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  1. Alagondar


    Yes, thanks for the tip. UTX is Ultimate Terrain X?
  2. Thank you for this wonderful program. It took me ages to get it to work but once its does.... Beautifull. A few questions: 1. Are there any updates in the foreseeable future? For example a 64 bit dll would be nice. Also a configuration tool to simply adjust map levels. 2. Is it possible to use the cache? What I mean is that if I take off from Munich for example and fly to Amsterdam, the whole trip gets updated. But when I place my aircraft back to munich the program reloads the tiles again. Why not use the already loaded tiles? 3. How can I make a donation? So that you can buy a beer and some bratwurst . Last but not least I have a problem in FS9 (who doesn't?) Everything is setup good when installing, it runs okay but it does not load any tiles. Why? Once again thank you. Regards, Marc
  3. Alagondar

    Map Version update

    Hi, Are there no updates anymore? Bing it seems is (still?) using version 2303. Bye, Marc