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  1. Hans Bonde

    Prepar3d v3 and tileproxy

    Hi there Do anyone know how to run tileproxy with prepar3d version 3? I cannot se prepar3d i legacy mode !! regards hansbonde@privat.dk
  2. Hans Bonde

    Tileproxy install - digital signed driver

    Hi all Guys I have just installed Prepar3d professionel version 2.5 (brand new). Now I have problems to run the new P3d when using Tileproxy. Do any of you have experience with this problem. ? regards hansbonde@privat.dk
  3. Hans Bonde

    Tileproxy install - digital signed driver

    hi Again John Do you think it would be possible to run tileproxy with the free Microsoft Flight ??? - That could be great because Microsoft Flight runs very smooth. An other suggest for you. I have purphased FSX FIBER ACCELERATOR V. 1.3.1 from FSPS. This Tool do a very great Work with FSX. My fsx and tileproxy runs now very very smooth with this excellent Tool. regards Hans Bonde Denmark
  4. Hans Bonde

    Tileproxy install - digital signed driver

    Hi John Thanks a lot for your answer. Kind of you. I know all about deseo13b.exe as my tileproxy.sys has worked for a long time so far. My problem is, that I`m looking for solution so that I not have to press F8 every time I start up. I have Windows 7 proff. 64 bit.and the reason why it has come so far is that I had to reinstall Windows 7 from updated network so it could keep my programs and settings. It worked but with some unsigned drivers after. If I had to erase harddiskand make e clean windows install I surely would not have the problem. But then it would take med a little week to reinstall all programs and files again. So I`m looking for an other solution.
  5. Hello all I had to reinstall windows 7 proff. on my computer. Tileproxy has worked splendid so far. OBS But now it ask for a digital signed driver when I install Tileproxy and it won`t run when installed. Can you help me. ?? To get my computer in testmode I use the NG 1.3b. regards hansbonde@privat.dk
  6. Hans Bonde


    Hi all of you Exiting news. I have got night lights in tileproxy from UTX as you sure have learned yourself. But the most exiting is that you will have very great lights in tileproxy with the ftx global vector 1.10 installed. regards hansbonde@privat.dk
  7. No problems more - Migration tool is updated. Now p3d v.2.1 is running again.
  8. Hi everybody. 1. For some time ago I succeded with your help getting tileproxy running on Prepar3D version 2..0. professionel. It runs splendid. Today I have downloaded the patch file to update Prepar3D version 2.1. - When I enable Estonia Migration Tool it tell that no suitable fsx patch is avaibel. I continue to enable - avtivate tileproxy and run P3D i legacy mode with earlier legacy mode. Does this matter at all -??? or do I have to install a total new downloaded version of Prepar3D v. 2.1 ??? 2. Is it true that you cannot see any wavebrush at the beaches in P3D ?? best regards and please answer to my mailadress below. hansbonde@privat.dk
  9. Hans Bonde

    TP and P3D?

    Hi Again I have tried your solution. Still does not Work. Maybe it`s a stupid question - but are you quite sure you are running tileproxy in your prepar3d ?? I`m runnig P3d versio 2 ---which version are you running. In my enabled migration Tool the current selected simulator is prepar3d v2 and I use the below "Explore Prepar 3D folder to run p3d as I think it`s this way you call legacy mode ????? I cannot see the Word legacy in the migration Tool. regards Hans Bonde
  10. Hans Bonde

    TP and P3D?

    Hi thanks - but cannot get it to Work. - I will start to tell that it Works splendid in my FSX. Se my steps below: Install with migration Tool to P3d. Runs Windows 7 in testmode after activating tileproxy.sys runs p3d as administrator Can see tileproxy when opening add-ons in p3d menu I use example 1 with the newest maps But I do not see tileproxy loaded with the nice coastlines and sandy beaches. - Only see the usual ugly coastlines. Whar exactly do you mean with LEGACY MODE ??? looking forward to your answer best regards hansbonde@privat.dk
  11. Hans Bonde


    Oh Thanks.. Sorry for late respons
  12. Hans Bonde

    Map versions

    Hi John 1. Is this the right way to write the line: [Service Example 1] cache_folder=C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\TileProxyServicesCache\cache.service1 I cannot see this direction on my computer.??? 2. An other thing. It seems that Danmark was much more clear from above in earler map versions than the latest map_version=1880 Do you think this could happen ?? Of course I could try to change the map versions in proxyuser config - but I`m just asking the specialist. regards Hans Bonde Denmark hansbonde@privat.dk
  13. Hans Bonde

    Map version

    Hi everyone - John Is the line below the line which has to be written ?? In my pc I have not the dir called: TileProxyServicesCache ---I onlie have following C:\Program Files(x86)\Microsoft Games\Tileproxy\ [service Example 1] cache_folder=C:\Program Files(x86)\Microsoft Games\TileProxyServicesCache\cache.service1 regards hansbonde@privat.dk
  14. Hans Bonde

    Map versions

    Would you please send me a new link to the latest mapversion to tileproxy. My stupid googlecrome will not use the link above !!! regards Hans Bonde hansbonde@privat.dk
  15. Hans Bonde

    Welcome to the NEW Prepar3D Category

    Do anybody know if the prepar3d version 2 will be directx 10 or 11 ??