurries out of nowhere

    There's an "awful lot" of users who push their image quality settings too hard and eventually instigate issues. LM doesn't test its sim with every possible combination of IQ settings and add-ons. Nor does LR test XP11 that way either. I agree with Vic on this one. But it wouldn't shock me to find that LM finds a way of further refining the rendering code in V4.4 such this "problem" is vastly reduced in scope.
  20. jabloomf1230

    Best WX for P3Dv4?

    Opus, ASN and FSGRW are strictly weather engines. They rely on the default P3d4 cloud structures and textures. As pointed out, ASN has a companion product ASCA, which provides updated clouds. In contrast, Rex Sky Force is not only a weather engine (albeit neither as detailed nor as mature as ASN) but it also provides IMO , more realistic cloud textures than ASCA. There's no ideal solution that's also inexpensive. One area where ASN has the others beat is with its in-cloud effect. As the user aircraft flies through the 2.5D cloud sprites, ASN generates a 3D haze effect that virtually disguises the fact that the clouds are made up of 2D sprites (basically a sandwich of textured billboards).
  21. jabloomf1230

    Best WX for P3Dv4?

    Except for more bells and whistles, all the weather injectors do an adequate job and those include ASN, OPUS, REX Sky Force and FSGRW. With OPUS you get included camera control. With FSGRW, you get an add-on that works with both P3d4 and XP11. RSF easily has the best cloud textures. ASN has the most weather-related knobs to doodle with and its weather transitions are silky smooth. My personal preference is ASN for weather and RSF for cloud textures, but if money is a concern then either that combo or ASN and ASCA is probably not the best option.
  22. https://www.airliners.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1379869
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    Flying Irma

    Rather than creating a new thread for Hurricane Florence, I thought that I'd just bump this one. I just flew into the eye of Florence with P3d4 and ASN and the wave conditions were pretty realistic. Try it yourself and compare it to the live cam from the Frying Pan Shoals platform, which is presently within the hurricane:
  24. jabloomf1230

    AI Controller 2.0 (Gate-to-Gate Control) Open Beta Prepar3D

    When you think about what it was trying to accomplish, you realize that the app was too difficult to constantly maintain as freeware, mostly because the flight sim world moved on with various revisions of P3d. What the add-on attempted to do was to track all the sim ATC-controlled AI aircraft and then wrest control of them when they were near an airport, thus forcing them to fly SIDs and STARs to and from the correct runways. Despite what a few people have posted, I could never get it to work correctly with P3d4. Perhaps you should PM one of the people that discovered the secret formula. I don't think that it's absolutely become abandonware, as a P3d4 version still may show up in the future.